Porsche 912-6 Projects – 4




10-8-13 evaporator mount 3 sm 10-8-13 evaporator mount sm 10-8-13 evaporator mount 2 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 12 smHate it when chores like mowing the lawn get in the way of working on the car. I did get the painted evaporator brackets installed and mounted the 12V outlet device to the bottom of the AC vents. I tried to attach the compressor mount but could not figure out where all of the pieces went. After placing a call to Retroair, I decided that mounting the bracket will wait until I drop the motor. One of the pieces goes through the sheet metal and mounts towards the center of the motor. Will be much easier to do when the motor is out and the muffler is off. Don’t need air this time of the year anyway.




10-8-13 car in trailer 5 sm 10-8-13 car in trailer 4 sm 10-8-13 car in trailer 2 smI spent a good part of the afternoon loading my ’64 Vette and a ton of parts on my friend’s enclosed trailer. Thursday we are taking the car to Augusta, GA where a fellow is trading me a pristine ’57 Chevy 150. Assuming we are both happy with each other’s cars, I will be hauling the ’57 back. I plan on selling it as well. The parts are the original ones I removed from the car during the restoration, including the original matching number four speed. What is interesting about this guy is that he once owned the same E-Production 356 race car that we once owned. He bought it from the guy I sold it to. I had the race car and a ’62 B coupe at the same time.







10-9-13 AC drier smEven though I am going to wait to install the compressor once I have the motor out, since the car was already up in the air I decided to install the drier and all of the wiring for the AC. The only wire not hooked up is the one going to the compressor. I did run that wire to the engine bay where I can easily access it once the compressor is installed. The drier is located in the same place as factory air on later Porsches in the left front wheel well.






10-9-13 H1 headlights 9 sm 10-9-13 H1 headlights 5 sm 10-9-13 H1 headlights 8 sm 10-9-13 H1 headlights 7 sm 10-9-13 H1 headlights 6 sm 10-9-13 H1 headlights 4 smI have the rare H1 headlights on the car which have two separate bulbs and reflectors. I noticed from the beginning that the right headlight looked cloudy compared to the left one. While I was at Cars & Coffee last Saturday, I happened to notice the reason why it was so cloudy. It was very dusty on the inside of the lens. Today I removed the headlight and took it apart so I could clean the lens and the reflectors. This is the first time I have ever had one of these on the bench and the number of parts was high. There are four adjusting screws as you individually adjust both the low beam and high beam lenses. I measured the amount of threads showing on the adjusters so when I put it back together, they would at least be close. There are also many pieces of wire that are installed with tension to hold the entire assembly together. Cleaning it made a huge difference and I now know how these lights work.



10-9-13 H1 headlights 12 smLeft headlight







10-9-13 H1 headlights 14 smRight headlight before cleaning





10-9-13 H1 headlights smFront end after the headlight cleaning.








10-13-12 trunk carpet 3 sm 10-13-12 trunk carpet 2 sm 10-13-12 trunk carpet smThe trunk liner blower cover arrived a few days ago. Had some time this afternoon to install it. Since the car did not originally come with the power booster, I had to modify the cover to clear the booster and then mount it. I also had to cut a hole in the carpet to clear the reservoir. Turned out OK.







10-14-13 compressor bracket 3 sm 10-14-13 compressor bracket 2 smI originally was going to wait to install the AC compressor bracket when I had the engine out. However, thanks to jittsl, I had an incentive to have at it today. First I had to cut a slot in the tin on the rear of the motor. I have a air powered hacksaw that did the trick. Took awhile as I cut a little at a time so I did not want to remove any more metal than necessary.




10-14-13 compressor bracket 7 sm10-14-13 compressor bracket 4 sm10-14-13 compressor bracket 13 smThere are three pieces to the compressor bracket that came with the kit. One piece sits along the top of the head on the right side. I had to remove some metal for clearance to make it fit.




10-14-13 compressor bracket smThere is a long thin section that is inserted through the tin metal with one end mounting to the motor near the center and the other end mounting to the bracket that holds the compressor.





10-14-13 compressor bracket 10 sm 10-14-13 compressor bracket 8 smOnce the main bracket was attached to the slim piece and to the piece that sits on top of the head, I could install the compressor. The two forward bolts required spacers which I cut out of some stock that I had in my metal drawer. After the compressor was securely mounted, I installed the idler puller that will tension the compressor belt.



All that remains is to remove the stock lower pulley and attach the extra pulley that came with the kit. Once that is done, it will be time to run the AC lines. Getting closer to being really cool!!


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