Ferrari 348-Engine Out Service-4


My son and one of his buddies, Nick, came over this morning to help. They both work at Toyota Racing Development where Nick is a fabricator (with an engineering degree!!) and Matt is in charge of tire testing for all of the Toyota NASCAR teams. Nick did the major repair on the frame on the ’64 Corvette that I recently restored. His welds were a thing of beauty, especially compared to the factory Corvette welds. He mainly wanted to check out the motor and the car.

12-7-13 wood dowel smYesterday I set the motor at TDC and made sure all of the timing marks lined up. I turned the motor while holding my hand over the hole with the number 1 spark plug removed to feel the compression build up. Once I knew I was in the compression cyle, I inserted a wood dowel and marked the highest point. I then moved it one way and then another to make sure I had stopped at the highest point. 



12-7-13 cam timing marks smThe notches on the cam gears were very noticeable. The instructions I followed mentioned laying a straight edge on the valve cover ridges which should then line up with the timing marks. They did. The hole punch on the main pulley also lined up as it should. However, since this is critical, I wanted my son to check out my handiwork to make sure I had done it correctly…and he did.


12-11-13  cam belt 2 sm 12-11-13  cam belt 7 sm 12-8-13 pulling pulley sm 12-8-13 timing belt off sm12-8-13 cam gears locked smThe factory red marks on the cam gears were gone so we re-applied them. I also bought some yellow paint and touched up the notches so they were more noticeable. We inserted my new flywheel tool and fired up the impact wrench. I have a good one and the flywheel bolt was soon out. We then used a pulley puller to remove the pulley. We double checked to make sure everything still lined up. I had also wedged wood shims between the two cam gears.

12-11-13  water pump 2 sm 12-8-13 water pump 2 sm 12-8-13 water pump 3 smNext up was loosening the tensioner bolt and soon the belt was off. There had been no record of the car having the water pump replaced. For peace of mind, I had decided to replace it. First the tensioner had to be removed which required removing the bracket as well. Then the left (as you face the motor) rear cam cover had to be removed. Now the water pump nuts and bolts could come out. The pump and the housing behind it came out together after we undid the green water hose connection under the intake. 


12-8-13 water pump 6 smWe took the pump and housing to the bench and had a heck of a time removing the pump from the housing. There are two locating pins on the housing with enough corrosion to bind the pump to the housing. Eventually enough persuasion was applied and they were separated. And that is where the morning ended as I had forgotten to order the pump gasket and the “o” ring for the housing. Not all bad as this will give me the opportunity to dome some cleaning of the area under the intake as well as the front of the motor where the antifreeze soaked it upon removing the pump. 




12-9-13 water pump housing 2 sm 12-9-13 water pump housing 3 sm 12-9-13 water pump housing smCleaned up the water pump housing by removing the old gasket and flushing the housing with water in my utility sink. I also wire brushed the studs to get rid of some of the corrosion.



12-9-13 AC table reinforcements smDuring a conversation with the Ferrari tech about re-installing the motor, I discovered that he routinely jacked up the rear of his steel table to get the proper angle to line up the bolt holes. Since I only had a piece of 3/4″ plywood to jack on, reinforcement had become a necessity. My buddy Reese cut the 4×4’s in his well equipped workshop. I drilled 12 holes and installed the boards around the perimeter of the base. Should be safe to jack on.

12-9-13 AC compressor 3 sm 12-9-13 AC compressor 2 smI had an oil leak on the bottom of my AC compressor. Once I had determined it was actually coming from the compressor and after a discussion with the tech, I removed it today so we can inspect the seal. Since I was not smart enough to have the front end of the motor overhang the table, I followed the tech’s advice and cut a hole in the table so I could get to the bottom rear bolt. To remove it from the motor, I removed the mounting bracket bolts to remove the compressor and bracket as one piece. 

12-9-13 fuel filter 2 sm12-9-13 triple seals smI began cleaning the engine bay today as well. During that process I replaced both of the fuel filters.
To make the triple seals fit, I cut a piece of plastic from the lid of a yogurt container. After wrapping the plastic around the seals, I used a hose clamp to hold the plastic in place. I am leaving it on overnight and will remove it tomorrow. Should be ready then to install the clutch release bearing and then the clutch housing.




First up was installing the water pump. I picked up the gasket and the “o” ring yesterday from Daniel at Ricambi. We had talked on the phone a few times but this is the first time we met. His business is about 45 minutes from my house. Turns out he knew my car and said I bought a cream puff. Hope he is right.


12-8-13 water pump 5 sm 12-11-13  water pump 5 sm 12-11-13  water pump 4 sm 12-11-13  water pump smGot the gasket and “o” ring installed and fitted the pump back on the motor. Took a little finessing to get the hose back on that is under the intake manifold. I tried to make sure that hose clamp was tight as it would be very difficult to reach once the engine is back in the car.



12-11-13  cam belt 4 sm 12-11-13  cam belt 5 smTime now to install the cam belt. First I made sure all my marks were where they were supposed to be. I then began feeding the belt at the top around the water pump and the cams. Once I had the belt where I thought it should be, I used zip ties to tie the belt to the cam gears so it would stay in place.



12-11-13  tensioner 2 sm 12-11-13  tensioner sm 12-11-13  cam belt 3 smI compressed the tensioner on my vice and used a tie strap to hold it. Initially, I had a hard time getting the strap to stay on. I noticed a small hole in the bottom of the bracket and threaded a sheet metal screw into it. This screw kept the tie strap in place. With the help of my son, we were able to feed the compressed tensioner under the belt and slip the bracket over the three studs. Once it was in place we could start the bolt and attach the nuts to the studs. It was now in place and all the marks still lined up. Success!!!


My grandson just turned 13 in September and, according to my son, is fast closing in on the time when he will be driving!! To that end he recently bought a 1987 Porsche 944 for his son. The plan is for his son to work up some sweat equity in the car between now and the time he begins driving. Mainly, it is something for my son to do when he gets home from work. 

12-11-13  cam belt 6 smSince that car also has a cam belt and needs to be occasionally changed and tensioned, we bought a Staeger tensioner tool. I found it on eBay. You measure the tension on each side of the belt with the combined readings to be between 140 and 160. Initially we were a little light on the tensioner side so we loosened it and while Matt pushed up on it, I torqued it to 36 ft lbs. We rotated the engine through a few cycles and measured again. We had a combined total around 150 so we were good. 



12-11-13  clutch release bearing smWe also installed the Hill Engineering clutch release bearing.







12-11-13  battery box sm 12-11-13  battery box 2 sm 12-11-13  air intake hoses sm 12-11-13  engine bay 3 sm 12-11-13  engine bay 2 sm 12-11-13  engine bay 4 sm 12-11-13  engine bay 5 sm 12-11-13  engine bay sm 12-11-13  rf wheelwell 2 sm 12-11-13  rf wheelwell 3 sm 12-11-13  rf wheelwell smI also cleaned up the engine bay and the right front wheelwell. I removed the air intake hoses and scrubbed them in my work sink and then let them dry on my deck railing.






12-12-13 spark plugs 3 sm 12-12-13 spark plugs 2 sm 12-12-13 spark plugs smIt sure feels good to be putting parts on rather than taking them off. The spark plugs were the first item today.





12-12-13 belt guide 3 sm 12-12-13 belt guide 2 sm 12-12-13 cam belt cover smThe cam covers were next on the list. I installed the belt guides and allowed twenty thousandths clearance. The rest of it was simply bolting everything on.




11-27-13 engine 2 sm 12-12-13 clutch smMy triple seals had shrunk enough to gently push the shaft in after I liberally lubricated the seals. They all seem to seat correctly.   Installing the clutch was relatively easy. I had to rotate the motor a couple times to get everything lined up and then it was simply a matter of applying some muscle. 




12-12-13 exhaust 6 sm 12-12-13 exhaust 5 sm 12-12-13 exhaust 4 sm 12-12-13 exhaust 2 sm 12-12-13 exhaust 3 smWith the clutch in place, I could re-install the mufflers. I had a heck of a time getting the left side seal off. I had to use a chisel and a grinder to clean everything up. After hitting the right side a couple times with the chisel, it came off as one piece. I will leave the supports under the muffler until we are ready to put the motor back in the car.



12-12-13 AC compressor smMy new AC compressor arrived late today. Once I have it installed and the belts to both it and the alternator in place, I will be ready to put the motor back in the car. My son is off on vacation all of next week and, assuming everything goes well, we plan on putting the motor in on Monday. Followed by some driving time!!!




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