Porsche 912-6 Projects – 12




3-3-14 gas lines 2 sm 3-3-14 gas lines smI worked on finishing up details on the motor today. There are a number of short fuel lines that I replaced. With the stock hose clamps on I could rotate all of the hoses. Plus they looked like they needed to be replaced. Little jobs like this can take longer than you think by the time you cut off the old clamps, cut new hoses, and re-install them.






3-3-14 wiring 2 smThe tape on the original wiring harness was pretty ratty. After removing it I placed all of the wires in split looms and added some split loom to wires that previously had not coverings.








3-3-14 ground strap smI don’t know about you but when I wake up at night I sometimes begin thinking about the project I am doing. That happened last night when I realized that since I had powdercoated the fan housing, I may have reduced its effectiveness as a ground. One of the main grounding areas is one of the studs on his housing. I happened to have an extra transmission ground strap which I ran from the grounding stud to one of the bolts on the timing chain covers.






2-11-14 adjusting valves 5 sm 3-3-14 coil sm 3-3-14 engine 5 sm 3-3-14 engine smI had previously installed a new rotor and now installed a new distributor cap. I had numbered each terminal on the old cap and used that as a guide to make sure I installed the spark plug wires in the correct locations. I also installed the original coil. I also plumbed the remainder of the vacuum lines.







3-3-14 springAnd now I need a little help. Awhile back when I pressure washed the engine I found this spring on the concrete after moving the engine out of the way. I have looked at all of my photos taken before I pressure washed it and cannot find where this spring goes. I felt a home for it would turn up but I have yet to discover it. It is a relatively small spring about a half inch in diameter and about 2″ long. The throttle return spring is in place so it does not go there.






2-26-14 throttle plate smI looked through the photos one more time and discovered where the spring goes. It attaches to the other side of the throttle plate.  One other thing throttle plate photo shows is how the throttle arm bushings had disintegrated. With the new bushings, my throttle should work much smoother.











3-4-14 throttle spring smI installed the throttle spring. There is a hook underneath the #2 intake runner that the spring attaches to.







3-4-14 bumper 2 smI removed the rear bumper bar. It is in OK shape but would look better if it were chromed. I don’t think I will re-install it.







3-4-14 engine bay 2 sm 3-4-14 insulation sm 3-4-14 engine bay cleaning smI am waiting for some parts to come back from the powder coater so I began working on the engine bay. I removed all of the parts that I could and then removed the foam insulation that was badly deteriorated.  I began the process of removing the glue using 3M adhesive remover and lacquer thinner. You can see the original signal red beginning to show through.








3-6-14 masking 2 sm 3-6-14 masking 4 sm 3-6-14 engine bay 2 sm 3-6-14 engine bay smI spent all day yesterday scraping off glue and cleaning the engine bay. I did not bother cleaning the glue for the engine pad as I will be applying more glue anyway. Most of this morning was spent masking the engine bay and covering the remainder of the car. I have always found white to be a difficult color to paint and today was no exception. It takes a lot of coats to get it to cover well. I will hit it with at least one more coat tomorrow and then call it good.




3-6-14 engine mount sm 3-6-14 AC bracket sm 3-6-14 AC bracket 2 smOnly a few minutes after I made it to the garage this morning, I got a call from the powder coater saying my parts were ready. In between coats I installed the cover for the fan belt and the AC brackets.






I removed all of the masking tape from the engine bay.





3-11-14 AC tensioner sm 3-11-14 engine 3 sm 3-11-14 engine 2 smI re-installed the AC brackets. I had to re-tap the M6 holes on the top of the motor that mount side AC bracket. The threads weren’t very deep so the bolt did not have a lot of holding power. The bolts are grabbing now and, along with some red Loctite, they should be good. I had to cut a notch in the #4 air intake runner to clear one of the nuts on the back of the compressor. I also installed the AC belt tensioner and the belt. I did not hook up the fan belt as I read in Dempsey’s book that there should be six shims at all times on the fan pulley. There were only four on the motor when I took it apart. I have more shims on order and will tension the fan belt when they arrive.





3-11-14 engine 3 sm 3-11-14 engine 2 sm 3-11-14 engine smOnce that was done I installed the front tin and the engine mount crossmember. To replace the cabriolet crossmember I had bought a standard crossmember and center piece. However, when I tried it install it, the bolt holes for the crossmember to center piece did not line up. So I went back to the cab engine mount. I also installed the heater fan motor and mocked up all of the heater hoses. I didn’t clamp everything down as I will be removing the compressor and the heater fan before putting the motor back into the car.







3-12-14 coil 2 sm 3-12-14 coil smI bead blasted the coil and then painted it.











3-12 rf suspension 18 sm 3-12-14 brakes 2 sm 3-12-14 brakes sm 3-12 rf suspension 13 sm 3-12 rf suspension 11 sm 3-12 rf suspension 10 sm 3-12 rf suspension 7 sm3-12-14 suspension parts smWhen I bought the car, the previous owner told me it needed bushings in the front suspension. I began the process of taking it apart on the right side today. As you can see, the bushings were as bad as he said. I am also going to replace the wheel bearings, paint the suspension pieces and the calipers. I began by removing the top bolt on the strut inside the trunk area. After unhooking the brake line to the caliper and removing the pads, I unbolted the caliper. After undoing the bearing bolt, I removed the rotor. I then removed the dust shield. Since I wanted to completely remove the strut, I needed to remove the tie rod end. I had a puller that is just a bit too wide to I could not grab the suspension arm enough to release it. So I removed the retaining clamps on the tie rod and unscrewed the adjuster. I may have to find a press to remove the tie rod end as it seems to want to stay where it is.






A friend of mine is in charge of picking up cars from the Greensboro auction for a local Nissan dealer. He called me at lunch time saying he needed me today. So that is as far as I got today. And I will not be posting for awhile as we need to go to Florida to help out my in-laws who are having some health issues again. We may be taking them back to Indiana where there are more relatives to watch over them. They are 92 and 90 so all of this is to be expected.









3-25-14 a arm 8 sm 3-25-14 a arm 7 sm3-25-14 torsion bar 2 sm 3-25-14 torsion bar smThe in-law’s are safely back in Indiana and I am back at it. To complete the removal of the right front suspension, I removed the A arm. After removing the height adjustment screw, I removed the rear torsion bar cap and then removed the torsion bar. It pulled out easily. Upon inspection, I cannot see any areas where there was metal to metal contact on the torsion bar and it is in great shape.






3-25-14 a arm 2 sm 3-25-14 a arm 6 sm 3-25-14 a arm 3 sm 3-25-14 a arm smNext I removed the allen bolt that pinches the A arm to the front crossbar. I then removed the three bolts holding the cover on the front of the A arm. With that removed I began twisting the A arm until it began rotating gradually pulling it towards the front of the car until it was clear of the housing.






3-25-14 bushing 15 sm 3-25-14 bushing 14 sm 3-25-14 bushing 13 sm 3-25-14 bushing 12 smNow came the fun part…removing the bushings from the A arm. The front bushing slid off easily with no resistance.







3-25-14 bushing 11 sm 3-25-14 bushing 8 sm 3-25-14 bushing 10 sm 3-25-14 bushing 9 sm 3-25-14 bushing 6 smRemoving the rear bushing required a lot more time and effort. After clamping the A arm in my vice, I applied heat to the outer housing of the bushing until I had started a rubber fire. I used a pipe wrench to twist the housing and worked it toward the rear. With that piece off, I cut the rubber bushing and easily removed it.






3-25-14 bushing 5 sm 3-25-14 bushing 3 sm 3-25-14 bushing 2 smNow the fun really began. To remove the inner sleeve, I broke out the Dremel with a cutting tool. I cut the sleeve length wise trying to not cut into the A arm. Since there is a washer at the front of the sleeve, I could not cut all the way across. I used a die grinder to grind down the end of the sleeve near the washer. I then used chisels to try to spread the sleeve. Eventually I was able to turn the sleeve with the pipe wrench. Once I had it turning, I continued to use the chisels to spread it apart until it moved easily. With much resistance, the stubborn sleeve succumbed to my efforts and slid off. Not an easy job.






3-25-14 ball joint 2 sm 3-25-14 ball joint smWith everything now apart, I spent the rest of the afternoon bead blasting all of the parts I had removed.











3-26-14 swat bar drop link sm 3-26-14 right swaybar smToday I felt like Bill Murray in his movie “Groundhog Day”. I removed the left suspension, set the rubber bushing on fire, removed the inner sleeve, and then cleaned and bead blasted parts. I did remove the sway bar drop links as well. As you can see, those bushings were, as they say on ‘Wheeler Dealers”, perished. I took everything to the powder coater this afternoon.





I have been thankful that this is a California car. There hasn’t been even surface rust on the suspension pieces. Makes it a lot easier to get everything apart.






3-28-14 chromed parts smI have been doing some running around the past couple days. I had taken the rear bumper guards, the horn grills and the left door handle to the chromer. He called while I was in Florida to say they were finished. They look great. I don’t plan on re-installing the center bumper guard.






3-28-14 rear valance smI had also taken the rear valance to my painter guy as it had some issues. It also looks good. I found a place that can do yellow zinc plating. I took them a few parts to see how they look. Should be getting them back next week. If they look good, I may be taking them some more parts.





3-28-14 tie rod puller sm3-28-14 blasted parts smMy tie rod puller arrived today and was quickly put to use. Once I had the ball joints out I blasted those parts. I also noticed that the rear brake shields could be removed without removing the rotor. Blasted them as well and they will be going to the powder coater on Monday.






3-28-14 charcoal canister 3 sm 3-28-14 charcoal canister 2 sm 3-28-14 charcoal canister smI found a new charcoal canister on eBay. However it did not come with the foam that is mounted on the end of the canister. I cut some foam I had to the proper size and attached it. Not a perfect job on the foam but unless someone uses a mirror to view the rear of the canister after it is mounted, no one else but me will ever see it.











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