Porsche 912-6 Projects – 8



1-28-14 transferring oil sm 1-28-14 draining oil 3 sm 1-28-14 draining oil 2 sm 1-28-14 draining oil sm 1-28-14 oil lines 3 sm 1-28-14 oil lines 4 smI worked on preparing the car to take out the motor. Before I could drain the oil, I had to transfer oil from my drainage tank to some 5 gallon buckets. I drained the tank first and then the sump. Since I am going to backdate the exhaust, I will have to change the oil lines. I removed the existing line and will install the new ones once I have the motor back in the car so I don’t damage them while taking the motor out.





1-28-14 half shafts 3 sm 1-28-14 half shafts 4 sm 1-28-14 half shafts 2 sm 1-28-14 parts smNext up was removing the half shafts.








1-28-14 throttle cable sm 1-28-14 clutch cable 4 sm 1-28-14 clutch cable sm 1-28-14 ground wire 2 smWhile under the car, I unhooked the accelerator and clutch cables and the ground strap.






1-28-14 starter sm 1-28-14 starter 2 smMaking sure the battery was disconnected, I removed the wires on the starter.






1-28-14 shift linkage 2 sm 1-28-14 shift linkage smAfter pulling up the carpet and removing the access cover, I unhooked the shift rod.








1-28-14 breather line 2 sm 1-28-14 breather line sm 1-28-14 electical connection 2 sm 1-28-14 electrical sm 1-28-14 fuel line 2 sm 1-28-14 fuel line 3 sm 1-28-14 fuel line smIn the engine bay, I removed the heater fan assembly and its hose so I would have better access to connections on the left side of the motor. I had to unhook the cruise control cable I had installed. I unhooked wiring, fuel lines, breather hoses and vacuum hoses on both sides of the engine bay.








1-29-14 backup switch 2 sm 1-29-14 backup switch 3 sm 1-29-14 backup switch 4 smI worked on unhooking the remainder of items that I did not get done yesterday. One was to unplug the back up light switch which is located on the very end of the transmission.






1-29-14 speed sensor 3 sm 1-29-14 speed sensor 2 smOn the right side of the transmission is the speedometer sender.







1-29-14 motor mount bolt sm 1-29-14 main plug left side of motor sm 1-29-14 cd box plug sm 1-29-14 plug on left side of motor sm 1-29-14 wire on left side of motor smIn the engine bay, the main wiring connector is located on the end of the fuse panel. The plug on the bottom of the CD ignition unit must also be unplugged as well as some other miscellaneous connectors.





1-29-14 vacuum line smThere is also a vacuum line on the left side towards the rear that I caught as I was lowering the motor.







1-29-14 drining transmission fluid 3 sm 1-29-14 drining transmission fluid 2 sm 1-29-14 drining transmission fluid smI had overlooked draining the transmission yesterday. My 17mm hex wrench is fairly short and I could not get enough leverage to remove the drain plug. One of my bottle jack handles did the trick.







1-29-14 clutch release 4 sm 1-29-14 clutch release 3 sm 1-29-14 clutch release 2 smSince I was going to separate the transmission from the motor, I removed the clutch arm and helper spring. First a cir clip must be removed and then the small spring. arm and the spring then slide off the shaft with some energy being released by the helper spring.






1-29-14 ac compressor 2 sm 1-29-14 ac compressor smAfter taking a closer look, I realized I would have to remove the AC compressor as the pulley wheel would not clear. Since I had not completed the installation of the AC lines, it was simply a matter of unbolting it and lifting it off. If the lines had been hooked up, I would have placed a pad on the right rear fender and laid the compressor there with the lines attached.







1-29-14 engine out 2 sm 1-29-14 transmission mount bolt sm 1-29-14 motor mount bolt smIt was time to remove the motor. I placed my lift cart under the car pushing it as far forward as I could until the handle was nearly against the rear of the car. I placed a 3/4″ piece of plywood cross-ways on top of the table to give me some extra width and then used a 4×4 on each side to rest on the bottom of the heads. To support the transmission, I used a furniture dolly with 4×4’s stacked on it. I lowered the car so the engine and tranny were resting on the 4×4’s. I then reached under the car to unbolt the transmission cross member. With that done, I could remove the two engine mounting bolts.






1-29-14 engine out 10 sm 1-29-14 engine out 9 sm 1-29-14 engine out 8 smOnce I had everything in place, I began to raise the car a little bit at a time. The big concern is the shifter shaft that protrudes into the tunnel. I needed to pull the motor back towards me once it was lowered enough so the shaft would not hang up on the tunnel. I had to place my floor jack on the transmission cross member and jack it up as I raised the car so the engine would be lower than the transmission. Once the engine mount cleared the rear frame member, I could pull the motor back enough so the shaft was clear. I still tentatively raised the car as I kept checking to make sure nothing was still attached or hanging up. Once everything was clear, I could safely raise the body away from the motor. And it was out!!!





1-29-14 transmission 2 sm 1-29-14 starter sm 1-29-14 transmission 4 sm 1-29-14 transmission 5 smNext I removed the starter. I then separated the transmission from the motor.







1-29-14 parts smI spent the rest of the day removing the engine tin, the cabriolet motor mount and various other items. I plan on bead blasting and painting all of the sheet metal. In general, besides replacing the seals, I plan on freshening up the appearance of the motor.











1-30-14 cab engine mount 5 sm 1-30-14 clean parts smI spent about three hours cleaning up all of the pieces I removed yesterday. Many of these parts will find their way into my bead blaster but I needed to removed all the grime and grease first. One part that will not be bead blasted is the cabriolet engine mount. Once I have made certain the replacement I have will work, I will be selling it.












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