Putting some miles on the 348


I had told the people at Sport Auto in Summerfield that I would bring back their oil filter wrench I had borrowed in the 348. Did that this morning.  I wanted to break in the clutch gently so some road miles were in order.



1-3-14 Ricambi 1-3-14 Ricambi 2On the way back, I decided to visit with Daniel at Ricambi America in Winston Salem.  They are one of the premier Ferrari parts providers in the country.  Daniel had to get a photo of the 348 next to his Pinzgauer. It would be perfect for those areas north of here that have been hit by heavy snow. I almost did not stop at Ricambi on the way back but sure am glad I did as Daniel was a most gracious host. Enjoyed the visit.



My wife and I put some more miles on the 348 as we attended a Ferrari club event today visiting the Sports Leicht Restoration facility in West End, NC.




1-4-14 sport leicht 3 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 14 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 8 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 7 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 4 sm1-4-14 sport leicht 10There was a most impressive lineup of cars with Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Rolls, Mercedes and Porsche represented. Matt did a great job of leading our Charlotte group as we arrived exactly on time. And that Daytona must have a fantastic heater as it arrived sans top. It was very cold!!!





1-4-14 sport leicht 2 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 27 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 22 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 32 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 35 smThe Sport Leicht Restoration facility was outstanding. I was most impressed with the variety of types of cars they work on. Bjorn did a great job of explaining the cars and how their business works. I also talked a lot with John, their master fabricator, who gave me some additional insight into some of the cars and projects they have worked on.




1-4-14 sport leicht 21 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 18 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 36 smI was particularly impressed with the Gullwing chassis. Here was a 1955 car with a fuel injected, dry sump motor wrapped in lightweight chome moly tubing. What a revelation this car must have been in its day.





1-4-14 sport leicht 39 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 23 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 24 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 25 smAnd the 330GTC was so beautiful. The deep blue color was very rich and worked so well with the dark tan interior.





1-4-14 sport leicht 19 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 20 smThe Mercedes 190SL wore the classic Mercedes colors of Silver with a red interior.





1-4-14 sport leicht 41 smAlso attracting my attention was the Chrysler that they are building for the Pan American race in Mexico. It has a period Hemi with a modern Camaro front clip.





1-4-14 sport leicht sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 29 sm 1-4-14 sport leicht 30 smThe variety of cars that they work on was vast.




The lunch and discussions at the Pinehurst Country Club in Southern Pines, NC were perfect for a car nut like me. Everyone was gracious and welcoming. We had a great time.






1-10-14 battery lid smDuring the course of the service I discovered that I was missing the lid that covers the battery. The new one came today and was installed.






Also, my wife, and anyone else who rode in the passenger seat, complained that when you fastened the shoulder belt to the latch on the seat, the release button was on the inside. I looked at it today and decided that the mount had been mounted backwards. I removed the lower seat trim on the side, removed the latch, turned it around and re-attached it. Now the seat belt release is on the outside where it should be. I wonder why this latch would have been installed this way originally.


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