Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 38


While I was wiring the car, I was told that one of the wires to the headlight motors would be 12V ignition. I spliced into that wire for my cooling fan relay. The other day, I ran the car long enough that the water temp was pretty close to where the fan should kick on but it didn’t. So today out came the voltage meter. I did not have 12V ignition at the headlight wire. After searching, I found 12V ignition at the bottom terminal of the firewall resistor. I ran my wire there and then cleaned up the mess from the cooked wire.

Once the wiring was sorted, I installed the battery access panel. Now it was time to start the motor and see if the fan was working. It came on exactly where it should have to my relief.

[url=””]1964 L76 engine – YouTube[/url]



3-16-13 spring bolts sm 3-16-13 leaf springs sm 3-16-13 Corvette on ground smNow it was time to put on the wheels and drop the car down. I had been told not to torque the spring bolts until I had the weight on the suspension. Torqued them to 65ft lb.   After mounting the wheels, I rocked the suspension and adjusted the bolts on the rear spring to set the rear ride height.




Nothing else to do but see if it would actually move. I drove it to my buddy Reese’s house which is only a couple houses up from mine. He wasn’t home so I turned around and drove back. Unfortunately, I had a loud metallic bottoming out sound over the smallest of dips. It was the end of the day so I did not get a chance to check it out. Not sure what it could be but I wonder if I loosened up the bolts for the spring adjusters too much and had little springing. Obviously, something that needs to be sorted.

Here is a terrible video. I rested my phone on a moving pad not realizing that it partially blocked the lower part of the video. Anyway, you will see the car actually move.

[url=””]1964 Corvette First Drive – YouTube[/url]




3-17-13 brake caliper sm 3-17-13 brake caliper 2 smMy son came over this morning and, after much spring adjusting, we found the rear end noise.   I added the factory disc brakes and the calipers hit the bump stop bracket. We put tape on it and you can see where it cut the tape.

Later when my son was at his house he found the link below. Read the section about the 1965 frame. Hopefully, cutting off the bracket will give me enough clearance as the ’65 on frames had the bump stop bracket revised and the frames were recessed to clear the brakes. It will be close. I will have to cut them off flush with the frame.



3-17-13 heater hose smWe only drove around in the neighborhood as we were trying to trace this problem. On the last trip, as I entered my driveway, we noticed liquid on the windshield. By the time I stopped in the garage, there was steam from the right front. The compressor belt had worn a hole in one of the heater hoses. When I saw what had happened, I told my son there is no way I placed that hose that close to the belt. We gathered up some containers to catch the coolant and went to the rear to remove the rear wheels so we could check to see what was hitting. After about 10 minutes, we went around to the front again and that damaged heater hose was at least a 1/2″ away from the belt. It had expanded with the heat that much which put it against the belt. I had no idea it would expand that much. Fortunately, it was the lower hose which runs back to the “T”. I will be sure to tie those hoses well away from that belt. Since my buddy Reese has also installed Vintage Air on his car, I immediately told him what happened so he could check his. We both thought 1/2″ would be plenty of clearance. The pic below is after the hose had been damaged but is now well away from the belt after cooling down.


So now I get to clean up the engine bay, replace the hose and cut off those brackets. Even more fun things to do!!!




3-18-13 heater hose smI replaced the damaged heater hose. Took ten minutes or less to replace it but an hour or so to clean up everything.






3-18-13 cover car sm 3-18-13 angle grinder sm 3-18-13 bump stop bracket 6 sm 3-18-13 bump stop bracket 5 sm 3-18-13 bump stop bracket 3 sm 3-18-13 bump stop bracket 2 smI then cut off the bump stop brackets using the angle grinder my son gave me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. It is one of the handiest tools I have. To make the cut I used a cutting wheel on the grinder and then used a flapper wheel to smooth everything. Before beginning the cut, I covered the car with plastic. I angled the cut at the bottom to give more clearance. Once I had it smooth, I put some tape on it, put the wheels on and went for a short drive. No noises and no marks on the tape. So all is well. Now that it is painted, only the very knowledgeable would know the bracket had extended into the wheelwell.



I still haven’t driven out of the neighborhood but I can report that the transmission shifts very well. Short, positive throws that feel great. The motor sounds great and, even on these short drives, I can feel a great difference in power compared to the way the motor ran before being rebuilt. Positive signs. Tomorrow I plan on getting the window back into the passenger door to make it driveable.





3-19-13 vent window 10 sm 3-19-13 vent window 11 smWorked on the passenger door vent and main window today. First up was installing the T-pivot on the vent window. Once again I was having a rivet party. Used my vice for a base and used a large punch to start the process and then used a another flat faced drift to finish the job.





3-19-13 vent window 8 smI installed the vent window seal next.







It was now time to install the glass in the vent frame. I had the proper welting and started to put it in. However I began thinking about the over $200 cost for that piece of glass and possibly damaging the frame. I called Eric Wilson, the glass guy who did my windshield and its trim. He said he could come over possibly tomorrow when I asked if I could meet him somewhere with the parts. He was heading back to his shop so I met him there. In five minutes, it was done. Sure makes a difference when you know what you are doing. And he didn’t even charge me!! Hard to beat that service. He does all of the glass work for RK Motors, a large high end muscle car dealer in the Charlotte area so he has lots of opportunities to practice.



3-19-13 vent window 7 sm 3-19-13 vent window 4 sm 3-19-13 vent window 3 smOnce I got back from Eric’s, I could insert the vent window into the vent window frame. Next was installing the hinge rivet. I used a large clamp to compress the rivet and then used pliers to finish the job.





3-19-13 vent window 2 sm 3-19-13 vent window smNow I could loosely install the vent window in the door.






3-19-13 door glass sm 3-19-13 door glass 2 smInstalling the door window glass required a helping hand from Reese. We used duct tape to create handles so he could hold it while I finessed it into the channels. Sure is easier to write that previous sentence than actually doing it. Eventually, it all went together just as dinner was ready. Tomorrow I can finish up the door and then complete the door panels. Maybe even get them mounted tomorrow.


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