1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 Projects 5

I did remove whatever I could on the left fenderwell. It sure makes it easier. I will have to remount the coil. An electronic ignition had been added at some point and was mounted on that fenderwell. I didn’t like how it was mounted and plan on relocating it to where it isn’t so obvious. You can see the ignition and the cruise control module in the photo below.

1-15-17 1973 Mercedes 66

If I reuse this cruise control, it will have to be mounted in this same location as it needs to be directly across from the throttle arm. The unit I installed in the 912 with the 911 motor had an encased throttle cable and could be mounted nearly any place where the cable could reach the throttle by using clips to locate the cable. In this application, the control module was mounted against the firewall on the left side. It is totally hidden by the heater blower tube. You can see the black cable aimed towards the rear of the car and then routed forward to the throttle arm. In this car I think I could mount the newer type unit all the way forward and under the radiator support. In that case, only the cable would be visible. That’s probably what I will do as I don’t like cluttered engine bays.

7-7-15 engine 2

When I have greasy surfaces as exist on the motor and the fenderwells, I begin with WD40. A toothbrush and a parts brush are used to break up the dirt followed by wiping it off with paper towels or a rag. Depending on the volume of dirt, I might spray it two or three times.

Doing the above usually results in loose particles. I break out the shop vac before I take the next step. Next up I use Simple Green to further clean up the grease. Once I have the grease pretty well gone, I use Windex for the final clean.

This car was painted at some point with a base/clear finish. However, the inside fenderwells still have single stage paint as do the hood edges and the area around the front where the hood latches. Once I have everything clean, I wipe down the engine bay in all of my cars after every wash. Because of the use of the chemicals to remove the dirt and the chalking of the paint finish, I used car polish on the painted surfaces in the engine bay in this car as well as the edge of the hood. This gives the finish a bit of a shine. I ran out of time yesterday but I plan on also waxing the painted areas. This will make it easier to keep it clean in the future. For polish and wax I have used Malm’s for at least 30 years. I really like their products.

1-21-17 engine bay

The veteran members will have probably already seen the road test below. I came across it earlier this evening. Check out the 0-60 time and the fuel mileage figure.





Your mention of the Hirschmann antenna jogged my memory of seeing something in the manual packets that came with the car. The current antenna does go up when I turn on the radio but, as you say, is not a Hirschmann. What I remembered seeing was a key for the antenna. I had only made a cursory inspection of the manuals. I went through them all this evening and this is what I found for the radio. If I had looked at these closely I would have seen what radio originally came in the car.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 161-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 171-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 131-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 181-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 151-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 141-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 23

These are some of the other items I found in the manual packets. The original data card was there.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 7

There were seat belt instructions.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 4

The selling dealer’s promise.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 5

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 24

Owner’s and service manuals.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 91-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 81-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 12

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 11

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 21-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 27

Where to receive service including maps.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 221-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 211-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 201-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 19

Bill of sale showing that it was sold to the second owner on July 1, 1991 at 4:27PM.

1-22-17 1973 MB 280SEL manuals 28


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