Porsche 912-6 Projects – 13



3-30-14 wiring 2 sm 3-30-14 wiring 3 sm 3-30-14 wiring 8 sm 3-30-14 wiring smThe past couple days have been spent cleaning up the wiring in the engine bay. There were a number of individual wires running from the motor to the left side of the engine bay. Plus I had added wiring when I installed the cruise control. I consolidated all of the wiring from the motor so there is only one crossover to the side. I then ran all of the hookups to the fuse area where the plastic cover will hide them. It will make it much easier to unhook the wiring the next time the motor is removed. I also installed the new fuel accumulator and fuel filter as well as re-installing the cruise control unit. I still have some more work to do in the engine bay but it is looking better.








3-31-14 engine bay 7 sm 3-31-14 engine bay 3 sm 3-31-14 engine bay 4 sm 3-31-14 horn grill sm 3-31-14 powdercoated parts smEveryday chores should not be allowed to interfere with car work but it happens. Had to wash the wife’s car and, since it has finally warmed up, it was a good day to apply weed killer. I did get the engine pad installed. Also, I masked off the oil fill tube and painted it. That led to the installation of the charcoal canister and oil filter. I also installed the freshly chromed horn grills. The powder coater called late this PM to say my parts were finished. After giving him $100, I hauled them home and laid them out in my bedroom to keep them clean and scratch free until I need them.






4-7-14 bosch sign smWhile at the Autofair car show this past weekend at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I scored a mint condition Bosch sign.







4-7-14 356 sm 4-7-14 356 2 sm 4-7-14 parts smI picked up my zinc plated parts today. They looked great. I was very surprised to see a 356 under restoration in their shop. It is a 1963 coupe. He recently finished a ’62 coupe that will be competing in the Pinehurst concours in a few weeks.







4-7-14 bushing 3 sm 4-7-14 bushing sm 4-7-14 bushing 2 smI was waiting on the newly zinc plated washer for the A-Arm so I could press on the rear bushing.  From the zinc plater I drove to paint shop where the owner has said I could use his press. It worked great.








4-7-14 cadillac smMy Cadillac’s tires made it to 50K but need to be replaced. I put it up on jack stands and will get the new tires mounted tomorrow.








4-5-14 cars 6 sm 4-5-14 cars 8 sm 4-5-14 cars 9 sm 4-5-14 cars 3 sm 4-5-14 bikes sm 4-5-14 cars 5 sm 4-5-14 360 smOn Sunday, the 8th annual “Motori Italiani’ was held in the parking lot of the 131 Main restaurant in south Charlotte. Lots of Italian cars and bikes with 50 of those cars being Ferrari’s.





4-5-14 330 sm 4-5-14 ferrari 365 smA ’67 330GTC and a ’69 365 GT 2+2 were the oldest Ferrari’s.








4-5-14 daytona 2 sm 4-5-14 daytona smThis ’72 Daytona was outstanding.









4-5-14 boxer 4 sm 4-5-14 boxer 2 smOn hand also were two Boxers, a ‘ 76 and an ’82. What a motor!!









4-5-14 testarossa smA couple of it’s successors, the Testarossa, were also there.









4-5-14 550 smThis 550 was purchased three weeks ago from the same dealer where I bought my car. It was stunning.









4-5-14 california 4 sm 4-5-14 california 2 smEven more stunning was this California convertible. I loved the interior.









4-5-14 458 smThis 458 wasn’t bad!!








4-5-14 countach sm 4-5-14 diablo sm 4-5-14 diablo 2 smTwo classic Lambo’s were the Countach and the Diablo.










4-5-14 guilia smThis Alfa Gulietta was beautiful.








4-5-14 gtv6 race car smAnother Alfa was this GTV-6 race car. It was a fun day.








The entry fee included a $10 gift certificate to the restaurant and the food was great. It was a well planned event, the people were very friendly and there was a lot of eye candy.






4-11-14 wheel & tires in Mini smDoesn’t seem like I accomplished much this week. I did get the tires mounted on the Cadillac wheels. Had to make two trips using my wife’s Mini Cooper to transport the tires and wheels to the tire shop.







4-7-14 air duct 3 sm4-11-14 blasted parts smMost of the rest of the week was spent on grunt work. The zinc coating turned out so well that I went through each of my bags of parts removed from the car to clean up the hardware and see what I wanted to have coated. Very tedious and slow work doing the cleaning part. Once I had selected parts for zinc coating, I blasted them to get them ready. I will be taking the parts to the coating shop in Monday. And that is about all that I will get done next week. My mother passed away a little over a year ago and my five siblings and I are going through her things in her Indiana house next week to prepare it to be sold. It will not be a fun week but has to be done.






4-14-14 turn signal lenses 19 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 18 smI took the rest of the pieces that I wanted yellow zinc coated to the coater this morning. I will pick them up next week when I get back from Indiana. Since I am leaving in the morning, I did not want to start a big, dirty project. My turn signal and tail light lenses have seen better days and I have replacements. As many of you know, on the very early cars it is not a simple matter of removing the screws and replacing the lens. The lens is permanently attached to the housing. To remove the lens requires a number of steps.






4-14-14 turn signal lenses 13 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 14 smThe first one is drilling out the mounting screw bushing on the rear of the housing. It is flared on the rear to help hold the lens in place and to provide crack protection from over tightening the screw. Once I had it drilled out I used a round file to grab the bushing to make it turn and then release.








4-14-14 turn signal lenses 12 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 10 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 7 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 6 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 5 smThere are tabs on the original lens that protrude through the housing. A couple of them on each side have had heat applied to melt them enough to retain the lens. These tabs must be ground off and then the lens can be removed. Once I had those tabs ground off, I then could remove the lens with a little persuasion.






4-14-14 turn signal lenses 17 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 16 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses 7 sm 4-14-14 turn signal lenses smI began with the left front turn signal. As is usual, the right one took about one quarter as much time to remove. I then washed them with Windex. On the back side is a seal that goes against the body. The seal was easily removed but the adhesive took a bit more time. With the adhesive removed, I broke out the chrome polish to clean them up. They were in fantastic condition. Again I have found things on this car that have exceeded my expectations. I did run into a problem that prevented me from reassembling the units. The bushings did not come with the lens and my vendor does not have them. I will be looking for them this evening. I purchased the European lens set and they will look great.


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