1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 Projects 16

Worked on the interior today. My windshield bow trim needs to be refinished so I removed it today. Removing the front speaker grill exposes the two screws that secure the bow trim. After removing the windshield pillar trim, I very gingerly removed the trim.

3-1-17 trim 193-1-17 trim 183-1-17 trim 163-1-17 trim 173-1-17 trim 15

I also removed the wood trim around the door windows.

3-1-17 trim 11

There were multiple problems with the bow trim. One was that the finish was flaking off. As you can see by the photos of the ends which were protected while under the windshield pillar trim, the original color was a dark brown that matched the door window trim. To get the rest of the flaking material off, I began by using my fingernails until that became painful! My final tool for removing the material was a jeweler’s very small screwdriver. The procedure didn’t involve scraping the finish off. Rather, I would place the tip of the screwdriver against the edge of the clear finish and press against it. This eventually resulted in forcing the material to flake off. I spent an hour and a half doing this.

3-1-17 trim 143-1-17 trim 133-1-17 trim 12

After removing all of the clear finish, I hauled all of the trim up to my buddy’s house. He is a very experienced woodworker and has a full shop of tools. His first comment was that the material had delaminated on the ends due to being wet. On one end, there was a piece of the laminate that had broken off. I had some very thin shim material that was the correct thickness. I cut a piece to fit, applied wood glue and then clamped the trim.

3-1-17 trim 53-1-17 trim 43-1-17 trim 33-1-17 trim 23-1-17 trim

After setting the clamps on the trim, I removed the front seats. Before doing that I unfastened the seat belts and removed the center pillar trim. There was one electrical plug on the passenger seat as well. I also removed the sheepskins so I can properly clean and treat the leather on the front seats.

3-1-17 trim 93-1-17 trim 83-1-17 trim 73-1-17 trim 6

I began with the passenger seat and removed the rear bolts first. That was a mistake as it was very difficult to access the front bolts with the rear part of the seat loose. Eventually I was able to remove all four bolts. I spent an hour on that seat and ten minutes on removing the driver’s seat. And that seat would have been removed even quicker if someone hadn’t used a phillips screw instead of a bolt. You could not get a screwdriver squarely on that screw so I had to use a vice grips to get it off.

3-1-17 seats 7

3-1-17 seats 63-1-17 seats 43-1-17 seats 3

I removed the center console which required unplugging the window switches. With the console and the seats out, I began removing all of the carpet except on the sills. It was late in the day by this point and I decided I wanted to be fresh when I try to remove the sill trim which will allow me to remove the sill carpet. I want to take my time and be sure not to damage that plastic sill trim.

3-1-17 console3-1-17 carpet3-1-17 interior3-1-17 trim 103-1-17 seats




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