Blue Ridge Parkway in Airstream Interstate


Peak colors were predicted for this past weekend on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. We headed that way Sunday morning. About two hours out we stopped at a rest stop and ended up showing the AI to the first of five couples over the next two days. My wife said I need to shorten my tour as they were slowing us down. Having been in sales for most of my career, it is hard to kick old habits.

We entered the Parkway near Boone, NC and, over the next two days, drove to the southernmost point at Cherokee, NC. If we could have a do over, we would have split the trip up into three days. The colors were spectacular especially around Asheville and south. However, “spectacular” is a relative term. The colors here don’t have the intensity of colors we used to experience in Indiana and Michigan. But the mountains do make up for some of that lack of color. Our route south of Asheville took us over the highest point on the Parkway.

10-20-14 Blue Ridge Parkway 2 10-20-14 Blue Ridge Parkway 3 10-20-14 Blue Ridge Parkway 10-20-14 Blue Ridge Parkway 4

On the advice of one of the people we showed the coach to, we exited the Parkway for lunch and traveled on 276 down to Brevard, NC. Along the way we passed two attractions that we checked out on the way back. One was Looking Glass Falls. Very, very pretty.

10-20-14 Looking Glass Falls 2

The other attraction was Sliding Rock. As the name implies, one can slide down the rocks on a layer of water. And, in spite of it being autumn, one man was doing exactly that. Brrr!! That water had to be cold.

10-20-14 sliding rock 4 10-20-14 sliding rock

Soon to be six months old Miss Piper posed for a photo there as well.

10-20-14 piper 2

On the way back home this morning, we hiked a trail to an overlook at the Lake James State Park.

10-21-14 Lake James State Park 10-21-14 Lake James State Park 3 10-21-14 Lake James State Park 2

Driving through some rain yesterday evening meant the AI needed a thorough washing after we arrived home. Looks like new again. We had a great time and the puppy did well. If she did not get sick after traversing all of those corners, she should be good to go for just about anything. No issues on the AI and we came back with some ideas to make the next trip better. One of those ideas we are considering is to replace all of the bedding with two sleeping bags.


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