1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 Projects 15

Yesterday afternoon I became bored watching the Daytona 500. I am ready to work on the interior this week so out came the rear seat. Lots of junk under it including some change and a watch!

2-26-17 back seat2-26-17 back seat 2

I removed the aftermarket Blaupunkt cassette radio too. All of the wiring junctions were wrapped with electrical tape. Peeling away the tape revealed all connections were made by twisting the wires together.

2-26-17 radio 62-26-17 radio 3

I worked on installing the Becker Europa II today. The original wiring harness had been cut so there was no obvious way to wire it. After figuring out the wiring details, I decided I needed a two prong plug to wire up the 12V and the output to the power antenna. I explained to the lady at the local Advance Auto that I was looking for the same type of plug used by my Battery Tenders. She knew exactly what I was looking for. She came back with a hard wire kit using that plug. I told her I would need two of these packages to make it work. When she rang up the two packages, the total was two dollars plus sales tax. I was surprised at the low price which she said was because they were being discontinued. I asked her if she had more at that price. She had a total of ten which I bought for future projects.

2-28-17 radio 4

2-28-17 radio 3

I wired the speaker output wires only to find that the wires pulled out of one of the plugs. A quick call to Becker has a couple new speaker wires on the way.

2-28-17 radio 22-28-17 radio

I had power to the radio and hooked up the one speaker wire that was whole. I did not have sound. Another call to Becker and I was made aware that the rubber plug for the accessory output must be plugged in as it has contacts on it that completes the speaker circuit. I had unplugged it in anticipation of hooking up the auxiliary input.

The speaker leads arrived from Becker so I decided to finish installing the radio as I already had most of it done. It works well and looks great in the dash. The speaker fader switch on the dash works like it should.

3-8-17 radio 43-8-17 radio 33-8-17 radio

I had ordered carpet for the trunk on eBay right after getting the car. It was custom made by someone in the Netherlands and just arrived yesterday. I which they had rolled it instead of folding it. Hopefully the fold marks come out.

2-28-17 trunk carpet

With the bottom having been cleaned, it was the perfect time to POR15 any rust areas on the bottom of the car.  The only place I could find was in the right front wheel well. Again this rust was caused by the battery.

2-28-17 por 22-28-17 por




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