1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 Projects 8

Between running around getting the tires balanced and picking up the freshly powder coated pieces, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend working on the car. The powder coated pieces look great. Also, my new carpet kit arrived today. These parts as well as the new hood pad are being stored in my bedroom.

1-31-17 powdercoated parts1-31-17 carpet1-31-17 hood pad

I did have time to install a new set of plug wires as well as a new distributor cap. I had also ordered a new rotor but the one on my distributor was different and, I assume, part of the electronic ignition. I will have to see where I can get one like it. The old plug wires were not in very good condition. Since the spark plugs were replaced only four thousand miles ago, I did not replace them. However, I did pull all eight plugs to see that they looked like. They all looked like the one in the photo below and I was pleased with that.

1-31-17 plug wires 41-31-17 plug wires 51-31-17 distributor cap 21-31-17 distributor cap1-31-17 plug wires 31-31-17 plug wires 2

I did have time to re-locate the ignition box. I found a great place on the side of the radiator support. I ran out of time to finish it up as it was time for my wife, the dog and I to take our two mile walk.

1-31-17 ignition box1-31-17 ignition box 2

It was “fiddly” day today. First up was finishing the wiring on the ignition box. Whoever installed it coiled up the excess wire rather than cut it to size. After doing the measuring, I both crimped and soldered the new connections. These connections were made at the coil and a separate harness that went to the distributor. On previous Porsche’s, I had experienced plastic covers for the coil. Mercedes has one for their coils as well. I also used shrink wrap on some of the existing harness that had cracking protective coverings.

2-1-17 wire 32-1-17 wire 22-1-17 wire2-1-17 coil 42-1-17 coil 72-1-17 coil 62-1-17 coil 52-1-17 ignition box

1-15-17 1973 Mercedes 66

2-1-17 engine bay

With that side finished, it was time to move on. Among the parts I have ordered were new hood bumper stops as the old ones were, as they say on “Wheeler Dealers”, perished. As was the air cleaner mount.

2-1-17 hood 22-1-17 hood

Two of the emission hoses also needed to be replaced. According to the records, the fuel hoses are not very old and they all appeared to be in good condition.

2-1-17 air cleaner 22-1-17 breather hose

The alternator arm was one of the pieces that I had coated with yellow zinc.

2-1-17 alternator

In preparation for working on the right side of the engine bay, I spent the remainder of the day cleaning up the hardware.

2-1-17 parts 32-1-17 parts 22-1-17 parts





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