Porsche 912-6 Projects – 14


On my way to Indiana last Tuesday, at about two hours out, I stopped at a rest area. As I got out of the car, I found I was limping and had a sharp pain in my right leg. And that has been my problem since that day. After two emergency room visits, one chiropractor and an orthopedic doctor, the best guess is a pinched nerve caused by all of the driving I have done in the past month or so. Contributing to the issue may be having my billfold in my back pocket thus throwing off my back. It’s not unusual for me to drive long distances and I have never had a problem in the past. I am now undergoing a regimen of steroids, pain killers and exercise. Hopefully it works. What a pain, literally, getting old is!!




4-25-14 turn signal lens 7 sm 4-25-14 turn signal lens 6 smI was told to stay active as sitting around will not help the issue. So I washed my daily driver and the Ferrari yesterday to see what would happen. I was still ambulatory, so today I made it back to the garage. On my last post I was wondering what I was going to do for inserts into the turn signal lens for the mounting screws. I mentioned that I was going to try to remove the old inserts. I used a round file to grab the insert from the rear so I could turn it. Once I had it turning, I was able to push it out towards the front. However, the file was now firmly attached to the insert. By grabbing it with a needle nose vise grip pliers, I was able to loosen the file from the insert.





4-25-14 turn signal lens 3 sm 4-25-14 turn signal lens 5 sm 4-25-14 turn signal lens 4 smAfter bead blasting the inserts, I discovered that the holes in the new lenses were way too small. I used a couple drill bits to get close. I then used a dremel tool to get closer yet to the right size with the round file used to make the hole exactly the right size. I wanted the hole to be a relatively tight fit. As you can see in the photo below, there is enough of the insert protruding on the rear for me to flare it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to flare it without cracking the lens.





4-25-14 turn signal lens 2 sm 4-25-14 turn signal lens smOnce I had the holes correct, I used some wire so I could mount each insert to a hanger so I could paint them. And that is as far as I got today.











4-26-14 turnsignal 3 sm 4-26-14 turnsignal 5 smThe paint was dry on the turn signal bushings. I inserted them into the lens. Yesterday I mentioned having to flare them but had forgotten that the part of the bushing exposed on the lens would be inserted into the housing where they were flush. They will be held in with the screws. I applied clear silicone to the rear of the lens and then attached the lens to the housing.






4-26-14 turnsignal 2 sm 4-26-14 turnsignal sm 4-26-14 turnsignal 6 smI then applied weatherstrip cement to the rear of the housing and to the housing to body seal.








4-26-14 turnsignal 4 smNow it was time to install the turn signal housings to the body. The left side was soon attached. However, disaster struck on the right one. I had hooked up the wiring and bulbs and had rested the housing in the opening. I turned around to get the screws and the screw driver when the new lens fell out of the housing onto the floor with predictable results. The silicone had not hardened enough to hold the lens in place. After a few choice words, as it was lunch time anyway, I went into the house and ordered a new one. Lesson learned!!




4-26-14 tailight 7 sm 4-26-14 tailight 5 sm 4-26-14 tailight 4 sm 4-26-14 tailight 2 smAfter lunch, I worked on the tail lights. After removing them, I used the same procedures as on the front to separate the lens from the housing as well as removing the bushings. The holes for the bushings were too small on the tail light lenses as well so some drilling and grinding was in order. I did get all four of the bushings painted and got one of the housing cleaned up. The reflectors condition is not as good on the tail lights. However I feel they will be acceptable.







Yesterday, after mowing the lawn, I picked up the parts I had yellow zinc coated. Looked at a car to replace the daily driver as well but have not pulled the trigger.




4-29-14 taillights 12 sm 4-29-14 taillights 11 sm 4-29-14 taillights 10 sm 4-29-14 taillights 9 sm 4-29-14 taillights 8 sm 4-29-14 taillights 7 smToday I worked on the rear tail lights. I had cleaned up the left one so the right one was the target this morning. Upon close inspection, one of the reflectors was in very bad shape. Some of the polished part had peeled off and more was about to. It was very rusty where the finish was gone. So I decided to see if I could make it better. At the auto parts store I bought a can of Chrome paint. I then tried sanding the reflector with little gained. A wire brush on my Dremel helped but the buffing tool helped the most. After masking it off, paint was applied with mixed results. It is better than it was but not nearly as shiny as it should be. Since it was a lot of work and I wasn’t sure I could make it better, I left well enough alone and moved on. At least it isn’t rusty now.





4-29-14 taillights 6 sm 4-29-14 taillights 5 sm 4-29-14 taillights 4 sm 4-29-14 taillights 2 smAfter finishing the clean up on the right housing, I installed both housing and lenses. The rear lenses did not fit as well as the fronts with a small gap in the middle at the top. I applied masking tape on each side of the gap and then filled it with clear silicone. Should keep water from getting inside.









4-30-14 powerwash 9 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 11 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 8 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 6 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 5 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 4 sm 4-30-14 powerwash 3 smToday was “ulitimate dirty job” day. Beginning around 8:30 this morning, it took me until 2:00 to wrap the car, the floor and the walls in plastic in anticipation of power washing the bottom of the car. About 30 minutes were spent actually using the power washer with another 1.5 hours needed to clean up the mess. As is usual with jobs like this, the dirt is only transferred rather than disappearing. In this case, a lot of it gravitated to me with the remainder ending up on the floor. Glad this job is done!!






After spending the morning finding a replacement for Time Warner Cable, I finished up cleaning the rear suspension and the wiring in that area. I am not going to take the rear suspension apart and am not sure if I will try to mask other parts of the rear end so I can paint the trailing arms and torsion bar blades. I am also contemplating painting the wheel wells with black textured undercoating. I am trying to decide how far to go with this project.







5-5-14 wheelwell 10 sm 5-5-14 wheelwell 13 sm 5-5-14 wheelwell sm 5-5-14 wheelwell 4 smI worked on painting the wheelwells and the rear suspension today. I had some paintable textured wheelwell undercoating left over from another project. After masking everything off, I applied the textured paint to the wheelwells.





5-5-14 rear suspension 2 sm 5-5-14 rear suspension 4 smAfter lunch I used my Dremel tool and sandpaper to prepare the rear suspension for painting. Much masking ensued with the paint then applied.







5-5-14 rear suspension 5 sm 5-5-14 rear suspension 8 sm 5-5-14 rear suspension 7 smThe first coat on the suspension pieces was a matte black Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. I will be gone tomorrow so I decided to hit the pieces with a second coat of Eastwood’s Satin Chassis Black. I had used this paint during my Corvette restoration project and liked the finish. It was still wet when I took these photos but, when dry, it will be about the same as the finish on the cabinet that the paint cans are setting on.










5-6-14 rear suspension 3 sm 5-6-14 rear suspension 4 sm 5-6-14 rear suspension smGot up early today so I could remove the masking on the rear suspension before I left for the day. I am very pleased with how the suspension parts turned out. Well worth the effort.











  1. jerry I have the same got x-rays they say acute arthritis got a hip shot may have to replace joint . Corvette is finally done ,done done

  2. Getting old is no fun! Glad to hear you finished the Corvette. I am sure it looks great.

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