Porsche 912-6 Projects – 3


Finally got the car back on the ground Sunday and tried out the cruise control. It would try to engage but would not hold the speed. On Monday I called the manufacturer Rostra and they said I had one of the DIP switches set incorrectly. Made the change and it worked. Today I had to drive to Mooresville and Davidson. The cruise held the speed within two MPH according to my GPS. Can’t get much better than that. The only issue is that the switch that is attached to the turn signal lever is heavy enough that when I put on the right turn signal, it doesn’t want to stay in the up position. The radio also worked great.



9-24-13 engine lid strut smGot tired of the engine lid conking me on the head so I replaced the pneumatic strut.





9-24-13 durant mirror 4 sm 9-24-13 durant mirror 2 smI also got around to installing the Durant style mirrors. The left one is complete and I hope to do the other one tomorrow.





9-24-13 camel gt sign smRecently I attended a cruise-in with the Corvette in Pilot Mountain, NC. Those of you familiar with the Andy Griffith show will recognize that they were always going to Pilot Mountain. It is a very nice small town which has one of the most popular cruise-in’s in NC. While browsing an antique store, I came across a Camel GT sign showing a 935. Brought back memories of when we were attending those races back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. It is now displayed in the garage.





9-25-13 porsche 912 exterior 9 smFinished up the other mirror today.




8-28-13 trunk before 9 sm 9-25-13 porsche 912 wiring 2 smThe relay/fuse box in the trunk did not have a cover. It arrived yesterday. I had to move some things around and took the opportunity to clean up some of the wiring.




Once everything was done I washed the car and the new hood seal worked as the trunk was dry.






10-1-13 shocks 12 sm 10-1-13 shocks 10 sm 10-1-13 shocks 6 sm 10-1-13 shocks 3 sm 10-1-13 shocks sm 10-1-13 shocks 11 sm My son is an expert in tires and suspension. After driving the car, he said the front shocks were worn out. I talked with the previous owner and he installed the rear Koni’s 30 years ago and had never replaced the front strut inserts. I ordered a set of Koni Classic’s and installed them today. The front inserts turned out to be Kontrolle’s. The car felt much better afterwards with the front end being more planted than before. Well worth the effort.

After removing the dust shields, I bead blasted and painted them.



10-5-13 trunk carpet 4 sm 10-5-13 trunk carpet 3 sm 10-5-13 trunk carpet 2 sm 10-5-13 trunk carpet smMy trunk carpet finally arrived last week. Because of the brake booster, I ordered a set for a later car which was fastened with snaps. Since there were no male snaps in the trunk area, I hit the local Ace Hardware and found some nickel plated brass snaps that perfectly fit the snaps on the carpet. Installing them was a simple matter of drilling a small hole and using a phillips screwdriver to mount them. I am waiting for the part that goes across the rear of the trunk area to prevent things from hitting the dash. I will have to modify it to clear the brake booster. Once it is in I can complete the carpet installation.



10-5-13 cars&coffee 1967 911S targa smOn Saturday the 6th I found my way to the Charlotte Cars & Coffee again. Two cars caught my attention. One was a ’67 911S Targa. Beautiful car and well preserved.





10-5-13 cars&coffee 1952 cunningam 5 sm 10-5-13 cars&coffee 1952 cunningam 6 sm 10-5-13 cars&coffee 1952 cunningam 4 sm 10-5-13 cars&coffee 1952 cunningam 3 sm 10-5-13 cars&coffee 1952 cunningam smThe other car was a 1952 Cunningham. It had a coat of primer but the patina on the rest of the car was my main attraction. The rear trunk sported a sticker saying that it had a hemi!! I had never realized that Cunningham had made their own intake for the hemi motor. And the gauges were outstanding.






10-7-13 AC sm 10-7-13 AC condenser 2 sm 10-7-13 AC condenser 4 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 8 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 5 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 9 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 11 sm 10-7-13 AC Evaporator 12 smStarted installing the AC today. I bought my kit from Retroair in Texas. They have a kit specifically for air cooled 911’s. However their standard kit would not work on my early car. In their standard kit the evaporator is installed in the smuggler’s hole. That hole was enlarged in 1969 along with many other changes and the evaporator will not fit in my hole.

So they came up with a modified kit. Everything is the same except for the evaporator. As mentioned, the standard kit places the evaporator in the smuggler’s hole and then has an air hose run inside the car to vents mounted on the bottom of the dash. Their 914 kit has the evaporator and the vents all built into one piece and that is what I am using. Since it was designed to be mounted in a 914, the standard brackets did not work. I had to make both brackets. I used some steel angle iron with multiple holes that is designed to be used as a mounting source. After doing some cutting, filing and shaping I ended up with a couple of sturdy brackets. I could have cut off more of the bracket to make it cleaner looking but I did not want to give up the strength. Besides, unless someone wants to lay on the floor on their back, no one will ever see them. I did take them off and paint them.













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