Ferrari 348-Engine Out Service-3



11-27-13 engine 2 sm 11-27-13 engine 3 sm 11-27-13 Wheelwell LF 2 sm 11-27-13 Wheelwell LF 3 smCleaning day today. I wiped down the engine and rear suspension. I also cleaned up the LF wheel well. That was enough cleaning for today. Not concours quality but better than it was.






12-3-13 Ferrari clutch alignment tool sm 12-3-13 348 clutch alignment 9 sm 12-3-13 348 clutch alignment 10 smMy clutch arrived yesterday. As per his promise, Tom, the technician at the independent dealership where I bought my car, assembled the clutch for me today. While I had disassembled the clutch, I did nothing with the flywheel as I wanted him to see it in its original state. He declared it to be OK and used a bristle disc to clean up the surface. The factory alignment tool was then inserted to align the clutch discs. You will notice that this tool extends down into the flywheel to make sure the clutch is properly aligned. According to Tom, some of the alignment tools do not have the smaller parts at the bottom that inserts into the flywheel. Maybe that is why this tool cost him $700!!!!


12-3-13 348 clutch alignment 8 smHe then looked for the heavy side of the flywheel indicated by the balancing holes drilled during the manufacturing process. The clutch disc that faces the flywheel had an “H” for heavy on it and is placed with that side on the heavy side of the flywheel. There is a spacer ring installed next that has a paint mark on it which indicates the heavy side. This is placed opposite the heavy side of the flywheel. The other clutch disc also has an “H” on it with this side placed opposite the heavy side of the flywheel.


12-3-13 348 clutch alignment 5 smThe intermediate plate is than fitted with the paint marks matching the spacer ring. There are shims that come with the clutch package. The thickness of these shims is determined at the factory. These three shims must be located between the intermediate plate and the pressure plate. The pressure plate is now fitted again with the paint marks matching the spacer ring and the intermediate plate. Finally, the starter ring gear is laid on top of the pressure plate.



12-3-13 348 clutch alignment smNow the bolts that hold the ring gear are sequentially slowly tightened to put the proper spring pressure on the plate. When new the springs may hold up the pressure plate enough that the factory bolts will not be long enough to engage the threads. Tom’s solution was three longer bolts used to begin the tightening process. Once these bolts have drawn down the pressure plate enough so that the stock bolts can be threaded, the longer bolts are removed and replaced with the original factory bolts. I forgot to ask him what the torque measurement was for the bolts. I did see 18.5 on his digital torque wrench but not sure if that was inch pounds or foot pounds.


12-3-13 Ferrari pulley tool smAnd it is now ready to go back into the car. Many thanks to Tom for taking the time to make sure the clutch was properly put back together. He also shared with me the tool he uses to hold the lower pulley when it is torqued to 150ft lbs. And he showed me how to use the Staeger belt tensioner tool for the cam belt. My son recently purchased a Porsche 944 for his son so we decided to share the cost of this tool as he will need it for the 944 when he replaced the cam belt.. It is on the way.






12-6-13 exhaust heat shields 3 sm 12-6-13 exhaust heat shields 4 sm 12-6-13 exhaust heat shields 2 sm12-6-13 exhaust heat shields smThe exhaust heat shields needed some attention. There is a company called Kool Mat in Mooresville, NC that sells lots of heat insulation products to NASCAR, NASA, etc. I wanted to paint the heat shields with a high temp paint. Since I have done business with Kool Mat before, I asked her what she would recommend for a high temp paint. This paint is the one she uses when they stencil their logo on their parts.



12-5-13 pulley tool sm 12-5-13 pulley tool 4 sm 12-5-13 pulley tool 2 sm 12-7-13 pulley tool sm12-7-13 pulley tool 2 smI mocked up the tool for holding the lower pulley while the bolt is being torqued to 150ft lbs. It is similar to the Ferrari tool I saw at the dealership where I bought my car. One difference is that I made it so the handle was leaning slightly towards the motor so it would rest on the chassis mount. My son welded it this morning and I painted it later. Planning on using it tomorrow morning.






12-7-13 clutch release bearings 3 sm 12-7-13 clutch release bearings smYesterday I removed the clutch release bearing by removing the retaining bracket. It then pulled of fairly easily. The new clutch release bearing is made by Hill Engineering. I lubricated the seals and tried to install it. It would go on so far and then seem to require quite a bit of force. I had some instructions for installing it and noticed that the guy was also replacing the stock flange with an Hill flange. Before I did something stupid, I decided to hold off on this until I can talk with Daniel at Ricambi.


12-8-13 triple seals 3 sm 12-8-13 triple seals 4 sm 12-8-13 triple seals 2 sm 12-8-13 triple seals smEarly this morning I removed the snap ring on the transmission shaft and removed the triple seals. My new Ferrari technician friend showed me how he used a cut up Coke can to help slide the new seals on. After some trial and error, and plenty of lubricant, I soon had the triple seals in place. They are loose after you install them. Tomorrow I will use another of the tech’s methods buy wrapping the seals in some thin plastic and then using a hose clamp to make the seals fit in their slots. Didn’t have time to look for the proper piece of plastic yet.




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