Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 37


3-12-13 vent window 3 sm 3-12-13 vent window smDrilled out the rivets on the vent window to remove the pivot bar.  I then polished the chrome to prepare for putting it all back together when the parts come.





3-12-13 heatmaster 5 sm 3-12-13 heatmaster 4 sm 3-12-13 heatmaster 2 sm 3-12-13 heatmaster 3 sm 3-12-13 heatmaster smThe exhaust pipes are pretty close to the rear of the transmission.  When doing the Kool Mat in the interior, I was reading their advertisement and saw that they make a heat shield material called Heatmaster.  Since they are located in Mooresville, NC, I stopped by there one day last week when I was in the area.  There is a gal who started this business about 22 years ago who was really great to me.  She sells primarlily to racers and only sells wholesale, but she sold me a couple pieces of the heatshield and ran it through one of her accounts.  The pieces are each made up to order so she sent them to me.  I installed them today with the metal straps they provided.  You know this stuff has to be good as it is “certified space technology”.  I showed her photos of the OEM heat shield and she said it would not hold a candle to her product.

I also talked with her about her Kool Mat kit for mid-years and that I thought it should have had a few additional pieces such as on the rocker panel and above the wheelwells.  We looked up this thread on her computer and, after seeing the photos of my installation, she wished I had called her.  She would have made up the additional pieces at no charge just to have the correct patterns.  I sure wished I had called her.  Again, she was great to deal with.



3-12-13 grease fitting smNext on the list was to grease all of the fittings on the chassis.  My buddy Reese and I were talking one day while looking at the bottom of the car when he showed me how to grease the u-joints with a special needle attachment for the grease gun.  I didn’t know such a thing existed.  Just another example of something I have learned during this project.





3-12-13 front bumpers 10 smThe grill was the next item to bite the dust.  Before installing the grill, the two front bumper supports have to be put in.  Once the grill was in, I could hang the front bumpers.  I began by taping all of the bumper edges with duct tape.  Next up was installing all of the brackets loosely.






3-12-13 front bumpers 9 sm 3-12-13 front bumpers 7 sm 3-12-13 front bumpers 3 sm 3-12-13 front bumpers 5 sm 3-12-13 front bumpers 2 sm 3-12-13 front bumpers sm 3-12-13 front bumpers 10 smOnce the brackets were in place, I could install the bumpers.  I began with the right side which was the one that had been damaged in the accident that initiated all of this craziness.  It was a new one that did not fit into the lower brackets very well.  The combination of some extra chrome on the lower bolt hole area and the powdercoating that narrowed the channel led me to use a clamp to press the bumper into the bracket.  Once I had everything loosely bolted in, I used one of my tall supports to hold the bumper where I wanted it while it tightened everything up.






3-13-13 rear bumpers 13 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 14 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 12 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 10 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 8 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 7 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 3 3-13-13 rear bumpers 2 sm 3-13-13 rear bumpers 5 sm 3-13-13 gas tank vent hose smThe rear bumpers are installed.  One less shim on each bumper bracket compared to the number of shims there when I disassembled it probably means the frame is located slightly further to the rear.  I had to tweak the long brackets slightly on both sides to get everything to line up.  Nothing major but it all takes time.  After installing the bumpers, I installed the rear valance, the license plate light, and the license plate.  I also shortened the gas tank overflow hose and located it inside the right bumper.







3-14-13 spare tire 6 sm 3-14-13 spare tire sm 3-14-13 spare tire 4 sm 3-14-13 spare tire 2 sm 3-14-13 spare tire 3 smThe spare tire tub and lid was first on the agenda today.  The original tub had a piece broken out of it so I bought a new one which I had painted many months ago.  I had to drill seven holes in it so I could mount it.  Once I had it mounted, I tried to put the spare tire in.  I have a brand new 6.70-15 bias ply Coker tire mounted to the original spare rim.  I cannot believe how tightly the tire fits into the hole.  I had to use a jack to push the tire into the tub far enough to be able to latch the lid.




3-14-13 exhaust 2 sm, 3-14-13 exhaust 5 sm 3-14-13 exhaust 4 sm 3-14-13 exhaust 7 sm 3-14-13 exhaust smMe buddy Reese came over to help install the exhaust.  All too soon we realized that the spare tire tub and the rear valance had to come out.  In reality, in the past nine months, I have done two restorations as I have done most things twice on this car!!  Once we had everything removed, the exhaust fit in nicely.  I then proceeded to put everything back together.  I stuck the exhaust extensions on for the photo but they will have to come off as I forgot to buy clamps for them.






3-15-13 exhaust smOnly had about three hours in the garage today.  I bought a couple muffler clamps and fastened the tips to the muffler.






3-15-13 starter smWhen I started the car yesterday after installing the exhaust, I heard the starter whine during starting and while the motor was running.  Hadn’t noticed that during the other engine starts because the motor was so loud without the exhaust.  I had purchased some starter shims in case I needed them and I did.  A 1/32nd shim seemed to do the trick.




3-15-13 rocker panel smThe last item completed today was installing the rocker panels.  First I installed the metal retaining strip.  Once it was in place, it took me a bit to get the rocker to engage the strip before I could fasten it.  As with everything else, it sure went on a lot slower than it came off!!

Tomorrow it will hit the ground with all four wheels and all of its weight.  May actually drive it after I check a few things out.



  1. Jerry getting close to starting new engine in the 63 they tell me to start and run for first half hour at 1,200 RPM to 2000 back and forth to protect cam .how long would i leave break in oil 5w30 after starting also they want me to run straight 30 weight after break in .sound good
    did you do the same on your end Thanks Richard

    • My engine guy ran the engine in on a dyno and the changed the oil. I am not sure what oil he has in there so I will have to ask him. I will also ask him what oil he recommends. Been so busy recently that I have not thought much about that.

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