Ferrari 348-Engine Out Service-2



sportauto-front-smallWhen I bought the car it was with the understanding that I would be doing the service on the car. It is an independent dealership with years of Ferrari experience. I talked with their technician for quite awhile about various items on the car. He told me that if I ever needed any help, he was just a phone call away. And he has been true to his word.  He has a 348 motor out of a car for service and when I told him I was taking mine out, he thought it would be helpful if I visited with him to talk about the project. We spent about an hour together on Monday with him giving me many helpful tips both on replacing the clutch and doing the timing belt.



11-26-13 fender liners 4 sm 11-26-13 fender liners 3 sm 11-26-13 heat shields sm 11-26-13 fender liner, panels & heat shields smArmed with that information, I was back at it today. The morning was spent doing some very non-technical cleaning of the air box, inner fender liners, the access panels and the muffler heat shields. I needed to clean them anyway and they were in my way. After cleaning them, they were safely put away in the attic above my garage.



11-25-13 exhaust support sm 11-26-13 mufflers 2 sm 11-26-13 mufflers 3 sm 11-26-13 mufflers smRemoving the muffler was next on the list. I left the bottle jack in place and strapped the upper muffler to the framework. After spraying the bolts with some penetrant I still managed to break one of the muffler bolts. Once the bolts were off, I removed the jack and gradually released the straps and lifted both mufflers off as one piece.




11-26-13 clutch 2 sm 11-27-13 engine 2 sm11-26-13 clutch 9 sm 11-26-13 clutch 10 sm 11-26-13 clutch inspection plate 2 smNow that the clutch housing was exposed, it was time to remove it. There is a clip on the left side that has to be detached. Once it is loosed, remove the remaining bolts and nuts. One bolt that looks like it should be removed stays. It is one of the three bolts that mount the starter and it is not through the housing. Leaving this bolt on keeps the starter in place.  Remove the inspection plate on the bottom. Once the bolts and nuts are off the housing, the entire housing pulled off easily with no prying. The housing contains both the clutch, pressure plate and the flywheel.




11-26-13 clutch 8 sm 11-26-13 starter ring gear sm 11-26-13 pressure plate 2 sm 11-26-13 clutch 6 sm 11-26-13 clutch 3 sm 11-26-13 clutch 4 smI placed the housing on my bench and proceed to take it apart to see what I had. Removing the starter ring gear is the first step. Once it is off, the clutch can be removed from the housing with the flywheel remaining in place.  This is a dual clutch disc unit and it will come apart with some prying. According to the records, the clutch had never been replaced. But it was time and then some. It had been releasing at the very top and had begun to slip. It was worn out. The technician has the proper alignment tool and said I could bring the new clutch to him and he would install it in the housing. I will take him up on that.




11-26-13 bellhousing 3 sm 11-26-13 bellhousing 5 sm 11-26-13 bellhousing 2 smHere are some photos of the bellhousing and the triple seal on the shaft. Everything looks normal to me here.





11-26-13 cam belt 9 sm 11-26-13 cam belt 2 sm 11-26-13 cam belt 6 sm 11-26-13 cam belt sm 11-26-13 cam belt 16 smNow it was time to remove the cam belt covers. There are two guides for the cam belt that are held in place at the top. I will have to adjust the clearance on them. Once I had all the covers off, I cleaned them and put them away as well. Everything looked OK to me but I am not experienced with this motor. It does have the Hill Engineering bearings which are preferred over the Ferrari factory bearings.




11-26-13 AC & alternator belts off smSince I am going to replace them, I removed the AC and alternator belts. There are tensioner bolts on the bottom of each of these which adjust the tension. Now I need to order some parts. While I wait for them to come, I will be cleaning the motor and the engine bay. That will keep me busy for a few days. We are having nasty, rainy, cold weather today so it was a perfect day to be in the garage.


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