Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 24


12-26-12 storage area 4Had to go to the bathroom about 4:00 this morning and then could not go back to sleep.  I began thinking about my son being there later for the “rivet party”.  And I realized that I needed to paint the storage area before we installed the luggage barrier.  I tried to go back to sleep but gave up about five and got up.  Ate some breakfast, read the newspaper, and headed to the garage.  I sanded the storage area, masked it and had it painted before he got there.





12-26-12 wiring sm 12-26-12 wiring 5 sm12-26-12 wiring 3 sm 12-26-12 wiring 2 smI also installed the fuse block and the main wiring harness.  In the engine bay, I plugged in the engine harness but that is as far as I got.







12-27-12 seat belt reinforcement sm 12-27-12 seat belt reinforcement 4 sm 12-27-12 seat belt reinforcement 3 sm 12-27-12 seat belt reinforcement 2 sm 12-27-12 seam sealer 2 sm 12-27-12 seam sealer 12-26-12 wire cover 5 sm 12-26-12 wire cover 4 sm 12-26-12 wire cover 3 sm 12-26-12 transmission insulation 3 sm 12-26-12 transmission insulation 2 sm 12-26-12 parking brake lug sm 12-26-12 parking brake lug 3 sm 12-26-12 luggage barrier 2 smAround this time Matt arrived and soon we were riveting.  We did the brackets for the wire covers on the sills first.  Afterwards I broke out the POR15 to paint the areas where I had ground off the old rivets.  Next was the bracket with the stud for the parking brake cable clamp.  The brackets that retain the tunnel transmission insulation were next.   The last item to be riveted was the luggage barrier.





12-26-12 booster reinforcement sm 12-26-12 booster reinforcement 2 sm 12-26-12 booster reinforcement 3 sm 12-26-12 booster reinforcement 4 sm 12-26-12 booster reinforcement 5 sm




I had one other item that came with rivets.  Power brakes had been added to my car at some point in its history.  As I was looking for something else, I came across a reinforcement bracket for the brake booster.  One had not been installed on my car.  The holes open into the plenum area below the windshield.  Since we had no way to get the air hammer into that area, after Matt left I installed the plate with two stainless steel screws.  The seam sealer in the plenum area interfered with the plate on one side.  I used my Dremel to cut some of it away and then used some long bolts as guides to hole the plate in place while I drilled the small holes for the retaining screws.




12-26-12 headlight sm 12-26-12 headlight 2 smWhen I installed the headlight buckets last week, the one on the passenger side (the side that was hit in the accident) did not line up as well as I would have liked.  While searching for how to adjust it, I discovered that the pivot bearings should all rotate freely.  The outside ones did on both buckets while the inside ones were frozen.  So, out came the buckets.  The bearings were fast on the shaft so I cut them off with the Dremel.  The bronze bushing on the driver’s side was so frozen up that even with a cut all the way through it, I still had a heck of a time getting it off.   I have a set of the plastic bearings coming which should eliminate them freezing up.





Did some running around this morning.  After taking everything off the headlight buckets, I took them back to the body man to be painted again.  Because the pivot shafts had been left on, he could not do a good job of painting the sides of the buckets.  Originally, I didn’t take them apart because of my wrist so it wasn’t his fault as I did not expect him to do that.  My beads in my sandblast cabinet had become less effective so I bought a new bag of beads.  I also picked up some black seam sealer.



12-27-12 headlight smAfter lunch I bead blasted the pivot arms.  Took awhile to get all of the paint off.  I used the seam sealer on a couple of places where the seams had spread apart a bit.





12-27-12 hoses 11 sm 12-27-12 hoses 10 sm 12-27-12 hoses 8 sm 12-27-12 hoses 7 sm 12-27-12 hoses 3 sm





Now it was time to work on the heater and AC hoses.  I fastened the AC hard line to the top of the inner fender and attached the AC hose to it.  Next up was installing the heater valve.  It is electrically controlled by the main AC unit.  I installed it just past the hose opening into the engine bay area where the blower motor had been.  The expansion tank was next on the list.  The hose connection on the bottom of the expansion tank is 3/4″.  However, the Vintage Air system uses all 5/8″ hoses.  I bought a reducer but after hooking it up and then inserting the “T” fitting at the end, it stuck out too far into the engine bay.  So I coated the end of a piece of 5/8″ hose with WD40 and was able to get it to fit the 3/4″ outlet on the tank.  Connected the “T” to it and I was in business.  Once I had installed the heater hose to the “T” I tied the other heater hose and AC hose together.  I was concerned about the weight of the hoses pulling on the expansion tank outlet so I used a zip tie to mount the “T” to the expansion tank bracket.




12-29-12 thermostat stud smI decided to install the fan switch in a spacer that fits between the thermostat housing and the intake manifold since I already had one that I used on my Camaro.  To use it I needed to remove the two existing studs.  I double nutted one of them and it came right out.  The second one has been a challenge.  I can’t get it to break loose.  I have sprayed penetrant on it and have used heat to no avail.  I will be getting a stud remover tool Wednesday morning and will try that.  In the meantime I will keep soaking it with penetrant.  I am very concerned about breaking it off.




12-29-12 vintage air 7 sm 12-29-12 vintage air sm 12-29-12 vintage air 6 sm 12-29-12 vintage air 5 sm 12-29-12 vintage air 4 sm 12-29-12 vintage air 3 sm 12-29-12 radiator 4 smThe radiator core support went in today as well as the support struts from the core to the headlight area.  I had documented the one shim that had been on the original radiator core support.  Hopefully, that shim will suffice for the replacement.  The condenser was the next part to go in.  I had previously installed the drier.  I hooked up the hard line that I had installed along the top of the passenger inner fender to the drier.  I also tried to hook up the line from the drier to the condenser.  It did not fit well so I bent it to fit better.  I thought I had the fittings lined up straight on but I cross threaded the fitting to the drier.  I will have to replace both the hard line and the drier.  Hopefully, the new line fits better.




12-29-12 radiator 3 sm 12-29-12 radiator 5 sm 12-29-12 radiator 2 smI decided to test fit the radiator.  After installing the rubber mounts in the core support and on top of the radiator, I bolted in in place.  I installed the decal to the top of the radiator as well.  This is a DeWitts model with the electric fan permanently attached.  It fit well.






I started to install the wiring clips on the firewall but my 30 year old pop rivet tool failed.  Quit for the day and bought a new one at the local AutoZone.


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