Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 32



2-16-13 steering column 3 sm 2-16-13 steering column n2 sm 2-16-13 steering column smFirst up I installed the headlight motor that I had gone through. Then I installed the steering column.





2-16-13 odometer sm 2-16-13 circuit breaker clip sm 2-16-13 circuit breaker smInstalled the clip for the circuit breaker along with the breaker.  I also installed the odometer cable.






2-16-13 OEM AC duct sm 2-16-13 OEM AC duct 4 sm 2-16-13 OEM AC duct 3 sm 2-16-13 OEM AC duct 2 smI  have not been happy with the left AC duct that came with the Vintage Air kit.  It places it nearly in the center under the steering column.  I have an OEM AC duct and I began trying to figure out how to mount it.  After playing around with it and looking at the AIM sheet, I think I may have to pull the steering column back out so I can drill the holes in the pedal cluster mount.  I will figure out how to make it work.




2-16-13 chassis on dollies sm 2-16-13 body mounts 2 sm 2-16-13 body drop 6 sm 2-16-13 body drop sm 2-16-13 body drop 3 sm 2-16-13 body drop 4 smI quit working on the duct so I could get everything ready for the body drop tomorrow.  I removed the battery tray and the shifter.  I also mounted bolts in the center body mounts to act as guides for the holes.  I also put the chassis on the dollies and moved it under the body.  The body is lowered over the chassis and all is ready for the big day tomorrow.




2-17-13 body on 36 sm 2-17-13 body on 29 sm 2-17-13 body on 28 sm 2-17-13 body on 21 sm 2-17-13 body on 20 sm 2-17-13 body on 19 sm 2-17-13 body on 7 sm 2-17-13 body on 4 sm 2-17-13 body on 3 sm 2-17-13 body on 5 sm 2-17-13 body on 9 sm 2-17-13 body on 25 sm 2-17-13 body on smThe body is on!!!  My son, friends Reese and Rick and my neighbor Bob (who took these photos) all pitched in for the big day.  Many thanks to all of them for their help.  Considering none of us have ever done this before, it went pretty smoothly.  The biggest issue was the panel with the access hole in the left rear wheelwell.  That panel had been removed so we could make the repairs to the birdcage and had been replaced by the body guy.  Hard to tell whether the new panel wasn’t made exactly the same as the original or that it was mounted slighly off, but it did not clear the nut for the trailing arm bolt.  We had to make a small clearance cut.

We began with three shims at each mounting point and only had to add two shims to the left rearmost mount.  The doors lined up well and open and close normally.  The shifter for the TKO500 fit very well.  It is a little disconcerting to see the car sitting so high but there is a lot of weight that will be added to it over the next month or so.

It sure feels good to have the body and chassis back together.  Lots of work left to do but the end is in sight.



2-18-13 factory left AC vent 7 sm 2-18-13 factory left AC vent 6 sm 2-18-13 factory left AC vent 8 smMy first project this morning was installing the brackets for the factory AC vent.  To make it easier, I removed the steering column and brackets.  There are two brackets with one attaching to the pedal box and the other to the side of the footwell.  The AIM showed mounting points and mentioned using existing holes which were not there on my pedal box.  However, by looking at the AIM drawing I was able to deduce where the bracket should be located.  There are two holes for the bracket.  I taped the bracket it place and then drilled the rear hole.  The only way I could get access to drill the front hole would have been to remove the pedal box and dissasemble it.  There is a lip on the bracket that locks onto the lip on the pedal box and it is only holding up a piece of plastic, so I decided one bolt would do the trick.  Once I had that bracket in place, it took me a couple stabs to locate the second bracket.




2-18-13 factory left AC vent 5 sm 2-18-13 factory left AC vent 4 sm 2-18-13 factory left AC vent 2 sm 2-18-13 factory left AC vent smThe factory left AC ducts has a provision for the courtesy light to mount on it.  I also has a small vent cover on the bottom that can be opened to direct air on your legs.  And you can shut off the main vent as well.




2-18-13 hood release mounts smAt this point, I removed the duct so I could install the hood release bracket.  The AC hood release bracket is longer than the non-AC bracket.  It moves over towards the center to the next two holes in the crossmember.  In a factory AC car, there is a bracket with captured nuts that is installed in the crossmember with….what else, rivets!!  I don’t have that bracket so I used a couple bolts and nuts to mount it.  I removed it also as it accidently was scratched and I had to paint it.





2-18-13 taillight ground sm 2-18-13 taillight ground 2 sm 2-18-13 throttle ground sm 2-18-13 sill ground sm 2-18-13 sill ground 2 sm 2-18-13 radiator core support ground sm2-18-13 antenna ground smRather than sit there and watch the paint dry, I hooked up all of the grounds except the ones to the exhaust.  These included the standard grounds to the sill, the antenna, and the throttle arm.  I also hooked up the grounds I added to the radiator core support, the other sill and the taillights.





2-18-13 alternator wiring sm 2-18-13 fan temp switch 2 sm 2-18-13 fan temp switch smI hooked up the alternator wires and ran the wire to the temperature switch for the electric cooling fan.






2-18-13 vacuum advance line clip sm 2-18-13 temperature sensor clip sm 2-18-13 temperature sensor clip 2 sm 2-18-13 temperature sensor sm 2-18-13 oil pressure gauge line smWhile in the motor area, I installed the oil line for the oil pressure gauge,the tach cable, and ran the wire to the temperature sender.  For that wire installed the clips as well as the clip for the vacuum advance line.




2-18-13 body mount access panel 4 sm 2-18-13 body mount access panel 3 sm 2-18-13 body mount access panel 2 smAlso connected was the speedometer cable at the transmission.  In the rear wheelwells, I intalled the covers for access holes for the body mounts after placing caulking on the back side.






2-18-13 fuel sender wiring sm 2-18-13 battery tray sm 2-18-13 battery tray 2 sm 2-18-13 battery smWhile at the rear, I hooked up the wiring to the fuel tank sender.  The battery tray was next on the list.  After I was finished with it, I placed the battery in place.




2-18-13 shoulder belt reinforcement sm 2-18-13 shoulder belt reinforcement 3 sm 2-18-13 shoulder belt reinforcement 2 smWhile at the back of the car, I took some photos of the shoulder belt reinforcement plates.  It looks like I have about a quarter inch of clearance between the back of the welded on nut and the frame.  I will have to select a bolt that is just long enough to go through the nut.




2-18-13 brakes 3 sm 2-18-13 brakes 2 smHere are some wheelwell shots.


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