Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 35




3-2-13 rear side panels 2 sm3-2-13 side panel 3 sm 3-2-13 side panel 2 sm 3-2-13 side panel sm 3-2-13 shifter 2 smWorked on the interior today.  First up I put in the rear side panels.  Next I worked on the dash side panels.  I had to do quite a bit of trimming on the Vintage Air right panel to clear the AC duct.  I took a little bit off at a time to make sure I didn’t take too much off but a quarter inch or so had to be removed.  I also had to drill one additional hole on each side of the dash to mount the panels.




3-2-13 dash 2 sm 3-2-13 dash 3 smNext up was the center arm rest and the console.  I did not have to cut anything off the console which was a relief.  I installed the shifter as well but am not satisfied with how the stock boot fits over the TKO500 shifter.  I will leave it as is for now but I may address it later on after I have the car running.







3-4-13 lower windshield trim sm 3-4-13 jack sm 3-4-13 rear interior trim 2 smThe lower interior trim for the windshield was first up this morning.Next up was installing the headliner and the trim around the rear window.  I also installed the jack today.





3-4-13 cupholder 2 smAlso installed the cupholder.  I am not wild about this piece but it will protect the console as I finish working in the car.






3-4-13 exhaust 3 sm 3-4-13 exhaust 2 sm 3-4-13 exhaust smI had previously painted the front exhaust pipes and wanted to paint the rear to match.  I spent about two hours going to six different places before I found enough cans of paint.  Once I finally got back to the garage, I spent the next couple hours cleaning and sanding down the exhaust.  I plan on painting it tomorrow.







3-5-13 exhaust 2 sm 3-5-13 exhaust smBy the time I prepared the garage for painting the exhaust, painted them and then cleaned up, it took me all morning.






3-5-13 shoulder belt 7 sm3-5-13 shoulder belt 4 sm 3-5-13 shoulder belt 2 sm 3-5-13 shoulder belt 3 smI installed the three point harness today.  Installing the belts was pretty straightforward as I had installed the rear harness plate earlier.  I then had to install the belt guides on each seat.  This was a matter of drilling two holes in the seat frame.





3-5-13 driver's seat 3 sm 3-5-13 driver's seat 2 smLastly, I installed the driver’s seat.










3-6-13 dome light 2 sm 3-6-13 dome light sm 3-6-13 fire extinguisher 3 sm 3-6-13 fire extinguisher 2 sm 3-6-13 seats 2 sm 3-6-13 seats 3 smThe parts came from my dome light and I finished installing it.  Next I installed the passenger seat along with a fire extinguisher and bracket I had purchased from Vettworks.  It mounts using the same bolts to mount the seat with the extinguisher holder mounting to the bracket.




3-6-13 steering wheel 3 sm 3-6-13 steering wheel 4 sm 3-6-13 steering wheel 2 smAs I was getting ready to install the steering wheel, I discovered that I had the hub installed incorrectly.  There are three notches in the steering wheel that allow the installation of the horn contact ring.  After removing the hub, I lined everything up correctly, installed the wheel and then the contact ring followed by the horn button.





3-6-13 dash 3 smI then finished up installing the windshield trim, the mirror, the sunvisors, and the pillar trim.  The interior is all back together now except for the door panels.  I have to pull the passenger door window glass and the vent window frame so I can repair the vent window.  Once that job is complete I can install the new door panels.


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