Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 29


Did some small jobs today.


2-6-13 vent cover sm2-6-13 windshield trim mount sm 2-6-13 courtesy light mount 2 sm 2-6-13 condenser smFirst up was installing the driver’s side fresh air vent cover and cable.  Also installed the mounts for the inside lower windshield trim.  There are mounts for the footwell courtesy lights on each side.  I had removed and painted them some time ago.  Before the body drop I wanted to remove the top ignition shielding cover.  This gave me the opportunity to install condenser for the ignition coil that I had overlooked earlier on.




2-6-13 cage nut smThe cage nuts for the center body mount bolts were frozen in place after the powdercoating process.  I loosened them up today to make it easier to align the body mount bolts.






2-6-13 radio 2 sm 2-6-13 radio 6 sm 2-6-13 radio 5 sm 2-6-13 radio 7 smI gathered together the parts I needed and installed the radio in the dash in our dining room.  I want to keep the dash away from the garage until I am ready to install it to prevent damage.  The knobs that came with the radio are plastic but are a fairly close match to the stock knobs.  As part of the wiring harness, there is a filter circuit enclosed in a small black box.  There was a perfect place to mount it inside the gray plastic surround for the switches.  The kit came with a metal strap for mounting it.  I was about to wire up the speakers when I got a call from my buddy Rick asking it I could go with him and pick up some cars that a local dealer had bought at an auction.  Made $80 which will buy maybe two tanks of gas!!  Since the dash was in the dining room, I couldn’t resist finishing up what I began earlier today.  I wired up the speaker and tied up the excess wires so, hopefully, they will not interfere with the AC ducts.


I inserted all of the fuses and the turn signal flasher into the fuse block.  I also inserted the bulbs into the dash harness.  My gauge cluster and clock shipped Tuesday, and, since they are coming from Florida, I may have them tomorrow.  I have everything ready to install the wiring harness and then put the dash back into the car.  With any kind of luck, I should be able to get everything ready next week so we can drop the body a week from this Saturday.  As usual when working on cars, that is a big “if”.



2-7-13n 12V ignition 2 sm 2-7-13n 12V ignition sm2-7-13 side terminals 2 sm 2-7-13 side terminals smI rewired the 12V ignition to the brown wire to one of the headlight motors.  The split ring battery cables don’t lend themselves to being tapped for 12V battery leads.  I bought some terminals on EBay for the side posts on the Optima Battery. I am going to install a junction box in battery area that I can use to attach 12V battery leads.




2-7-13 copper line smIn anticipation of installing the dash, I polished the copper line for the oil pressure gauge.  2-7-13 koolmat 2 sm 2-7-13 koolmat smI am going to place Kool Mat under the carpet.  It came to me today that I needed to install the Kool Mat on the tunnel before I put the dash in.






2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster 8 sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster 5 sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster 4 sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster 9 sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster 2 sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette clock sm 2-7-13 1964 corvette gauge cluster sm 2-7-13 dash smAbout this time the brown Santa Claus arrived with the gauge cluster.  Looks great!!  Since I had the dash in the house, I decided to appropriate the breakfast room table to install the cluster and then wire it.  Got most of it done about the time the wife arrived home and wanted to use that table for other purposes….like eating!!






Instrument-Cluster-Harness-Labled 65-Radio-Clock-wiringAs you can imagine, these photos were very, very helpful.  My son is coming over Saturday to help put the dash in.  Once that is done, if all goes well, we may drop the body onto the chassis.  That would be a big day.









2-8-13 harness not used smI worked on the back side of the dash today.  First up I tied off those parts of the harness that I would not be using.  2-8-13 radio wiring 2 sm 2-8-13 radio wiring 3 smI needed to wire the radio to both 12V ignition and battery.  Rather than tap into the harness and since it was so easy to do with the dash lying there on the table, I ran new wires from the radio to the ACC and BAT receptacles on the fuse block.  I tied the wires off to the original harness and installed an inline fuse on each line.





2-8-13 AC ducts smThe extra AC hose arrived from Vintage Air today and I hooked up the last remaining hose.






2-8-13 dash sm 2-8-13 dash 3 sm 2-8-13 dash 2 smMy son was able to leave work around 4:00 and came over to help me install the dash.  We hooked up the tach, the speedometer cable and the copper line for the oil pressure gauge, fed the harness above the crossbar and slid the dash into place.  We started the bolts but did not tighten them down.  I will pop rivet the sides before I tighten the the bolts so I can make any adjustments necessary.  This was a big step but I have decided to put off the body drop until a week from this Sunday.  I have some things I want to do before the body drop and want to make sure I did not miss anything.  My son is busy next Saturday which is why we will do it on Sunday.  Getting closer!!!




2-9-13 dash clips sm 2-9-13 dash wires 4 sm 2-9-13 fuse block smHad some running around to do this morning.  Once I got back to the garage, I had to take the dash bolts out because I forgot to put the clips in for the lower windshield trim.  This also helped in hooking up the hose to the defroster vent.  I did get the fuse block installed.



  1. how difficult was installing the dash the way you did? i have never seen that done before thanks skip

    • It wasn’t particularly difficult but it was time consuming. Patience is a must.

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