Porsche 912-6 Projects – 6


10-20-13 porsche road sm Today we traveled north to the Virginia border to an apple orchard. Orchard Gap road is one of the many wonderful mountain roads that are only a couple hours away.




10-20-13 mt airy smOn the way back we stopped for milk shakes in Mt. Airy, NC, the home of Andy Griffith.  Mayberry was based on Mt. Airy.








10-31-13 hubcaps 2 smAdded hubcaps to the steelies today.





Yesterday I drove the 912 around 425 miles to take some parts to the guy who bought my Corvette. I had overlooked the brake drums as I had them stored away in a cabinet. It was mostly interstate but on the way back, to avoid rush hour traffic in Charlotte, I took the back way home on two lane roads. What a great car to enjoy some of the many sports car roads we have in this area. The car performed flawlessly. It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy the colors, one of the last of this year as the leaves are falling fast.

The guy who bought my Corvette enjoys entering cars in judged shows. He has entered two so far with the Corvette. One was an all Corvette show with 76 cars. He got best of show with my old car. Last weekend his club put on a show. Since his club was doing the show, he could not enter the competition. However, there were Goodguys reps there from SC and GA. Out of 241 cars, they gave six “Rodder’s Picks” and he got one of them with the Corvette.

He felt really good about that. It made me feel good as well. He is fighting cancer so these show successes help him feel better. He’s a good guy and I am glad he ended up with the car. It has a great home.



11-16-13 Austin F1 Race on track sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 Ferrari 2 sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 miller lite hat sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 on the hook sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 Ferrari fans sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 track sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 wreck sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 track 2 sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 lotus sm 11-17-13 Austin F1 Red Bull car 2 smMy buddy Dave and I attended the F1 race in Austin. We bought our seats in the section reserved by the Porsche Club Hill Country region. I lived near Austin from 2005-07 so I have some familiarity with the area. I also was their newsletter editor for a short time before my job situation forced a move. So I knew some people in their region.



11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick 1967 911S smWhich is why I signed us up to attend their function at The Salt Lick, arguably the best known BBQ place near Austin. There was a special display of Porsches from 1967 to current cars. That 1967 911S was especially interesting to me because of my car being a ’67. The original owner had the car until 2009. It is all original including paint. I talked with the owner for quite awhile. It was a great car.



11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick 959 smAnother notable car was a real 959.





11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Singer 5 sm 11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Singer sm 11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Singer 4 sm 11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Singer 3 sm, 11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Singer 2 sm However, the stars of the show were the two Singer 911’s. Both cars were spectacular with the gray car having a slight edge over the green car.



11-16-13 PCA Salt Lick Derel Bell smAfter feasting our eyes on the cars it was time for some great BBQ followed by Derek Bell entertaining us with some great stories from his Porsche driving days. A great time was had by all.







11-28-13 new seats sm 12-2-13 seat installation 7 sm 12-2-13 seat installation 6 smI had some time this afternoon to work on installing my new seats. The seats came with new rails and brackets. Initially I installed the rails directly to the seat but this made the bar for moving the seat forward/rearward so close to the bottom of the seat that you could not release the tracks to slide the seat. I bought some 1″ square bar and drilled holes make a spacer between the seat and the slider mechanism.



12-2-13 seat installation 5 sm 12-2-13 seat installation 4 sm 12-2-13 seat installation 2 sm 12-2-13 seat installation 3 smThe mounting brackets fit the existing mounting holes but the seat nearly fit in between the two brackets rather than sitting on top of it so I could mount it. After discussing this with the seat supplier, I cut some flat steel to use as a cross-member with the seat mounting to the cross-member. This mounting bracket came with a seat belt mounting hole which I do not need. I will be cutting off this ear. Once I have all of the brackets cut and shaped to size, I will remove the seat and brackets so that I can paint the brackets. Once the paint has dried, I will complete the installation of the seats.




12-4-13 grinding brackets 2 sm 12-4-13 grinding brackets sm 12-4-13 bead blasted sm 12-3-13 new seats 2 sm 12-3-13 new seats smDidn’t have a lot of time to spend on the car today but I did get the other seat installed. I needed some more bar stock to make the brackets for the second seat and discovered some 1/4″ bar which is a lot stronger than the bar I had previously installed. After drilling the holes, the seat was mounted. Tomorrow I will remove the seats, clean up the mounting brackets, cut off the tabs and then paint everything.





12-4-13 painted brackets 3 sm 12-4-13 painted brackets sm 12-4-13 painted brackets 2 smI finished up the seat installation today. I removed the seat and all of the brackets. The four side brackets had provisions for attaching a seat belt which I did not need. I cut off the ears with my Sawzall and then used my grinder to finish the metal. I also rounded all the edges on the cross bars to make them look better. The next step was bead blasting all of them prior to applying paint.



12-4-13 new seats 2 sm 12-4-13 new seats 4 smThe paint was quick drying so I installed the brackets and spacers. After mounting the seats, I backed the car into the driveway to get some finished photos.








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