Porsche 912-6 Projects – 9




2-1-14 clutch 2 sm 2-1-14 clutch sm 2-1-14 flywheel 3 sm 2-1-14 flywheel sm 2-1-14 flywheel 4 sm 2-1-14 flywheel 2 smI removed the clutch and flywheel today. They both looked great considering they have been on the motor for at least 20 years. The previous owner, Tom, said the motor was from an ’83 Euro cabriolet. He bought the motor and tranny and installed it as he received it. Because it was a euro car, the exhaust and pollution equipment had been added so the car could be certified.




2-1-14 RMS sm 2-1-14 RMS 2 smBased on how little oil was directly under the bellhousing, I was not surprised to see the rear main seal was not leaking. However, in the second photo below, you can see that there is a leak from the oil cooler. I suspect that top o ring is kaput.







2-1-14 pulley's 2 sm 2-1-14 pulley's smI also removed the front pulley. Here again, there does not appear to be any leaks around the seal.








2-1-14 pressurewash 8 sm 2-1-14 pressurewash 7 sm 2-1-14 pressurewash 5 sm 2-1-14 pressurewash 4 sm 2-1-14 pressurewash 2 smI know our weather is not even close to the severe winter weather that the northern states have been experiencing, we have had our coldest January ever here. Since today was one of the very few mild days we have had recently, I decided it was time to break out the pressure washer and do a little cleaning on the motor and transmission. As those of you know who have used pressure washers know, the only thing that became wetter than the motor and tranny was me!! But they do both look better.






2-3-14 alternator 16 sm 2-3-14 alternator 15 sm 2-3-14 alternator 10 sm2-3-14 alternator 5 smI removed the alternator today. Have to unbolt the coil, remove any bolts that mount the shroud and take out the bolt to the restraining strap. Once I had the strap loose, I could pull the fan assembly towards me so that I could remove the ground wire that is attached to one of the case bolts.




2-3-14 alternator 6 sm 2-3-14 alternator 3 sm 2-3-14 alternator sm 2-3-14 alternator 2 smThere is a plastic shroud with two metal vanes on the back of the alternator that has to be removed to give access to the three wires on the back of the alternator. Once I had those wires undone, I placed the fan assembly on the bench. To remove the alternator from the fan housing, you are to tap on the bolts that held on the plastic shroud. The instructions said to tap lightly. I installed the nuts on each one to I would not damage the threads. It took more than a little tap as the alternator did not want to leave its home for the past 30 years. Eventually it did release. To remove the fan blade from the alternator, I used a rubber mallet on the shaft. Tapping lightly here did work as it was soon free.




2-3-14 bead blast 2 sm 2-3-14 bead blast 3 sm 2-3-14 bead blast smI spent the rest of the day bead blasting the fan, the fan housing, the metal vanes on the plastic shroud.  I also blasted all of the tin and other sundry metal items.









2-5-14 intake 2 sm 2-5-14 intake 18 sm 2-5-14 intake 25 sm 2-5-14 intake 26 smToday I removed the intake system along with the shroud.







2-5-14 pop off valve smThe airbox has the pop off valve installed.







2-5-14 intake clean sm 2-5-14 intake clean 2 sm 2-5-14 rubber connectors sm 2-5-14 oil cooler shroud 2 smI spent the rest of the day cleaning parts.










2-6-14 engine shroud 2 sm 2-5-14 top of block 5 sm 2-5-14 top of block 2 sm 2-6-14 engine sm 2-6-14 intake 2 sm 2-6-14 intake 3 sm2-6-14 intake 7 sm 2-6-14 intake 6 sm 2-6-14 intake 4 smMore cleaning today. I finished up the intake system.  I also cleaned up the top of the engine and the fan shroud.










1-29-14 engine tin 6 sm 2-7-14 repaired tin 2 sm 2-7-14 alternator vent smBecause of the emission equipment, my rear tin had two holes in it for smog connections. Since I am removing all of the smog equipment, I wanted those holes filled. A couple days ago I took the tin to the paint guy who has painted some cars for me. While I was there, we were looking at some photos of cars he has painted that he has hanging on the wall. I mentioned that I should bring photos of the Corvette and Camaro that he had painted. He pulled three snapshots of some cars he used to own out of a drawer and wondered if I could enlarge and print them. I told him I could and would bring them back when I picked up the part. I bought some frames for $2.00 each at Family Dollar, mounted the photos and took them to him today. When I asked how much I owed him for his work, he said he would consider it an even trade for the photos. I was good with that!!!





2-7-14 painted parts sm 2-7-14 painted parts 2 smI then spent the rest of the afternoon painting parts. I masked off the vanes on the plastic part that mounts to the rear of the alternator and then painted them. Not sure why as no one will ever see it but I know the vanes are no longer rusty.






2-7-14 throttle block smI also bead blasted the throttle plate.










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