Porsche 912-6 Projects – 7


I had some time to get back on some projects for the Porsche.


12-16-13 912-6 badges sm 12-18-13 912-6 emblem 2 sm, 12-18-13 912-6 emblem smI bought four used 912 badges in order to make two 912-6 badges. I cut off one of the nines from two badges, turned the nine upside down to make a six and then placed it next to the 912 to form 912-6. Painted them black and installed one of them on the deck lid.



12-18-13 engine mount bracket 4 sm 12-18-13 engine mount bracket 3 sm 12-18-13 engine mount bracket smWhen I pull the motor I intend to swap the cabriolet engine mount bracket for the original type. I had previously painted the long piece. Today I bead blasted and painted the center piece.









1-4-14 sport leicht 4 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 10 1-4-14 sport leicht 14 smThe engine is back in the Ferrari and I recently drove it to a Ferrari event to visit a restoration shop near Southern Pines, NC. Great shop.





1-13-14 bottom 138My work on preparing the Falcon to sell is complete. Time to get back on the Porsche projects.






1-21-14 gps sm 1-21-14 gps 3 sm 1-21-14 gps 5 smI hate having the cord dangling from my GPS so I hard wired it. I found a source for 12V ignition under the dash and ran the wire to the lower left corner of the windshield. Much cleaner looking and easier for me to see.





1-23-14 turn signal 6 sm 1-23-14 turn signal 5 sm 1-23-14 turn signal 3 sm 1-23-14 turn signal sm 1-23-14 turn signal 7 smI have used LED light bulbs in place of the stock bulbs for turn signals and brake lights in other cars. Upon removing the right front turn signal I discovered that the wiring connectors were not in good shape and there was some corrosion on them as well. So I took each turn signal and taillight assembly out, soldered in new connectors, sanded down the terminals and, in general, refurbished them electrically. On one of the front turn signal assemblies, when I tried to remove the ground lead, the terminal detached from the housing. I tried to solder it but that did not work. Eventually I drilled a small hole in the housing and used a screw to mount the terminal. It worked and, overall, the lights are now brighter. BTW, the LED lights did not work in the taillight assemblies as the bulbs are mounted from the top so the LED’s shined down rather than out. Too bad as they are much brighter and would last longer.




1-23-14 brake light switches 3 sm 1-23-14 brake light switches 4 sm 1-23-14 brake light switches smI had also noticed that to activate the brake lights the brake pedal must be pushed in very far. I did a search and one of the causes could be the brake switches on the master cylinder. Evidently, as they age, they don’t activate as quickly. I first drained the brake fluid reservoir and then replaced the switches. Unfortunately, I cannot tell a difference.




1-21-14 strap smThe car was owned by a California resident for 30 years. Being a California car, when he did the SC motor swap, he had to install all of the emissions equipment including the catalytic converter. I plan on backdating the exhaust to SSI heat exchangers and a stock muffler. To that end, I began removing the exhaust today. Since I plan on pulling the motor after the exhaust is removed, thus removing much weight from the rear end, I ran a tie down strap across the interior to the arms of the lift. Sure would hate to have the car tip forward off the lift.






1-23-14 exhaust 11 sm 1-23-14 exhaust 2 sm 1-23-14 o2 sensor tool sm 1-23-14 o2 sensor tool 2 sm 1-23-14 exhaust 9 sm 1-23-14 exhaust 10 smThe muffler was the first to go followed by the catalytic converter. I soaked all of the bolts and nuts with penetrant for the past couple days. Of the three bolts mounting the muffler to the cat, one bolt unscrewed, one broke and I had to cut off the last one with my sawzall. Given that history, I was concerned about the bolts holding the cat to the heat exchangers. However, they all came out relatively easy after I had removed the O2 sensor with my special socket.





1-23-14 exhaust 5 sm 1-23-14 exhaust 4 smNow that those pieces were out of the way, I could remove the heat exchangers. I broke out a tool I have had for over 30 years to remove the hex nuts. A local Porsche repair place had told me that they heat the nuts until they are nearly cherry red before trying to remove them. The trick here is to not break off an exhaust stud. The heat worked on the three hex nuts on the left exchanger. And that is where I quit for the day. The remaining nuts will be a challenge as you must use a universal joint to get the socket on the nut which reduces the amount of torque one can apply and makes it easier to round of the nut. Should be interesting when I attack those.







1-25-14 air injection 7 sm 1-25-14 air injection 6 sm 1-25-14 air injection 4 sm 1-25-14 air injection 3 sm 1-25-14 air injection sm 1-25-14 air injection 2 smI removed all of the air injection lines today. There are individual air injectors into the bottom of each exhaust outlet. Once I had removed the lines, I then removed the injectors and plugged the holes with special bolts I had purchased.





1-25-14 Exhaust 1-25-14 Exhaust 2 sm 1-25-14 Exhaust 5 smI took my time removing the nuts for the heat exhangers being sure to use the torch to heat them before trying to remove them. I also tightened them just a bit before trying to remove them to break the rust. I had to buy an offset box wrench to get the inside nuts on the right side. But success was mine as I did not break any studs. Two of the hex nuts came out with the stud on the right side but that is not a big issue as I will install new studs. I was very happy to have no broken studs. Now I can move on towards dropping the motor after I do a bit of cleaning on the bottom side.






1-27-14 engine clean 5 sm 1-27-14 engine clean 2 smI spent all day cleaning the bottom of the motor and transmission. I began using engine degreaser which had zero effect. What worked was brake cleaner. It was a lot of work but is sure looks better than the photos above.








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