Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 26


No work will be done for a few days.  My 91 year old mother is not doing well and am visiting her in Indiana.

I did e-mail the people who did the wiper restoration and he suggested one other test before I send it back to him.  I will do that when I get back to NC.




Got back last Friday from Indiana.  Mom was doing better towards the end of the week but went back to ICU yesterday with another stroke.  She is 91 and her body is wearing out.  Unfortunately, the end is probably near.  I only hope I can live as long as she has.  She has only really gone down hill in the past four months.

1-14-13 water pump smHad to clean up the daily driver Saturday so not much done on the car.  While I was gone I did receive the replacement water pump and I did get a chance to paint it Saturday. Installed it this morning.





1-13-12 reese's corvette 3 sm 1-13-12 reese's corvette 7 sm 1-13-12 reese's corvette 2 smYesterday my buddy Reese had his ’66 coupe delivered.  Excellent paint and interior but needs some suspension work.  He already has the Vintage Air unit for it.  Depending on what happens with my mom, we are planning on going to Kissimmee next week.  He will hook up with a vendor there to get a power steering kit and suspension bushings.  I was there today when he was talking with this guy.  He has a 7004R kit for mid-years that Reese may also pop for to replace his powerglide.   He will be busy!




Finally got back to working on the car today.  After installing the water pump, I worked on testing the wiper motor again.  They guy who restored it sent me some instructions for testing it before I send it back to him.  I did as he said and still have a problem.  I am waiting to hear from him.


1-14-13 vintage air 3 sm 1-14-13 vintage air 5 sm 1-14-13 vintage air 2 sm 1-14-13 hood support 2 smAs I mentioned earlier, the line from the AC drier to the condenser did not fit well and, in the process of adjusting the line, I did not get it lined up squarely and stripped the threads on the drier and the line.  Vintage Air sent a replacement with no questions asked.  This line fit perfectly and it all went together well.  I also installed the upper line from the condenser into the engine bay and hookup the rubber line to it.  Once all that was done, I installed the hood support.




1-14-13 horn wire 2 sm 1-14-13 horn wire sm1-14-13 steering column smI was not happy with the very green wires for the horns and inserted them in a loom today.  Installed the steering column bracket on firewall.





1-14-13 battery 5 sm 1-14-13 battery 6 sm 1-14-13 battery 4 sm 1-14-13 battery 3 sm 1-14-13 battery 2 smMy parts came for moving the battery to the drivers side.  I removed the old battery tray and installed the new one.  The Optima battery arrived last week as well.  For Christmas my son gave me a kit from Ecklers to make an Optima battery look like an old battery.  It is not a very high quality kit but it will be dark where the battery is so it may suffice.



Mom passed away early this morning.    Sad day but she is probably having a beer with my dad in heaven as I write this.  Her quality of life had deteriorated so much that it was time to go.  She was a great mom and loved to have a good time.  This video was taken at her 90th birthday party in November, 2011.

Talked to my sister this morning and found out the funeral will not be until Saturday.  She is Mrs. Organization personified and said she did not see a reason to rush to Indiana as she had everything under control.  This is from a sister who cooked meals for the six of us starting in the eighth grade when mom took a full time job.  I think she felt I would be in her way!!!  So we are heading up there either tomorrow or Thursday.  My job is to put together a slide show of photos for the funeral home.



1-15-12 battery panel 13 smSo to the garage I went to take my mind off mom’s passing.  Reese came down to check something out on my car for an issue on his car.  While he was there I talked him into a very short rivet party.  I needed to fasten a clamp for the speedometer cable on the tunnel.





1-15-12 battery panel 10 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 7 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 6 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 4 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 11 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 14 sm 1-15-12 battery panel 16 sm






I then took a deep breath and cut out the hole for the battery access panel in the left front wheel well.  Initially I fastened it at the bottom with two bolts.  Then I held if firmly in place while I scribed the outline of the panel.  Using the AIM C60B2 page for measurements, I then scribed an inner cut line.  I used a jigsaw for most of the cut.  There wasn’t enough room to maneuver the jig saw at the bottom right side where I used my Dremel to complete the cut.  Did a little filing to clean it up.  Next I held the panel firmly in place and, using a small bit, I drilled a pilot hole through one of the fasteners that are secured to the panel.  Pulled the panel away, drilled a larger hole and bolted the panel to the inner fender.  I then used the same procedure to make the holes for the other five bolts.  Cutting the panel exposed a white edge on the fiberglass which I painted black to hide.  I also painted around the edge of the panel as well.  I had to detach the lower rubber dust strip and re-attached it later.



1-15-12 windshield smNot long after I bought the car last spring, I had the windshield replaced.  I had used this guy to repair the rear hatch on the Porsche 968 with the LT1 motor and he did such a great job, I let him do the Corvette.  Well, even after two times and two windshields, it leaked and we could not get the trim to fit correctly.   A few weeks ago I called a guy who restores Corvettes and Camaros in our area to get some help.  First off he said you must have the original clips.  He said Bair Corvette had them.  I called Bair’s and, sure enough, he had them.  He was embarrassed to tell me that there were $6 each!!!  However, based on my guy’s recommendation, I bought them.  While talking to Bair’s, it came out that I had bought an aftermarket set of windshield trim.  He restores Corvettes as well as sells parts and said that even his people could not get the aftermarket trim to work.  I still had the original trim but it had some scratches and dents.  He recommended a place in Ohio to refinish the trim.  I talked with them, sent off the trim and got it back last week.  It looks absolutely like new.

My local guy said that once I had all of the parts, he would recommend a guy to pop out the windshield, install the new clips, and reassemble everything.  Eric came out this afternoon and spent three hours working on the car.  It came out great.  Don’t know about leaks yet but I feel confident that it is now done correctly based on the time he took to properly seal everything.  Glad to have that job done.


It was a fine funeral.  Normally when someone who is 91 passes away, the turnout at the funeral home is often small as most of their contemporaries are gone.  Not with my mom.  Her plans for the funeral decreed a same day two hour funeral home visitation from 9-11AM followed at noon by the services.  At 11:00 there were still people pouring in.  We didn’t leave the funeral home until 11:45 and were late getting to the church.  She was not only loved by our family but by many others in the community.  It was a wonderful thing to experience.   She will be missed.


1-22-13 signs sm 1-22-13 corvette ad 2 sm 1-22-13 corvette ad smI spent yesterday washing three cars.  After failing to get the wiper motor to work, I shipped it back to the rebuilders this morning.  As you must periodically do, it was time to clean up the garage.  There were a number of items that needed to be carried to the attic.  Before Christmas, I has purchased some automotive signs at Hobby Lobby where they had them half off.  Hung those today as well as a framed copy of an ad for a ’64 Corvette coupe.




1-22-13 battery cables 3 sm 1-22-13 battery cables 5 sm 1-22-13 battery cables smWhile I was gone, my backordered battery cables for the left mounted battery arrived.  They are of the original spring ring design.  I mounted the ground cable to one of the bellhousing bolts.  I did install the positive cable as well but only after taping the end and covering the terminal.





1-22-13 headlight 4 sm 1-22-13 headlight 2 smI picked up the headlight buckets from the body man this morning and the assembled the pivot bars.  When I had previously mounted the headlight buckets, the radiator core support was out of the car.  It was much more difficult today.  The metal washer that attaches the rubber washer kept falling out when I tried to mount the bucket.  After three tries, I used weatherstrip adhesive to mount the washers together.  No more issues but ran out of time after mounting the right one.


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