Hooking up a Fiat Abarth to Airstream Interstate with Blue Ox Acclaim Tow Bar


It finally quit raining and I was able to bring the AI home today. My first task was to determine the correct draw-bar for the hitch. I had a 2″ and 5 1’4″ drop draw-bars but they were both to low. If I turned over the 2″ drop bar, it would have been too high. So off to Autozone I went and found a draw-bar with no drop or raise. The only one they had had three balls welded on it. Good to have if I want to pull my utility trailer as it uses a 1 7/8″ ball. The key here was to get a draw-bar that would make the part of the tow bar that attaches to the hitch be level.

4-21-15 car hook up 11 4-21-15 car hook up 10

The tow bar came with coiled safety cables which they recommended to be run underneath the tow bar and to cross them so the left mounted to the right side and the right side to the left. The theory here is that if the tow bar came unhooked from the motor home, the crossed safety cables would keep the hitch off the ground.

I also hooked up the break away switch. When I pulled the break away plug, it lit up a red light on my receiver in the motor home and sounded a very loud alarm signal. Plus, back in the towed car, the Brake Buddy had applied the brakes to the car being towed. So everything was working as it should.

4-21-15 car hook up 9 4-21-15 car hook up 8 4-21-15 car hook up 7 4-21-15 car hook up 5

Hooking up the tow bar to the car was very easy. You do not have to get the car totally straight behind the motor home. The tow bars telescope when you depress the levers on each side. You hook up to the hitch on the motor home and then extend one arm to hook up to the car and then extend the other arm to hook up the other side. Once you have both arms in place, you pull forward a bit to lock the arms in place. You are then good to go.

4-21-15 car hook up 6

I had painted the clevis for the Brake Buddy and installed it today.

4-21-15 car hook up 4

Once I had the Brake Buddy in place, we were ready for a test drive. I checked once again to make sure the emergency brake was off and the transmission was in neutral. And away we went. I could see the tow car easily in the mirrors when turning and could see the red mirror on the Abarth in the driver’s side motor home mirror. The rear view camera came in handy to monitor the tow car. Everything went well and worked as it should. We are ready to tow!!

4-21-15 car hook up 3 4-21-15 car hook up 2

The photos above suggested names by Sharon for both the motor home and the tow car…Ebony and Ivory. As you probably can tell, she is a Paul McCartney fan from way back. Anytime during the past 47 years she would have ditched me in a heartbeat for Paul!!!


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