Porsche 912-6 Projects – 11




2-21-14 high stands smI have not been happy with the stability of the tall floor stands that I have been using so I bought some that should be more stable. Assembling the red beasts reminded me of assembling swing sets for the kids many, many years ago.






2-21-14 heater blower 3 smWith that out of the way, I worked on re-assembling the heater blower fan.








2-3-14 alternator 3 sm 2-21-14 alternator 2 sm 2-21-14 alternator 3 sm 2-21-14 fan sm 2-21-14 alternator smFixing the alternator to the fan housing was next. Once it was in, I installed the fan. I was a bit concerned about clearance issues after the powder coating but all was well.










After washing my daily driver, I decided it needed to be first polished and then waxed. Spent most of yesterday and part of today making it look good again.




2-25-14 timing chain cover 4 sm 2-25-14 timing chain cover 2 2-25-14 timing chain cover sm 2-25-14 timing chain cover 3 smMy chain tensioner seals arrived the other day. After installing them I re-installed the timing chain covers. On the left side that installation included replacing the long studs that had been used for the air pump.





2-25-14 fan housing band smWhile installing the fan housing band I discovered that the silver paint I had used would scratch just by looking at it. So, after bolting the band on the fan housing, I masked everything off…again… and painted it with a different paint.







2-25-14 vacuum lines 3 sm 2-25-14 vacuum lines smNext up was replacing the vacuum lines.











2-26-14 fan sm 2-26-14 fan 2 smI peeled away all of the masking tape to reveal the fan housing band.







2-26-14 alternator 2 sm 2-26-14 alternator 3 sm 2-26-14 alternator smNext up was wiring the alternator. First I fed the engine wiring harness through the hole in the fan shroud followed by feeding the alternator wires through the alternator shroud. After hooking up the wires, I installed the alternator shroud.






2-26-14 throttle plate 2 sm2-26-14 throttle plate smI installed the throttle plate with new bushings.








2-26-14 engine 3 sm 2-26-14 engine 5 sm 2-26-14 engine 7 smI used new bolts for the fan shroud and the engine tin. I also installed the shroud to the oil cooler as well as beginning to route the wiring harness.











2-27-14 crank pulley seal 2 sm 2-27-14 crank pulley seal smI bought a longer bolt to use with a 36mm socket for installing the crank pulley seal.







2-27-14 ac 7 smAfter installing the seal, I mounted the original pulley along with the AC pulley.








2-27-14 ac sm 2-27-14 ac 2 sm 2-27-14 ac 4 smI then installed the bead blasted center part of the engine mount and mounted the AC compressor to make sure the crank AC pulley lined up with the compressor pulley. Once I was sure everything was correct, I took it all apart, bead blasted the AC mounts and took everything to the powder coater.






2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 10 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 9 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 3 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 2 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 7 2-27-14 fuel injector sleeve 4 2-27-14 intake runners smAfter getting back from the powder coater, I removed the fuel injector sleeves, installed new ones and and then installed the injectors. The sleeves are held in by notches made at the factory. Those notches must be ground off with a Dremel tool. Once the notches are ground off, I used a 10mm socket to drive the sleeve out of the intake runner. With the sleeve out I cleaned the sleeve opening. After liberally coating the sleeve and its o ring with WD40, I slid the o ring on. To install the sleeve I place each runner in my vice and used a 14mm socket to drive it into the opening. Once the sleeve was installed, the WD 40 came out again to coat the injector and its o ring. I then pushed the injector into the sleeve until it popped into place.










2-28-14 fuel distributor 8 sm 2-28-14 fuel distributor 7 smIt was after noon when I made it to the garage today. I had purchased the gasket for the fuel distributor but had been putting off installing it. Not sure why but I have been procrastinating. Today I decided to go ahead and I am glad I did. First I unhooked the three fuel main fuel lines to the fuel distributor. There are six bolts that attach the fuel distributor to the air box. They are unique in that they have a spring between the head of the bolt and the fuel distributor. Before I loosened any of them I tested the torque with my inch pound torque wrench and found there was very little. Assuming the tension on the springs was correct, I measured the height of the collapsed spring so I could duplicate this tension during re-assembly.







2-28-14 fuel distributor 5 sm 2-28-14 fuel distributor 6 smOnce I had all of the bolts removed, I carefully lifted the fuel distributor away from the air box. Upon turning the fuel distributor over I could see that part of the gasket was missing. And there was no gasket attached to the air box. At this point I must mention that I had not noticed any running issues with the motor prior to removing it from the car.








2-28-14 fuel distributor 3 sm 2-28-14 fuel distributor 2 smI scraped of the remainder of the gasket and cleaned everything with carburetor cleaner. Once I had it clean, I peeled of the paper covering the adhesive side of the gasket and attached the gasket to the fuel distributor. I then re-attached the fuel distributor using my tape measure to see that I had the compressed the springs to the proper amount.






2-28-14 intake runners 2 smI had a little time left to begin the process of installing the air intake runners. Since I have not done this before, I would like to hear opinions of the best way to do this. Should I attach the runners to the air box first or should the runners be attached to the motor first? I suspect attaching to the air box would be the way to go but I can see that you would have to have the runner oriented just so or it would be difficult to attach them to the motor.











3-1-14 intake 8 sm 3-1-14 intake 7 smEd’s suggestions for installing the runners to the air box worked perfectly. I installed new rubber connectors on the runners which meant they were a tight fit. A little WD40 did the trick. As Ed said, you have to watch the orientation of the hose clamps so you can tighten them from the rear of the car. I installed the left side and then set it down on the engine to line those up. This gave me the orientation for the right side.






3-1-14 intake 9 sm 3-1-14 intake smAfter taping the engine shroud to protect the paint, I set the entire apparatus down and, with a little finagling, soon had the runners in place. The runner nuts were torqued to 18 ft lbs.







3-1-14 intake 14 sm 3-1-14 intake 12 sm 3-1-14 intake 11 sm 3-1-14 intake 10 sm3-1-14 engine 2 sm 3-1-14 engine 3 sm 3-1-14 engine smNow it was time to figure out all of the hose connections on the rear of the motor. With the help of some of the many photos I had taken prior to disassembly I eventually got all of the brackets in their proper places, hooked up the electrical and fuel connections. I ran out of time to finish hooking everything up and will finish those connections next time. I would probably have had time to finish if I had not taped the fan shroud so well. It was a bear removing the tape in the rear areas under the air box. Note to self, think ahead next time!!






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