Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 23


12-17-12 vent smWorked on a bunch of things today.  First up was installing the left side fresh air vent.  The right one will not be used because of the Vintage Air installation.





12-17-12 wiper 9 sm12-17-12 wiper 8 sm 12-17-12 wiper 6 sm12-17-12 wiper 5 sm 12-17-12 wiper 4 sm 12-17-12 wiper 3 sm 12-17-12 wiper 2 sm 12-17-12 wiper 10 sm12-17-12 wiper 11 smThe wipers were next on the list.  I had broken off one of the bolts holding the right  wiper transmission to the cowl.  I tried drilling it and then broke off an “easy out”.  The only option left was to cut off the welded nut.  It took three blades but the Dremel tool did the job.  A trip to the hardware store scored a square nut to match the other two.  I didn’t weld it as there was not much point.  I will hit it with some blue paint later on.  Had my wife put a wrench on it.  Once that was done I could mount the transmission pieces and the wiper motor.  Needed my wife for the wiper motor as well.  Caulked everything to keep water and air out of the interior.



12-17-12 braces sm 12-17-12 braces 2 smI installed the two cowl braces that I had removed earlier to paint.






12-17-12 accelerator sm 12-17-12 accelerator 2 sm 12-17-12 parking brake 2 sm 12-17-12 parking brake 3 sm 12-17-12 parking brake 4 sm 12-17-12 parking brake sm 12-17-12 pedal cluster smThe accelerator arm was next on the list.   My freshly repainted parking brake mechanism and cable was next.  Needed my wife to help here as well as the original studs no long held.  Used two stainless bolts with nuts.  The last item was installing the pedal assembly.






12-18-12 plenum 7 sm 12-18-12 plenum 5 sm 12-18-12 plenum smSince it was going to hold me up, I decided to paint the plenum areas.  I sanded them down, masked them off and rattle canned it.  Turned out OK.





12-18-12 brackets sm 12-18-12 brackets 2 smI am ready to begin installing some of the Vintage Air components.  I bought the kit well before the accident that precipitated all of this.  Dug everything out, read through the instructions and was ready to begin installation.  However, I was not happy with the paint quality of the various brackets and close-off pieces.  Spent most of the afternoon painting them.  Spent some more time figuring out the length of heater hose and the adapters I needed since VA uses all 5/8″ hose.  A trip to the auto parts store yielded the necessary parts.





Since I could not do this without my wife, I had to take some time off today to buy her some Christmas gifts.  Out family is getting together Saturday at our daughter’s house so, as usual, I waited until nearly the last minute to shop.


12-19-12 vintage air 12 sm 12-19-12 vintage air 4 sm 12-19-12 vintage air 5 sm 12-19-12 vintage air 3 sm 12-19-12 vintage air 7 sm 12-19-12 vintage air smI did get to spend some time on installing the Vintage Air unit.  The grommets had to be installed in the plates the cover the fan motor opening on the firewall and the vent opening on the passenger side.  Once those are place, the instructions say to install the longest AC line first.  The reason is that it has one of the charging ports on one end so it has to be fed from the firewall side into the vent area by the opposite end.   Next on the list is installing the close off panel for the heater opening.  Applied some silicone sealer on the back side and had my wife start the two screws from the firewall side while I held it on the inside of the car.



12-19-12 vintage air 11 smThere is a fiberglass stop at the top of the vent opening that has to be removed.  A small hack saw and some filing took care of this issue.





12-19-12 vintage air 9 smNow it was time to run the remaining AC line and the two heater hoses.  In spite of having no obstructions on the engine side, this was not an easy job.  Feeding the lines into the opening and then through the grommets took some time.  It would be incredibly more difficult if the body was on the chassis and the dash was installed.




By the way, my friend Reese bought the ’66 Corvette coupe from Scottsdale.  Ken Barry from Phoenix inspected it today and gave it a thumbs up.  Many thanks to Ken for his help.  Reese is going to add Vintage Air to it so he came down today so I could show him what he has to look forward to.




12-20-12 vintage air 11 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 10 smUnderstatement of the day.  “The evaporator is a tight fit.”  I spent all day installing this piece of equipment.  The initial instructions are to install the heater hose fittings.  As with all of the fittings, it is necessary to first oil and then install the “O” rings.  Once the fitting are in place, the mounting plate is installed.




12-20-12 vintage air 8 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 9 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 15 smThe next step is to install both heater hoses and the AC hose that is on the backside of the unit.  It said to lay the unit on the floor to install these lines.  I did that and then could not get the unit in place.  I ended up taking the lines off, sliding the unit into place with it kind of suspended.  I was able to slide on the heater hoses from the bottom and get the hose clamps in place.



The rear AC line proved to be quite a challenge.  If you have every tried to secure a flare fitting like these you know you have to have it perfectly lined up to get the nut started.  The issue was that it had a 90 degree end and the hose was twisted.  I had to use my right hand to try to both twist the hose and get the fitting lined up with I used my left hand to start the nut.  I don’t have my original dexterity in my left hand yet so this was quite a challenge.  I worked for over an hour trying to start this nut.  Finally I called my friend Reese to have him twist the hose in the engine bay area to help line up the fitting so it would be easier to start the nut.  He said he would be glad to help but could not be there for an hour which was fine with me.  However, I do not give up easily so I decided to spend that hour if necessary getting that nut to start.  Wouldn’t you know, I had it started within a couple minutes!!!!


12-20-12 vintage air 7 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 6 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 4 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 3 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 13 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 14 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 16 sm 12-20-12 vintage air 17 smNow I had to get the evaporator in place so I could bolt it to the firewall. I removed the two braces to the cross brace on the driver’s side and loosened the bolts to the pedal cluster and the parking brake lever so I cold get some movement in the cross brace.   I used lots of wood to get the top receiving nut lined up and was able to get the bolt started.  Reese arrive about this time and I held the unit in place while he started the bolt.  There was one more large AC fitting to install and Reese helped by twisting that hose to line up the 90 degree fitting which was quickly in place.  Two more brackets mount on the front side to the cross support and it was securely fastened.  They mentioned leveling it which I did.


One concern I have is how close the wiper transmission arms are to the top of the unit.  I will have to do a trial run on the wiper so make sure they clear.

Reese is very excited about getting his ’66 coupe.  Here is a link to his car:




12-21-12 fitting sm12-21-12 hose plate smI had this afternoon free to do some work.  First I applied the press tape to the large fitting on the evaporator according to the instructions.  The instructions then called for caulking the hose close off plate and then mounting it to the original blower motor studs on the firewall.




12-21-12 tape nut sm 12-21-12 headlight 4 sm 12-21-12 headlight 3 sm 12-21-12 headlight 5 sm 12-21-12 headlight 2 sm 12-21-12 headlight sm 12-21-12 headlight y smBefore I could run the AC lines to the condenser, I needed to remove the original radiator core support and install the headlights.  It had been awhile since I removed them and I had to recall how they installed.  The bolts on the outside have to be inserted through the hole on the side of the bucket.  I was having problems with them slipping off the end of the nut driver.  Finally I taped the nut to a piece of masking tape and then place the socket over the nut with the tape.  Worked like a charm.  Bad luck though when I broke one of the headlight “y” bracket by over tightening the bolt than locks the bracket on the arm.  A new one is on the way.  I installed the new limit switches as well.


I didn’t install the headlight motors as I have been waiting for the new headlight motor design on one of the threads on this forum.  Originally they thought they would be out by Christmas but today it was announced that it may be February or March.  I will probably put the old motors on.



12-21-12 radiator core support 3 sm 12-21-12 radiator core support 2 sm 12-21-12 condenser sm 12-21-12 radiator core support smI dug out the condenser and mounted the brackets and the drier.  I then mock installed it on the new core support.  There was paint in all of the screw holes on the new radiator core support so I chased all of the threads to make sure everything goes together smoothly.



Ran out of time and will be traveling for the holidays so installing the core support will be the next project when I get back.  And the big rivet party will also be next week.  Merry Christmas to everyone.


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