1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 Projects 17

March 4, 2017

I spent all day removing the threshold carpet and rubber. The carpet did not come out easily. I was able to remove the plastic threshold covers on both sides without damaging them. I inserted a heavy duty scraper under the plastic cover and gently pried up to release it. I also had to pry the door trim away at the bottom to allow the plastic threshold piece to come out. Earlier I had removed the trim on the door pillar where the front and rear doors meet as it also is in the way.

3-4-17 carpet & threshold 203-4-17 carpet & threshold 183-4-17 carpet & threshold 193-4-17 carpet & threshold 163-4-17 carpet & threshold 153-4-17 carpet & threshold 17

Both front rubber thresholds were damaged towards the rear. I am assuming the culprit here was the seat belt ends being caught in the door as there was no similar damage on the rear door threshold pieces. The front door threshold rubber was very brittle and was removed in pieces by using a plastic scraper and a small hammer. I would place the scraper against the edge of the moulding and then tap the scraper with the hammer. The rear door rubber was not as brittle and came off much easier.

3-4-17 carpet & threshold 143-4-17 carpet & threshold 123-4-17 carpet & threshold 93-4-17 carpet & threshold 83-4-17 carpet & threshold 63-4-17 carpet & threshold 73-4-17 carpet & threshold 5

I ran out of time to clean up the rest of the interior floor. Once it is cleaned up I will be ready to install the carpet. One more nasty job done!!!

With the carpet and rubber removed, I spent the rest of the day removing the glue with the 3M adhesive remover.

3-4-17 carpet & threshold 103-4-17 carpet & threshold 43-4-17 carpet & threshold 3

My goal was to clean the interior in anticipation of beginning to install the carpet. I began by wiping down the headliner. As I worked my way to the rear, I decided to remove the speaker grills to clean them. I was surprised to see the carpet color under the grill. I had no idea that the carpet on the parcel shelf was originally the same color as the floor. Having looked at the carpet kit prior to going to the garage, I now knew where this one piece went that I had a question about.

3-6-17 rear speaker 3

This meant the back part of the rear seat had to come out. I had fussed with this previously to no avail. This time I did a Google search and discovered that there are two 10mm nuts in the trunk that have to be removed. With those nuts removed, pull out at the top and then lift up to release the seat back.

3-6-17 rear seat back 33-6-17 rear seat back 43-6-17 rear seat back

Now I could remove the carpeted piece which also includes a piece of vinyl that covers a surround at the rear. The speakers lift out from the top and need to be unplugged. There are two blue plastic nuts in the trunk that hold this panel in place.

3-6-17 rear speaker 23-6-17 rear speaker3-6-17 parcel shelf 73-6-17 parcel shelf 83-6-17 parcel shelf 53-6-17 parcel shelf 4

When I lifted that panel of the seat back, the seat back was covered in a find brown dust. Which is what the carpet had reverted to. When I placed the panel on the bench to remove the old carpet, I was surprised to find that the binding had been sewn to the fiberboard. So I had to raid my wife’s sewing machine for her thread cutter.

3-6-17 parcel shelf 123-6-17 parcel shelf 263-6-17 parcel shelf 25

The carpet came off in little dusty pieces. My plastic scraper came in handy again. I did not use the adhesive remover as the board is fragile. The vinyl trim came off the metal trim easily. There was a thin tape on the bottom of the trim. I did remove the glue on that trim. No rust on anything so the rear window seems to have been sealed well.

3-6-17 parcel shelf 233-6-17 parcel shelf 213-6-17 parcel shelf 203-6-17 parcel shelf 193-6-17 parcel shelf 183-6-17 parcel shelf 163-6-17 parcel shelf 153-6-17 parcel shelf 14

I finished cleaning up the speaker grills, the right front speaker, and the floor of the car. I thought ducting air to the rear seats was a fairly recent invention so I was surprised to see the AC ductwork. The W108 was ahead of its time.

3-6-17 speaker grills3-6-17 rf speaker3-6-17 rf speaker 33-6-17 rf speaker 23-6-17 floorpan 4



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