Porsche 912-6 Projects – 2


I have “restless leg syndrome” which sometimes affects my leg when I am on the throttle for a long time. Because of this, I use cruise control a lot.




9-9-13 heater fan sm 9-9-13 cruise control sm 9-9-13 cruise control 2 sm 9-9-13 cruise control 7 smI didn’t get out to the garage until after lunch to begin the installation of a Rostra universal cruise control on the 912. I installed one of their units on a motorcycle last year and it worked great. The vacuum module for the factory cruise was installed in the car but the rest of the wiring was gone. I removed the vacuum unit and plan on installing the Rostra unit in the same location. To get to it, I removed the heater blower motor. Removing it gave me access to the vacuum unit as well as the two screws for the bracket that attached the cable from the vacuum unit to the throttle. The bracket that held the cable will be used with the Rostra system. While I had everything out I did some cleaning in that area and also cleaned the vacuum unit and the heater fan housing.




9-9-13 air compressor 2 sm 9-9-13 air compressor smThe gas tank is from an SC and requires the use of a space saver tire. No air compressor came with the car. After doing a search, I found this compressor that is used in Boxster’s and 997’s. Amazingly compact and fit in the corner next to the tire like a glove.







9-11-13 cruise control bracket 3 sm 9-11-13 cruise control bracket sm 9-11-13 cruise control bracket 2 sm 9-12-13 cruise control bracket 4 smBusy yesterday but got back on the cruise control project today. It took me about two hours to modify the mounting bracket that came with the kit( it was a straight piece of metal) for the cruise module and to also modify another bracket I had in my basket of miscellaneous steel parts. Once I had them shaped and fitted, I bead blasted them and then primed and painted them.




9-11-13 cruise control switch 5 sm 9-11-13 cruise control switch 4 sm 9-11-13 cruise control switch sm 9-11-13 cruise control switch 3 smWhile waiting of the paint to dry, I mounted the cruise control switch. To do that, one must cut the turn signal stalk and slide the switch over the stalk using set screws to tighten it. I ran the wire along the steering column and between it and the knee bolster.




9-11-13 cruise control tach wiring smNext I identified the wires to tap into. The black/purple wire from the CDI box will give me the tach signal.






Porsche+speedoI have located a good place for the ground and the 12V ignition in the engine bay. Up front I need to wire to the constant 12V and 12V when the brakes are engaged at the brake switch. I also have located the VSS signal on the speedometer. According to what I have discovered, the Red/Brown wires on the speedometer are the correct ones. The photo below is not one of my speedometer but the second set of wires from the right should be the correct ones.




Plus I need to run the wires from the cruise module to the turn signal switch. The plan for tomorrow is to mount the module, hook up the throttle cable, and then complete the wiring. Should keep me busy.







9-12-13 cruise control module 2 sm 9-12-13 cruise control bracket 3 sm 9-12-13 cruise control module 3 sm 9-13-13 cruise control harness sm

Spent all day on the cruise control. Not finished but closer than I was this morning. I mounted the brackets and the control module in the left rear corner of the engine bay.




9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 9 sm 9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 8 sm 9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness smThis is a universal kit obviously designed for a front engine car. I cut off quite a bit of the harness at the control module to shorten it. I then had to create a harness of eight wires that ran from the front of the car to the engine bay. Once I had decided on how much wire I would need, I made up two separate harnesses from the front to make it easier for troubleshooting. One four wire harness was connected to the cruise control switch while the other harness consisted of the VSS signal from the speedometer and the brake signals from the brake light switch. Once the harnesses had been made, I inserted them into some convoluted tubing. I cut a notch in the plastic piece above the smuggler’s hole so the lid would close. There was an existing hole in the smuggler’s hole that I used.




9-12-13 cruise control bracket splash pan 3 sm 9-12-13 cruise control bracket splash pan 2 sm 9-12-13 cruise control bracket splash pan sm 9-19-13 protection plate smTo get the wiring out of the smuggler’s box and to the rear of the car, I had to remove the steering rack splash shield. It wasn’t in terrible shape but I could not resist cleaning it, bead blasting it and painting it.





9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 7 sm 9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 4 sm 9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 3 sm 9-12-13 cruise control wiring harness 2 smWhile waiting for the paint to dry, I ran the wiring harness I had created along the bottom of the car tied to the hard fuel lines back to the engine bay.




Now all of the wiring is in the engine bay waiting to be connected. I also have to hook up the throttle cable. With any luck, I will have it completed tomorrow.






Finished up the cruise control. Haven’t had the car off the lift yet to try it as I have been doing some other projects.




9-17-13 radio 3 sm 9-17-13 speakers 2 smI plan on adding A/C but before I do that I needed to change out the radio as once the A/C unit is in place, it will be difficult to get to the back of the radio. I found a Nakamichi radio on Amazon for $117 that has two AUX inputs and a USB input to run my Iphone. I found some speakers on Ebay from Custom Autosound that are in an enclosure small enough to fit on the floor behind the seats. These speakers sound surprisingly good, especially for $119. So for less that $250, I have tunes.




9-17-13 antenna 2 sm 9-17-13 antenna 3 smThe antenna wire had been cut and there was no mast. I bought a Hirschman antenna for $20. It’s a little tricky getting the old one out as it is in that area behind the door hinges. Once I had it loose, I used a magnet to grab it. The antenna wire on came out on the side of the antenna base with a plastic cover. This made it a little bit too big to fit into the hole so I used a file to ground down the plastic. Once that was done, I now had to feed the antenna wire into the interior through a hole in the hinge area. I used a piece of wire that I fed into the hole from the interior and then up to the hole into the fender. Once I taped the antenna wire to the guide wire, I pulled it through.




9-18-13 12 v outlets smNext up was installing a three outlet for 12V for my GPS, phone, etc. I mounted it temporarily with velcro under the dash but will permanently mount it once I have installed the A/C unit.






9-18-13 hood seal sm 9-18-13 hood seal 2 sm9-18-13 fresh air vent sm 9-18-13 fresh air vent 2 sm 9-19-13 fresh air grill smWhen washing the car, I had water in the trunk area. Today I installed trunk seals as well as a new rear deck lid seal. I also removed the fresh air vent, bead blasted it, and painted it to freshen it up. I also re-installed the freshly painted steering rack protection plate. If I continue to freshen everything I take off the car, eventually it will be looking much better.


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