Porsche 912-6 Projects – 15




5-7-14 oil level sender 3 sm 5-7-14 oil level sender 2 sm 5-7-14 oil level sender 4 sm 5-7-14 oil level sender smAfter washing the wife’s car this morning, my first project this afternoon was replacing the cork seal on the oil level sender. This sender is located on the side of the oil tank in the right rear fender well. It was damp below the sender and the nuts were barely more than finger tight. After looking at the very dried out cork seal, I could see why the nuts were not very tight. It took some finagling to get it out as the space is limited. Once I had it out, I cleaned it, installed the new cork seal and then finagled the sender back into place. It went in easier than it came out which was surprising!!





5-7-14 heater valve 5 smNext up was re-assembling the heater valves an then installing them. While the original coating on these valves was painted, I had them yellow zinc coated along with a number of other items. I didn’t have to worry about chipping paint and I was concerned about re-assembling them with powder coated surfaces as the tolerances are pretty close.






5-7-14 heater valve 7 sm 5-7-14 heater valve 3 smThe valves were fastened over new seals that replaced the dried out original. With the valves in place I could install the heater cables. The right side valve did not have a hose installed when I pulled the engine. And the cables on that side did nothing. Further investigation showed that there was a device that had one cable in with two cables out on both sides. Not sure when two cables were needed as only one is hooked up to the valve. On the right side, that device was not attached to the body of the car which made the cables inoperable as the whole unit moved rather than just the cable. Once I attached the device to the body using a pre-existing hole, everything worked as it should.









5-8-14 wiring sm 5-8-14 charcoal canister line sm 5-8-14 brake shields sm 5-8-14 suspension smWashed another car this morning and knocked off early so I can go to our weekly cruise-in at the local Sonic drive-in. I encased the wiring in the tunnel area in a sheathing to to make the wiring look better and add some protection. I installed a new hose for the gas tank vent that goes to the charcoal canister and added some zip tie supports. I also installed the shocks and the brake disc shields. Not much more to do in this area as I am nearly ready to put the motor in.









5-10-14 right turn signal smWorked on the car this afternoon after a busy morning. The new turn signal lens arrived. After drilling out the mounting holes to accept the bushing, I installed the right front turn signal.







5-10-14 hood latch sm 5-10-14 engine lid latch smI also installed the hood and deck lid latch receivers. I could not install the latches themselves as one part for each of them was missing from the plater. I will be talking with him on Monday.







5-10-14 engine mount smI also installed the new engine mounts.








5-10-14 pulley 2 sm 5-10-14 pulley smThe main pulley washers have been here for some time but today I finally got around to mounting the pulley and adjusting the belt.







5-10-14 front bushing smI brought in the A arms from the house and mounted the front rubber bushings using a large socket.










5-10-14 circlip sm
5-10-14 right a arm sm
After installing the circlip on the end of the A-arm, I installed the right front one.








5-10-14 left a arm smThe day ended with my having some issues on the left front A-arm. After pounding on it to make sure the A-arm is as far back as possible, the front bushing will not line up with the mount. The A-arm will not move any more towards the rear so any suggestions would be much appreciated. As you can see in the photo, it needs to go towards the rear another 1/8th of an inch at least.









5-14-14 rf suspension 7 sm 5-14-14 rf suspension 8 sm
I worked on the Right Front suspension today. I had to remove the A arm I had previously installed as the part of the ball joint that attaches to the A arm needed some persuasion. I secured the A arm to the vice so I could get the ball joint installed. I was planning on removing it anyway as I had forgotten to install the dust cap. I did get the ball joint attached to the A arm and then to the suspension.





5-14-14 rf suspension 9 smI inserted the Koni shock into the strut







5-14-14 rf suspension 6 smAfter installing the A arm and strut loosely, I attached the strut to the ball joint.







5-14-14 rf suspension 4 smAfter tightening up the fasteners on the A arm and the strut, I installed the outer tie rod.







5-14-14 rf suspension 3 sm 5-14-14 rf suspension 2 smI then fastened the sway bar to the A arm.







5-14-14 rf suspension smThe last item installed was the brake dust shield.












5-15-14 RF brake 4 sm 5-15-14 RF brake 2 sm 5-15-14 hub sm 5-15-14 brake disc 2 sm 5-15-14 brake disc smI finished up the RF suspension. The old brake lines to the caliper were not in good shape so I replaced them with new ones. To install them, I removed the dust shield I had installed yesterday. If I didn’t do work twice or more, I would probably be finished by now!! I bead blasted the hub and the brake rotor center.





5-15-14 RF suspension 8 sm 5-15-14 RF suspension 7 sm 5-15-14 RF suspension 6 sm5-15-14 hub 2 smOnce I had the hub cleaned up and was sure any abrasive was gone, I installed the new inner bearing and the hub seal. I then greased the stub axle, installed the outer bearing and slid the hub onto the axle. Many years ago at one of the first autocrosses I attended, I failed tech inspection because of a loose front wheel bearing. Another PCA member and I removed the front wheel and he showed me how to adjust the bearing. When the bearing was adjusted properly, he told me I should be able to barely move the washer behind the bearing with a screwdriver being careful to only use the edge of the screwdriver and to not pry the washer against the side of the hub. I used those instructions, once again, today.





5-15-14 RF brake 2 sm 5-15-14 RF suspension 4 smWith that being done, I now installed my rebuilt calipers and the new line. And installed the dust shield…again.











5-10-14 left a arm smI had mentioned previously that I was having a problem lining up the front mounts on the left A arm. As you can see in the photo, the rear edge of the mount overlapped the raised area of the bushing and would nearly touch the A arm flange.







5-16-14 left side 5-16-14 right sideI had my car neighbor buddy come over Thursday to look at it. We could see that there had been some repair to the sheet metal near that area that was not visible on the right side.







3-12 rf suspension 28 sm 3-12 lf suspension 6 smWe placed a ratchet strap on the A arm and tried pulling everything towards the rear of the car but we still could not gain clearance. We even loosened both the bolts that hold the rear crossmember and could see there was no adjustment there. At this point I looked up the photos I had taken prior to disassembling everything. As you can see, the right side clearly showed the edge of the bushing while that edge was not visible on the left side. And, judging by the photos, it had been installed that way for a very long time.





5-16 LF measurement smI have kept in touch with the fellow who owned this car for 30 years and he has been following this thread. I sent him an e-mail with some the photos above and asked if they had ever done any repair work in this area and if they had ever had the A arm off. He checked with his dad who had helped him work on the car after he bought it when he was 16. Neither he, nor his dad, recalled any work in this area and no accidents while they had the car. From the e-mails, I could see that his dad had lots of experience working on cars. He cautioned about making any cuts to anything before some measurements were taken to determine what was causing the issue. Taking that advice, I measured from the crossmember mounting bolt to the outside rear bracket bolt hole and found the left side to a quarter inch shorter than the right side. Which is exactly how far off the bracket was from fitting.





My son Matt is very good at figuring out things so I asked him to come over today. I sent the photos to him as well so he had a pretty good idea of what was happening before he arrived. After looking at it, we determined that it must have been hit at some point in the 16 years before the PO bought the car. Whoever repaired it evidently did not get the metal pulled back completely and probably had a heck of a time installing that front mount. What is interesting is that the hood and fender gaps on that side are very good and the car drove fine prior to dis-assembly.





5-17-14 LF A arm mount 6 5-17-14 LF A arm mount 5 5-17-14 LF A arm mount 4The only solution we could see was one I had already come to…remove about a quarter inch from both mounting brackets. My concern was if I cut that much off all the way across, I would be weakening the area around the mounting holes. But Matt soon corrected me as he said we only had to remove material in the center where it touched the bushing and could leave the area around the mounting holes intact. It was my birthday today and Matt’s gift was to cut away the material. He also beveled then on the inside similar to the way they originally were.





5-17-14 LF A arm mount 2 5-17-14 LF A arm mount 3 5-17-14 LF A arm mountWe did a fitting and, using the ratchet strap to compress the rear bushing somewhat, we were able to mount the brackets. After thanking Matt and letting him get back to his family, I bolted them together and did some grinding to clean up the cuts and make them somewhat prettier. I bead blasted them and will be taking them to the powder coater on Monday. Once they are back I can complete the left side suspension.









5-20-14 A arm mounts 5 smHaven’t had much time to spend on the car the past couple days. I did take the modified A arm mounts to the powder coater yesterday morning and got a call first thing this morning to say they were ready to pick up.







5-20-14 A arm mounts 4 sm 5-20-14 A arm mounts 3 sm 5-20-14 ratchet strap 2 sm 5-20-14 ratchet strap sm 5-20-14 A arm mounts 2 smI used one of my tall jacks to jack on the A arm to locate the bushing in the upper mount.  Once I had the jack in place, I used a ratchet strap to pull the A arm towards the rear to compress the rear bushing.











5-21-14 hood latch 2 sm 5-21-14 hood latch smI finished up installing the left front suspension and brakes today. The yellow zinc coated hood and deck lit latches were next on the list. Initially I couldn’t get the hood to latch. After doing some research, I discovered that the proper adjustment for the hood latch receiver had the latch part showing in the receiver hole. The trick is go get the latch into that position while threading the cable into its hole and then tightening the adjusting screw. I could have used a couple more hands. However, I noticed a hole in the receiver latch. I moved the latching part into position and inserted a nail into the hole. This held the part in the proper position while I adjusted and tightened the cable through the access hole in the trunk. And the same technique works for the deck lid latch receiver. I will have to do the final adjustment on the rear deck lid once I re-install it.





5-21-14 door handle smI had removed the driver door handle to have it chromed. I assembled the pieces on the bench and then installed the handle.








5-21-14 bracket 4 sm 5-21-14 bracket 2 sm 5-21-14 bracket 3 smWhen the SC motor was installed, the PO installed the fuse and relay panel in the rear compartment with the plastic cover seen on SC’s. It had been held in place with only the bottom mounting bolt. As there was no bracket to mount the upper part, I made one today. As usual with projects like these, the time spent is incredible compared the what appears to be a relatively simple part. Getting the angles right was the hard part.










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