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I have been derelict in my duties of posting to my blog for the past few months.  And a lot has happened.

One of the justifications for buying the ’64 Corvette was that I graduated in 1964.  Once I had completed the car my wife wondered what 1967 car she was going to get since that was her graduation year.  She should not have said that!!

Every morning I receive an email from the “Bring a Trailer” website serving up delectable cars for sale.  One fine day in August I saw a 1967 Porsche 912 for sale.  912’s originally came with the four cylinder 356 motor.  A California gentleman purchased this car in 1983 when he was 16 years old.  He and his father did a bare metal restoration on the car.  After going through two 912 motors, in 1994 he and his dad transplanted an early 80’s 911SC 3.0 liter, 6 cylinder motor into the car.  He also installed the gauge package, power windows, the larger gas tank, and the power brake booster from the later car.  And, since he really, really wanted a sunroof, he bought a ’79 911SC roof with a sunroof, cut off the 1967 roof and grafted on the later roof!!  Since the later cars have three point seat belts, that too was also installed in the car.  He owned the car for 30 years and it had always been a California car.



8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 driveway 9 sm 8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 engine sm 8-21-13 Porsche 912-6 interior 6 sm






I sold my 2001 Porsche 996 and bought the car.  Since it was a California car, it had all of the smog equipment including the catalytic converter.  The plan is to backdate the exhaust among other things.  It came with alloy wheels which I have subsequently changed to the original steel wheels with hubcaps.  It is a blast to drive as it only weighs around 2300 lbs which makes it quite quick.


10-31-13 hubcaps 2 sm





I did such a fine job of restoring the Corvette that I was afraid to drive it!!  It was now worth quite a bit of money and I did not want to damage it.  So I put it on eBay.  It did not meet my reserve but a fellow in Georgia called to say he wanted the car.  He was the same fellow who had once owned the same Porsche 356 race car that I had owned.


356 E grattan





He had a beautiful 1957 Chevy 150 that he wanted to trade.  I was not overly fond of taking a trade but, after looking over the photos he sent, I decided to do the deal. It was a spectacular 1957 with the 6 cylinder motor with a three speed on the column.  A friend and I hauled the Corvette to Augusta, GA and returned with the ’57 and quite a bit of cash.  Since making the deal, the GA guy has won “Best of Show” in a Corvette show against 75 other Corvette’s and won one of six Good Guys “Rodder’s Pick” awards against 241 cars.  So he is very happy with the Corvette.


10-12-13 1957 Chevrolet exterior 8 sm 10-12-13 1957 Chevrolet Interior 2 sm 10-12-13 1957 Chevrolet engine bay 11 sm





With the difference money burning a hole in my pocket, I began looking for a car.  My initial thought was to find a Porsche 996 twin turbo from around 2001-2003.  However, after attending the Euro Auto Festival at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC and talking with some Ferrari 348 owners, my focus shifted.  Turns out an independent foreign car dealership in Summerfield, NC had just such a car for sale.  There were tons of records with the car and this dealership had sold the car three times and had done most of the maintenance.  After seeing and driving it, I was hooked.  After all of these years of Porsche ownership, I have always wanted to try a Ferrari.  I put $2000 with my difference money and drove it home.


10-31-13 exterior 9 sm 10-31-13 interior 2 sm 10-31-13 engine sm





The ’57 Chevy was posted on eBay.  Again, it did not meet my reserve.  However, after the auction ended, the high bidder called from Cleveland, TN to say he wanted to make a deal.  His hangup was that he needed to sell his 1960 Ford Falcon and would I be interested in a trade.  Again I was not overly interested, especially in a Falcon with a 6 cylinder and three speed on the column.  However, we finally arrived at a difference figure that worked for both of us.  I have very little in the Falcon and will be selling it after the first of the year.


11-28-13 1960 Ford Falcon sm





And that bring us to the present.  Whew!!  Been a busy couple of months.



  1. Pretty car, Sooo, how do you like it and how does it compare to all the Porsches? And did it come with its own gold chains?

    • The shifter is somewhat balky which might be related to the clutch I am replacing. I knew it needed to have the cam belt changed when I bought it so Matt and I removed the motor a couple weeks ago. The rear suspension comes out with the motor. While it is out I decided to put a clutch in it. The old one was pretty worn. This is the last of the Ferrari’s that did not come with driver aid other than ABS. No power steering and no power brakes. Which makes the feedback excellent. It has a lot of the same handling characteristics as the Porsche since the weight distribution is 40/60. The ride is firm but OK. The fit and finish is excellent and nearly all of the interior is covered in leather. It has 33K miles and has been obviously well cared for by the previous owners.

      I am wearing the same gold chains that came with the first Porsche I bought!!! They will have to suffice.

  2. I was born in 1943. Can you find me something that you can restore?

    • Might be difficult since there was no car production. Should be able to find a Jeep, 3/4 ton or a tank!!!

  3. At least it keeps you out of the bars, right? Thanks for the update!

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