Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 25



12-31-12 engine bay wiring 16 sm 12-31-12 brake booster 2 smMy new pop rivet tool worked great. I installed the new wiring clips on the firewall.  Since the wiring needed to go above the power brake booster, it was time to install it.






12-31-12 engine bay wiring 7 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 16 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 3 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 2 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 4 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 5 sm 12-31-12 engine bay wiring 17 sm










When I ordered the wiring harness, I specified one for an AC car.  This harness moved the alternator and voltage regulator/headlight relay wiring to the driver’s side.  This will accommodate my moving the alternator to the driver’s side.  I had to drill the mounting holes for the voltage regulator, headlight relay and the grounds on the left side of the radiator core support.  The factory wiring harness had the wires exposed for the last 6 inches or so.  This bothered me to the extent that I taped these wires.  Not wild about tape either but it at least matched the rest of the wiring harness and provides some additional protection.   I used the factory style wiring mounts on the left inner fender.  After running and installing both the engine harness and the headlight harness, I tidied things up with some zip ties.




12-31-12 engine bay plumbing 5 sm 12-31-12 engine bay plumbing 6 sm 12-31-12 engine bay plumbing 4 sm 12-31-12 engine bay plumbing 3 sm 12-31-12 engine bay plumbing 2 sm

Next I cleaned up the cooling plumbing on the passenger inner fender.




1-2-13 horns sm 1-2-13 horns 4 sm 1-2-13 horns 2 smHooked up the horns today.  I extended the horn wires so I could run them along the bottom of the condenser with some wire I had that happened to be the same color.






1-2-13 windshield washer 9 sm 1-2-13 windshield washer 7 sm 1-2-13 windshield washer 4 sm 1-2-13 windshield washer 3 sm 1-2-13 windshield washer 2 smNext I installed the windshield washer hoses, new nozzles and the washer tank.  The hose kit included new grommets to get the hoses into the air intake plenum.






1-2-13 vents 2 sm 1-2-13 vents 1 smI had been storing the plenum grills in the house.  I brought the pillar air intake grills as well and installed them.  I sealed the mounting points with black silicone sealer.








1-3-13 hood release 4 sm 1-3-13 hood release 2 sm 1-3-13 firewall sm 1-2-13 hood release 2 sm 1-2-13 hood release 3 smI also installed the hood release line which I had painted some months ago.  After some polish work on the brass wire holders, I placed them on the wire cable.





1-2-13 resistor 2 sm 1-2-13 resistor 3 smI also installed the resistor on the firewall and hooked up the one wire from the engine bay harness.  The other wire comes from the interior wire harness which I am about ready to run.







1-2-13 thermostat studs smI also was able to remove the other thermostat housing stud with a suggestion from my buddy Reese.  He suggested turning down the air pressure to around 60PSI, place the double nuts so that an impact socket would catch both nuts, and briefly use the impact wrench to jar the stud.  Worked like a charm.  Once I had it lose, I used a hand wrench to remove it.



My pile of parts is dwindling!!!  Getting closer to body drop but still have a number of jobs to do.








1-3-13 hood release cable clip sm 1-3-13 hood release cable clip 2 sm 1-3-13 hood release 4 smMemo to me…install the clip for the hood release cable prior to installing the wiper motor.  There was a hole there and I was able to finagle a screw to hold the clamp.






1-3-13 clutch rod sm 1-3-13 clutch rod 3 sm 1-3-13 clutch rod 2 sm 1-3-13 brake pedal smI also installed the clutch rod and hooked it up to the clutch pedal.  Also hooked up the brake pedal.






1-3-13 rear fan cable 2 sm 1-3-13 rear fan cable 5 smI cleaned up the rear blower motor cable, bead blasted the ends and painted the ends.  It is about 6′ long and will run along the driver’s side sill along with the rear wiring harness.







1-3-13 thermostat spacer 2 smI had a spacer from a previous project that goes between the thermostat housing and the manifold.  It has ports and I will use that for the electric fan switch.  Also, after having e-mail correspondence with DeWitt, I am not going to install the engine driven fan.  They said their fan will be more than adequate for cooling the engine.





1-3-13 water pump smWhen I installed the fan to the water pump, one of the holes was stripped not allowing the bolt to tighten.  Since it was a new Stewart high flow water pump, I called them yesterday.  I asked for a new mounting flange thinking I would press off the old one and press on a new one.  They did not feel comfortable with that and are sending me a new water pump.  I removed the old one today.  Getting that bolt out was another challenge as it did not want to unscrew.  I had to wedge a screwdriver between the mount and the pulley to put enough pressure on the bolt so it could be removed.






Tested my wiper motor today and it did not work.


1-5-13 headlight pivot bars sm1-5-13 headlight harness clips 3 sm 1-5-13 headlight harness clips sm 1-5-13 headlight harness clips 2 smGot the headlight pivot arm rebuild kit and trial assembled everything.  Should have my headlight buckets back from the painter next week.The clips for the headlight harness also arrived.  They are installed.





1-5-13 rear vent drain 3 sm 1-5-13 rear vent drain 2 sm 1-5-13 rear vent drain smFinally all of the parts were here for the vent drain for the rear vent.






1-5-13 rear vent motor cable 2 sm 1-5-13 rear vent motor cable 3 sm 1-5-13 rear wiring harness 5 sm 1-5-13 rear wiring harness 4 sm 1-5-13 wire shield sm 1-5-13 wire shield 2 sm 1-5-13 rear vent motor cable sm 1-5-13 rear wiring harness 3 smNext I installed the cable for the rear vent motor.  Now it was time to run the rear wiring harness, the antenna cable and the rear vent motor cable to the front of the passenger compartment.  There is a connector built into the cable that goes into a hole on the side just behind the seat.  If they had had zip ties in 1964 they would have installed them as I did to keep everything together and make a cleaner installation.  After running everything along the sill, I installed the metal wire cover.


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