Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 28



2-1-13 headlights 2 sm 2-1-13 headlights smThe parts came for my headlights and I installed everything but the motors.  I am still waiting for the new style motors that, according to the thread here will be available shortly.






2-1-13 vintage air wiring 16 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 17 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 4 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 5 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 7 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 8 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 10 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 3 smNext I worked on the Vintage Air wiring in the engine bay.  I made a sleeve with shrink wrap where the wires go through the firewall and then through my cookie pan cover.  The green wire goes to the heater valve control.  A white wire goes from the control valve to chassis ground so it is dangling until there is a chassis to hook it up to.  There are two white wires and one red wire that run to the battery.  After installing the wire in a loom, I ran it along the hood opening cable to the left front wheelwell area.  The blue wire goes to the binary switch mounted on the drier.  I ran it along the AC hose in the wheelwell and then hid it behind the metal hard line that runs to the front of the car.  I then tie wrapped it to the hard line leading to the drier.  The other line from the binary switch goes to the compressor.  I ran it along the AC hose that will hook up to the rear of the compressor.





2-2-13 master cylinder smInstalled the master cylinder on Saturday. This is the first time I have had it out of the box and was surprised to see the bleeders.  This is the first master cylinder I have had with bleeders.






2-1-13 vintage air wiring 17 sm 2-1-13 vintage air wiring 8 smI painted the screw black on my cookie pan cover.  While I had the paint out, I also painted the staples on the rubber flaps.






2-3-12 circuit breaker sm2-3-12 vintage air 2 sm 2-3-12 vintage air 5 sm 2-3-12 vintage air 6 sm 2-3-12 vintage air 4 smI worked on the Vintage Air wiring on the interior of the car.  It is emphasized to place the 30AMP breaker close to the battery.  However, it was wired in near the evaporator.  I cut it out, spliced the wires and will re-install it next to the battery.  I installed the right AC vent and it fit well.  However, there were a couple issues.  One is the there is a hole in the bottom for access to the mounting hex head screw.  The problem was that the hole was not big enough to get a socket through.  I used a step drill to make the hole one size larger.  The next issue was the supplied 1/2″ screw.  Very difficult to get it started since it was so short.  Since there is plenty of room for the screw, I found a couple that were about 1 1/2″ which worked much better as I could extend the screw through the mounting hole to line it up with the hole I had drilled in the bottom of the crossmember.   I now needed to figure out where to mount the circuit breakers.  I measured the dash to see how much clearance I had.  I also installed the lower glove box mount and the glove box surround with the liner to check out access.  Once I had done that, I mounted the two relays to the side of the birdcage but broke off both of the mounting holes later when I was working on tucking in the excess wiring.  My first thought was to order new relays but after checking it out, I decided to zip tie the two relays together.  I had wrapped the harness next to the relays with about four layers of tape.  I made one of the holes larger that I had previously drilled so I could use a zip tie to tie the harness to the birdcage.  This will actually make it easier if I ever had to work on these relays as they will be close to the glove box liner.  Once I remove the liner, they will be very accessbile.





2-4-13 VA hoses sm 2-4-13 VA hoses 2 smWorked on the AC today.  I cut all of the hoses to the lengths listed in the instructions but came up short for the last hose.  I called VA and they are sending me additional hose gratis.  They have been really good to work with.





2-4-13 pulley smMounting the engine driven fan on the water pump pulley had marred the finish.  Since I am not going to mount the fan, I painted it so it would look better.  Today I had a private rivet party.  In drilled the holes for the windshield washer bag mount and was able to both hold the rivet on one side and use the rivet gun on the other side.





2-4-13 cooling fan sm 2-4-13 cooling fan 2 sm 2-4-13 cooling fan 3 sm 2-4-13 cooling fan 4 sm 2-4-13 cooling fan 7 sm 2-4-13 cooling fan 8 sm






As you could tell from earlier posts, I was working on installing the wiring for the electric cooling fan.  I used some zip ties that I mounted with a screw to the cooling fan and ran it the wire under the fan to the left side where I had mounted the voltage regulator and the horn relay.  I was going to mount the relay below the voltage regulator but Reese talked me into mounting it next to the horn relay.  Later when I was changing out of my work clothes, I realized that the relay will interfere with the fan shround.  Tomorrow I will move it down the the original location I had chosen.  I ran the 12V battery and 12V ignition wires in a loom to the battery area.  I will pull the 12V ignition wire back out of the loom and attach it to the horn relay.  I also ran the thermostat switch wire in the loom and then along the alternator harness.  This will place the wire near the thermostat switch I had earlier installed below the thermostat housing.




2-5-13 cooling fan wiring 2 sm 2-5-13 cooling fan wiring smIt’s a good thing that I had realized the fan relay would interfere with the fan shroud.  As I was checking this out, I discovered that the voltage regulator also needed to moved slightly to the left.  I made all of the changes and ran the orange wire for 12V ignition to the lower terminal on the horn relay.  I will have to run the wire to the fan under the shroud once it is installed.






2-5-13 ac duct screw sm 2-5-13 battery disconnect 2 sm 2-5-13 overflow hose smThanks to 65silververt for the screw in AC duct suggestion.   I have had the battery cutoff switch for awhile and installed it today.  I also ran the overflow hose for the radiator expansion tank.





2-5-13 radio 4 sm 2-5-13 radio 5 sm 2-5-13 radio 3 sm 2-5-13 radio 6 sm 2-5-13 radio smThe tuning switch for the Ken Harrison radio arrived today.  I had a harness  but had to be lengthened like the one that was in the radio.  Got out the solder gun and had at it.




2-5-13 AC knob smHere is the standard Vintage Air knob and the decal for the cooling switch that is mounted on the left side panel.








2-5-13 bezel sm 2-5-13 AC knob 3 smOne of the things I like about the ’63 & ’64 models is that the interior harkens back to the earlier cars.  I never paid much attention when I had the ’67’s but the chrome knobs, the door panels with the bright trim and the reflectors and the gauges are more special to me the more I see them.  The later cars interiors are leaning more towards the ’70’s and later cars, as they should have if Corvette was going to keep up with the competition.   That being said, the knob above had to go.  I ordered an extra heater knob and a set of AC dash bezels.  I ground of the lip on the rear of one of the bezels so it could be mounted flush and modified the knob so it will work.



  1. We are installing the same power brake booster in our ’66 coupe, but have run into a strange situation. The bulkhead has two bolts sticking out when you remove the original master cylinder and the new brake booster has two bolts facing into the bulkhead – how did you install yours ? Did you remove one pair of bolts from the booster or the bulkhead ? I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thanks – and your ’64 looks great !

    • If I remember correctly, I had two bottom bolts that were attached to the bracket and were fastened with nuts inside the cabin on the firewall. The upper part of the bracket had two holes in which I inserted the two bolts that had nuts on the inside of the fresh air vent cavity. There is a reinforcing plate for these upper two bolts. Also, I had to shim the top two bolts to change the angle on the master cylinder for hood clearance.



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