Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 34


My wife had two of her paintings juried into a show at the Greenville Art Museum.  Greenvile is located in eastern NC, about three and a half hours from where we live.  There was a reception for the artists last night so we traveled there yesterday and came back this morning.  Her paintings looked great and she felt honored to have her work shown with so many other fine paintings.



2-23-13 radiator hoses 3 sm 2-23-13 radiator hoses 2 sm 2-23-13 radiator hoses sm 2-23-13 steering column 2 sm 2-23-13 steering column sm2-23-13 hood release smGot back around 1:00.  I installed the radiator hoses.I also finished up installing the steering column.  Next up was hooking up the hood release cable.




2-23-13 glove box 7 sm 2-23-13 glove box 5 sm 2-23-13 glove box 3 sm 2-23-13 glove box smThe new, smaller glove box that came with the Vintage Air system is made of hard plastic.  Concern about the looks and things rattling around in the glove box led me to line the interior with felt.  Hobby Lobby has a self sticking felt that comes in the package below.  We bought five of them which was a good thing as I ruined two before I got the hang of it.  Since the size was not large enough to completely cover the glove box, I had to spice in a number of pieces.  It turned out OK, especially since it will be dark when opened.  I did get the glove box mounted in the frame using the clips provided by Vintage Air.  I then installed the frame in the dash before I ran out of time today.






Yesterday and today were frustrating days.  Yesterday because I spent most of the day doing my taxes while half watching the race.  Today nothing seemed to go right.



2-25-13 glove box 4 sm 2-25-13 glove box 3 sm 2-25-13 glove box sm 2-25-13 dash smThe glove box, believe it or not, did a number on me today. First thing I did was cut a small slot so that I could slide the USB cable through from the radio.  I had a difficult time getting the bolts to start to bolt the door to the bracket.  After taking it apart, I discovered that the captive nuts which can move in their slots were, because of the bracket tilting to the rear, all the way to the back so the bolt did not catch them.  I stuck some strip caulking on the nuts so they did not move quite so easily.  And then all was well.  After the glove box door was installed, I see that that the black paint I applied is too glossy compared to the paint on the instrument cluster.  I will have to re-spray it.



2-25-13 parking brake smI did get the parking brake cable bracket reversed.  Which led to the last frustrating issue.  I decided to adjust the parking brake at the wheel.  After looking over the rear of the brake, I could not see a place to adjust it.  I looked it up online and discovered that the adjustment hole is on the brake rotor side.  And I discovered that you have to install the rotor in a certain way so there is a hole to expose the adjusting wheel.  Do you think I lucked out and had the rotors on correctly??   NOT!!!




2-25-13 parking brake adjuster smSo I removed the left rear brake caliper and located the rotor the correct way.  Fortunately, I had not put any brake fluid in yet.  Then came the next issue.  The adjuster wheel would not turn, even though it was brand new.  I talked to John at Corvette Stainless Steel Brakes and he talked me through removing the wheel to see what the issue was.  And that issue was that is was simply overtightened when assembled.  I put it on a vise and used a pliers to loosen the wheel.  It is all stainless steel, which is good, but there was no anti-seize on the threads.  There is now.  I reassembled everything and it now works as it should.  And now I get to do the other side tomorrow.





2-26-13 parking brake smI removed the caliper and rotor on the right side and finished up adjusting the parking brakes.  I even installed my shiny new parking brake handle.





2-26-13 rear carpet sm 2-26-13 rear carpet 3 sm 2-26-13 rear carpet 2 smI spent the rest of the day installing the Kool Mat insulation in the rear compartment and installing the carpet on the right side.  I ran out of adhesive and energy at about the same time so I called it quits for the day.







2-27-13 carpet 3 sm Spent all day on the carpeting.  The driver’s side in the rear was a bear as the piece that goes over the wheelwell is apparently the same one they send for all mid year’s.  I had to do a bunch of trimming to get it to lay right and fit around the rear blower, the duct, and the cable.





2-27-13 rear blower screen 5 sm 2-27-13 rear blower screen 3 sm 2-27-13 rear blower screen 2 sm 2-27-13 carpet 2 smI mounted the carpet to the panel that covers the rear blower and then mounted the screen.  I don’t know if I have it mounted correctly but there were two pre-drilled holes in the rear blower carpet panel at the rear and I mounted the screen in what appeared to be a logical place.




2-27-13 carpet 6 sm 2-27-13 carpet 5 smI finised up the rear and installed the carpet on the removable panel.






2-27-13 front carpet insulation 3 sm 2-27-13 front carpet insulation 2 sm 2-27-13 front carpet insulation 4 sm 2-27-13 carpet 4 smInstalling the Kool Mat in the front was next on the agenda.   I ended up the day partially installing the carpet on the luggage stop.  I had to lift up the wheelwell carpet on each side and tuck the ends under it.  Hindsight says it would have been better to have installed this piece first.  The other side of the coin is that I did not drag pieces of carpet over it that had glue on them.  After having set for a day, the front side will be firmly in place when I stretch and trim the back side tomorrow.



Doing the carpet in the rear is a tough job because of all of the trimming and the fact that you are on your knees bent over the whole day.  At least when I do the front, I can raise the car up and work at waist level.  I hope to finish up the carpet, install the interior trim and get the seats installed tomorrow.  May even install the steering wheel.  That would be progress.




I began the day completing the carpet on the luggage stop.  With the front side firmly cemented in place, it was fairly easy to figure out home much to trim on the backside.


2-28-13 carpet 4 smI did the passenger side carpet first.  Beyond the typical chore of figuring out where to cut the holes for the various bolts and seat mounting points, it went pretty well.





2-28-13 accelerator pedal 3 smThe driver’s side posed the additional challenge of lining up the accelerator pedal.  There is a block that goes between the carpet and the floor for the accelerator pedal.  I ran in the two screws to locate the block, applied glue to the block and took an early lunch so it would be fastened in place later when I wanted to install the gas pedal.  After lunch, I removed the screws from the inside and screwed them in from the bottom to act as locators for the carpet.




2-28-13 accelerator pedal sm 2-28-13 carpet smThere were two holes in the vinyl heel area in the driver’s carpet for the pedal.  After cutting out the carpet and pad for the holes, I fitted the carpet over the holes.  With the carpet located by the screws, I then cut the remaining holes for the bolts and the rear seat brackets.  One of the problems with the carpet adhesive it that it sets up so quickly that it is difficult to move the carpet once the two areas with glue meet.  Knowing it would be an issue to get the carpet in place behind the brake, clutch and gas pedals, I did not put any adhesive in this area.  Once the adhesive was applied to the remaining areas, I first located the carpet over the screws while holding up the rear part.  Once I had the screws through the carpet, I then gradually let down the rear carpet into its final resting place.  Once that was done, I slid the front part behind the pedals with no adhesive.  It fits securely behind the gas pedal and the fresh air vent so it is not going anywhere.  I think it would have been very difficult sliding that front carpet in place if there had been adhesive in place.



2-28-13 kick panel smNext on the list was installing the kick panel carpet pieces.  I had one of them lying on the passenger side carpet and noticed for the first time that it was at least three shades darket than the rest of the carpet.  I called Al Knoch but, since I had purchased it from Paragon, I had to go through them to remedy the problem.  I e-mailed Mike at Paragon with a photo.  Within a half hour, Mike called and said he would get with Al Knoch to resolve the issue.  This isn’t the first time I have found Paragon to be extremely responsive.  Plus I sure get my parts from them pronto.



2-28-13 exhaust heat shields sm 2-28-13 exhaust heat shields 2 smAbout this time, my buddy Reese and his dog Max showed up. He checked out the carpet and wanted to see how I wired up the starter so I raised the car.  As we were checkking that out, I mentioned that Kool Mat also made an exhaust heat shield material that I was considering installing on the exhaust pipes where they are near the transmission.  I had also purchased the stock stainles steel factory heat shields.  After unpackaging them, we discussed where they mounted.  After he left, since I already had them out and was tired of working on the interior, I installed the two heat shields.


My power steering slave cylinder was leaking.  The remanufactured one arrived yesterday and I installed it while I was under the car.  Now I have to send the old one back as a core.






  1. Can you tell me what adhesive you used on the Koolmat that actually adheres to the silicone and to the carpet? I’m using the same product but contact cement doesn’t adhere to Koolmat’s grey side

    • I used a 3M spray adhesive that I bought at a local Autozone store.

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