Porsche 912-6 Projects – 1


Today was the first day of probably many days spent on some projects on our newly arrived 1967 912-6. In my other post announcing its arrival, I mentioned that is has a 3.0 SC motor and tranny among other items. I spent a few days cleaning the interior and polishing and waxing the car while I waited for some parts to arrive.



8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 driveway 10 sm 8-24-13 912-6 fog lights gone smThe car came with fog lights from later 911’s and I felt they looked out of place on this car.  So they went away!!






8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 interior 2 sm 8-27-13 ramon's steering wheel 2 smThe first of those was a beautifully refinished steering wheel from Ramon. The wood wheel that was in the car was too small in diameter and was not my cup of tea. Ramon’s refurbished 914 wheels with the hockey puck center not only looks great, it mounts a couple inches closer to the dash than the wood wheel. To me, the wood wheel felt like it was too close to me.




8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 interior sm 8-27-13 rear carpet 2 smThe rear seats had been removed and carpeted in the manner of the RS cars. However, the carpet was bunched up in one area so I peeled the carpet back, did some alterations to the carpet below and smoothed the carpet the best I could. Not perfect but looks much better now. I also mounted a fire extinguisher in that area.  Also spent some time with the chrome polish on the turn signal wiper switch arms and on the interior mirror mount. Ran out of time today but some progress was made.






Didn’t get out to the garage until after lunch. I spent most of the day cleaning up the trunk area and the spare tire. The battery was not secure when I got the car. Since I was concerned about corrosion from the battery, I ordered an Optima battery. I also found a mount for putting an Optima in a 911. Pretty simple installation. I also re-ran the wires for the oil cooler fan. They were placed under the car just behind the front bumper. I ran them inside the car along the front of the trunk and out to the oil cooler on the right side. I wasn’t very comfortable having wires dangling under the front end!!

Here are some before and after pics of the trunk area.

8-28-13 trunk before 2 sm 8-28-13 battery sm 8-28-13 battery 4 sm 8-28-13 trunk after sm 8-28-13 battery 3 sm












9-4-13 shifter 2 sm 9-4-13 shifter sm 9-4-13 shifter 3 smI was not happy with the short shifter that had been installed. To reach the gear lever with the short shifter, I actually had to lean forward and the effort was increased considerably. Fortunately the stock shifter was included with the car. I installed it and I like it a lot better. Now it shifts like a real Porsche, somewhat vague with long pulls but much less effort. The short shifter consisted of a shorter lever and a spacer that was installed below the shift tower. Not much science here.





9-5-13 air pump 3 sm 9-6-13 engine bay 2 sm 9-5-13 air pump 22 smNext up was removing the air pump. I did not removed the lines under the car as I could see the ones on the left side will be much easier to reach when I backdate the exhaust. I did plug the ends of the lines including the one that went to the catalytic converter.






9-5-13 air hose 4 sm 9-5-13 air hose smThe accordion hose to the heater blower fan was in sad shape. I had purchased a new one that required that I transfer the metal sleeve on the blower end to the new piece. I ground off the old rivets and then pop riveted the sleeve to the new hose. Looks much better and will obviously work better.  While I had everything off I did some cleaning in the engine bay. It now is far from concours ready but much cleaner that it had been. When I have the exhaust off, I will do some cleaning on the bottom of the car. May have to break out the pressure washer.






9-7-13 carsncoffee 67 porsche 912-6 4 sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee 67 porsche 912-6 3 sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee 67 porsche 912-6 smDrove the 35 miles or so to downtown Charlotte for the monthly Cars n Coffee. I arrived around 7:15 and we soon surrounded by about any type of car you could think of. Parked next to me was a GT3RS. Made a nice contrast with my car.




9-7-13 carsncoffee midget racer 2 sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee midget racer smThe same fellow who owned the GT3RS also brought a vintage midget racer on a trailer. It was an interesting car with a small block Chevy. He bought this car and a 1979 Lightning Indy car once drive by Panch Carter from the same place. He drives the Indy car in vintage races. Very interesting guy to talk with. He recently returned from attending the Goodwood Revival. I was envious!!




9-7-13 carsncoffee 72 porsche 911E 3 sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee 72 porsche 911E smOnly one other long hood car there…a ’69 911E.






9-7-13 carsncoffee 56 porsche speedster sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee 56 porsche speedster 2 smAnd a real Speedster was present with lots of patina.






9-7-13 carsncoffee electric car sm 9-7-13 carsncoffee electric car 2 smHow about a very early electric car.






9-7-13 carsncoffee citroen ds smAnd a pair of Citroen’s.


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