Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 33


2-19-13 AC hoses 2 sm 2-19-13 AC hoses 3 sm 2-19-13 AC hoses sm 2-19-13 heater hoses smHooked up the heater and AC hoses this morning.






2-19-13 heater control valve ground smFrom the heater control valve I had dropped down a ground wire.  I attached it to the same place as the sill ground I had added on the passenger side.








2-19-13 carburetor 5 sm 2-19-13 carburetor 3 sm 2-19-13 carburetor 2 smAround lunch time I got a call that my carburetor was done.  I also got a call from the Mini-Cooper dealer saying that my wife’s car was ready to go.  Mini paid $600 of the $760 bill.  While I would have preferred to have paid nothing, this was acceptable.  So, after picking up the carburetor and then driving to Charlotte to pick up the Mini, I came back and installed the carb.  It looks like new!!!






2-19-13 radiator sm 2-19-13 radiator 2 sm 2-19-13 shroud 4 sm 2-19-13 shroud 3 sm 2-19-13 shroud 2 smNext I installed the radiator.  However, I had problems installing the fan shroud.  If I tilted it back towards the motor so I could clear the upper control arm, the center lower part hit the cooling fan motor.  I tried various things but could not get it to clear.  It was 5:00 and time to quit so I will think about it this evening.  I hate to cut it and it sure is nice having that extra room to work on the motor.  I will send an e-mail to Dewitt to see if they think not having the shroud will reduce the cooling a significant amount.







2-20-13 booster shim sm 2-20-13 booster shim 2 smI sighted across the engine bay and it appeared that the master cylinder might be a bit high.  I removed the upper bolts and replaced them with longer bolts, loosened the lower bolts under the dash, and installed one front suspension shim on each side.  I think it is now low enough but I will still be very careful closing the hood the first time.





2-20-13 starter 3 sm 2-20-13 starter 2 smFirst up was installing the bellhousing shield and then the starter.







2-20-13 exhaust pipe front sm 2-20-13 exhaust pipe front 5 sm 2-20-13 exhaust pipe front 4 sm 2-20-13 exhaust pipe front 3 smNow that the starter was in, I could install the two front exhaust pipes.








2-20-13 backup light switch smSince I was in the area, I wired up the backup light switch on the transmission.







2-20-13 e brake 3 sm 2-20-13 e brake 4 sm 2-20-13 e brake 6 sm 2-20-13 e brake 13 sm 2-20-13 e brake 7 sm 2-20-13 e brake 9 sm 2-20-13 e brake 2 sm 2-20-13 bottom smMoving on to the rear, I hooked up the parking brake components.











2-20-13 engine 9 sm 2-20-13 engine 6 sm 2-20-13 engine 3 sm 2-20-13 engine 2 sm 2-20-13 engine 5 smNow that I had all of the wiring hooked up in the engine bay, I installed the ignition shielding and the air cleaner.








2-21-13 shift boot smFirst thing I installed the shift boot.  One of the screws had broken off so I had to drill it out and then re-tap it.







2-21-13 AC duct sm 2-21-13 AC duct 4 sm 2-21-13 AC duct 2 smThe rest of the day was somewhat frustrating but I knew it would be the case.  I finished up installing the hood release, the AC duct and the steering column.  Spent most of the day lying on my back or twisting my 66 year old back into positions that it did not like.  Everything fought me on this project which was one of the most difficult I have done in the entire restoration.  However, I like the results.  It isn’t perfect but it will work.





2-21-13 dash sm 2-21-13 dash 2 smThe last thing I did was clean up the knobs on the dash and install them including the ignition cylinder.  I did have an issue here as well as I could not get the headlight knob to lock into place.  Not sure what the issue is here as it worked when I removed it.




Didn’t seem like I got a lot done but it was a necessary day.



  1. Jerry, I am doing a frame off restoration of my 64 coupe . Orogonal color was 912A as yours. Can you or anyone give me the color formula /mix as the original? Any help most appreciated.

    • Craig,

      My painter used PPG and they have a line of paints that match the colors for classic cars. That is what he used and it turned out great. Good luck on your restoration.


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