Adding Additional Storage Under the Hood in Airstream Interstate


So far I have not had to add oil to the generator but, the last time I checked the oil level, I could see that the only way I was going to add oil was with my trusty oil can. While these oil cans work well, they are messy to store. As I was also wanting to take extra oil along on our soon to happen California trip, I started thinking about a container that would be leak proof and protect my other things from the oily bits.

First I began thinking about where I could store these items other than inside the motorhome. Since my 2012 Sprinter does not have the auxiliary battery, that space on the left side of the engine bay was a likely prospect. Since the storage unit was going to be in the engine bay, I wanted something that would not be affected by heat and a metal container was the obvious choice. I took some measurements and began to look online for a container that would fit.

3-7-15 battery tray 7

An old style ammo box looked like it would fit perfectly. A trip to Bass Pro and I had said ammo box in hand. It holds two quarts of oil and my oil can. Plus it has a rubber seal on the lid to make it waterproof.

3-7-15 battery tray 3

For installation, my first thought was to make a bracket using the existing holes for the auxiliary battery tray. Those holes though gave me a better solution. Why not buy the factory tray? After doing a search, I found the part number and soon found one on eBay.

3-7-15 battery tray 9 3-7-15 battery tray 8

A trip to my local NAPA store netted me some 1/4″ well nuts to use on the two holes on the sides of the inner sheet metal. A trip to Lowe’s and I had the 5/16″ well nut for the rear hole.

3-7-15 battery tray 6 3-7-15 battery tray 2 3-7-15 battery tray

The 1/4″ well nuts were a bit too large. A little adjustment with my Dremel and they fit perfectly. I soon had the tray mounted and the ammo box in place. For now I decided to hold the box down with bungee straps. If this does not work out well in actual use, I can always drill through the bottom and bolt the box directly to the tray.

3-7-15 battery tray 5 3-7-15 battery tray 4


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