Car Nut’s Car Friends

Many memories of doing car things here!!!



  1. Hi Jerry,
    Yes that was a GREAT group of pictures at some very good times How many different Porsches did you go through ? I still have the same old 911s, But I’m going to build a 1958 Cal Look bug like the one I traded for my early S. IIT will take me some time or should I say years to get it done.
    Later Grover

  2. I used to have a ’86 Porsche 944 Turbo and still have HO Scale slot cars.
    I’ll have to check out more photos.

    • The 944 Turbo is a much under rated car. It was fast yet comfortable for long trips with lots of storage. From northern Indiana, we took our ’87 to Florida twice, to Charleston, SC, and to Quebec. I never tracked my 944 Turbo, but I did autocross it a number of times.

      The reason I never tracked it was that it was new and this was the period when I had a dedicated track car. First was the blue 356 which had a Vic Skirmants motor. Vic was and is very involved with 356’s nationally. The 356 only weighed 1500 lbs and had 160hp from the 1.5 liter motor. It was great fun but a high maintenance car as the engine was very stressed and had no power under 5000rpm. Plus it had a four speed transmission where first was fourth in a normal 356. As you can imagine, with that gearing and a motor that wouldn’t really run until 5000rpm, it was a challenge driving in the pits and onto the track.

      When I sold it, I bought a 1983 944 and tracked that car for five years. Just the opposite of the 356 as it was low maintenance and very easy to drive. While straight line speed wasn’t high, it would corner ferociously. I passed a lot of 911’s with that car because of the cornering prowess.

      The next car was the white 911 you see in the pictures with a number on the door. It had an ’89 turbo motor and a five speed G50 gearbox. Now I had horsepower and cornering ability. It was the fastest car I have owned.

      By the way, I have a 1/32 slot car track as well. It’s all in a box after we moved to NC.

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