Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 39


Finished up the window in the passenger door today and re-installed the vent window regulator with the new T pivot, the cause of all of this work.



3-20-13 door opening covers sm 3-20-13 door panel vapor barrier sm 3-20-13 door panel vapor barrier 2 smNext up was installing the door access panels.  I had purchased a set of door panel vapor barriers and installed them next.





3-20-13 door panel left sm 3-20-13 interior from right smNow that I had the parts, I completed installing the screw washers in the door panels.  The driver’s door panel is in place while the passenger door panel will have to wait for the door knob bezel.  A tab broke off of the ones I was trying to re-use and I will have to wait for the part to arrive.




I did drive the car uptown and filled up the gas tank.  All went well on the short drive.



3-21-13 splash shields 9 sm 3-21-13 splash shields 8 smToday was splash shield day.  I had to replace both outer shields.  They both came with stickers that are always difficult to remove.  I need to talk to Paragon about that.





3-21-13 splash shields 6 sm 3-21-13 splash shields 5 smFirst up I had to staple the rubber onto the outer shields.  Always fun doing staples!!






3-21-13 splash shields 2 sm 3-21-13 splash shieldsNow came the fun part.  Since I have added the battery replacement panel and was working with new outer shields, the aftermarket whammy hit big time.  Nothing lined up on the left side.  After much finagling, I finally got everything to line up and could install the four bolts.  Not very much fun.   On the right side I was only dealing with the aftermarket shield so it went much faster athough some persuasion was required there as well.  The fact that the inner shields easily bolted up was much appreciated after the trials and tribulations on the outer shields.





Over the past four weeks as I have been adding parts back to the car, I had accumulated a large pile of boxes.  Broke them down and headed to the recycling center to get rid of them.



3-22-13 exterior rr 3-4 2 sm 3-22-13 exterior right side 2 sm 3-22-13 exterior rear 2 sm 3-22-13 interior from right 2 sm 3-22-13 exterior front sm 3-22-13 engine 7 sm 3-22-13 engine 6  smThis afternoon, I washed the car for the first time and then backed it out into the driveway for some outside photos.  I am going to have to work on aligning the right front bumper.  In the garage I thought it was pretty close but from a distance I can see the problem better.  It was somewhat that way before I took everything apart and the accident damage on that side did not help.  I may have to get creative with some of the  brackets.



I am taking it in for an alignment on Tuesday which is why I left the hood off.  Easier for them to work on it.  I also have ordered the new headlight motors from Detroit Speed and plan on installing them prior to putting the hood on.



I adjusted the tail pipes to make them line up better.  I also spent quite a bit of time trying to make the right front bumper appear better with little success.  May have to call on a more informed power to help on that.



3-23-13 seat belt pad 2 smWhen I drove the car to the gas station the other day, I used the shoulder belts for the first time.  Immediately I felt the need for a seat belt pad as it was pretty tight against my shoulder.  Found these on EBay for $9.99 shipped.  Well worth that price and even have some blue stitching!!





3-23-13 bump stop 7 sm 3-23-13 bump stop 6 sm 3-23-13 bump stop 5 sm 3-23-13 bump stop 4 sm 3-23-13 bump stop smThe ’65 and later bump stops also arrived.  There was an existing threaded hole in the bump stop bracket which the new stops screwed into.  I had to cut of a small tab, applied some red loctite and they are in.



3-23-13 door knob bezel 3 sm 3-23-13 door knob bezel sm 3-23-13 door panel right smThe other day when I broke off the tab on the door knob bezel, I found a NOS piece on Ebay.  When it arrived today, I could not believe the difference between it and the aftermarket one in my car.  It is much deeper and the tabs are longer.  The tabs on the other one were barely long enough to catch the back of the door panel.  After installing the bezel, I mounted the right door panel.






3-25-13 AC gauges 2 sm 3-25-13 AC gauges sm 3-25-13 AC gauges 3 smI hooked up the vacuum pump to the AC system today to “pull” a vacuum.  After letting it run for an hour, I shut everything down and after three hours, the gauges had not moved.  I am letting it sit overnight to make sure, but it appears there are no leaks.  Good news.




While all this was going on, I was cleaning up some things in the garage that had been let go during the restoration.  I also spent some time finding all of the things I had in the interior of the car when I began tearing it apart.  After nine months, the items were scattered.  I also put together some tools to put in the jack area with the major one being a ratchet breaker bar with a 3/4″ socket for the wheels.  The factory tire wrench will not work with these wheels.  Tomorrow it goes in for the alignment.  Hopefully, that goes well.  Also the new headlight motors from Detroit Speed are supposed to arrive on Wednesday.






  1. This will come in handy for my 64 C2 this winter. Amazing process and documentation, looking forward to cracking open the wordpress as well.

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