Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 22


I decided it was time to check for water leaks before I go any further.  I had a new windshield installed last spring but had a leak then.  With everything under the dash, it was hard to figure out where it was leaking.  Sprayed it with water today and it is leaking at both lower corners where the trim clips are located.  I also had a leak around the new seal for the vent window where it meets at the bottom.  No leaks around the doors or the rear window.  I am letting it dry before I use some sealant.


12-11-12 vent flapper 7 sm12-11-12 vent flapper 6 sm 12-11-12 vent flapper 3 smEarlier I had removed one of the fresh air vent flaps which had the typical seal rot and rust.  I have ordered new seals but the flaps are made with two pieces with the seal sandwiched between.  I ground off the rivets, separated the panels and bead blasted and painted them.


12-11-12 door latch 2 sm 12-11-12 door latch 3 sm 12-11-12 door latch 4 smI removed the door strikers and bead blasted them.  Made a big difference.





12-11-12 wire cover clip 5 sm 12-11-12 wire cover clip 4 sm 12-11-12 wire cover clip 2 smGot out the grinder and ground off the rivets holding the clips for the wire covers and the mount for the parking brake clip that mounts to the driver’s floorboard.






12-12-12 windshield trim smWorked all day but did not get much done.  After discovering where my water leaks were, I put sealant around the windshield.  I then decided to try my hand at installing the windshield trim.  When I had the new windshield put in back in the spring, the installer had a difficult time getting the trim to fit in spite of installing new clips.  He even took a second stab at it and went so far as to grind down the windshield to try to make it fit better.


I tried different ideas today but with the same result.  I finally called a local Corvette/Camaro restorer I know to discuss my problem.  The first thing he said was to make sure you had the right clips.  He gets his from Bair Corvette and says they work.  I called Brian and ordered some clips as well as a new rubber windshield seal.  Once I have everything, my local contact says he will get with his windshield guy.  He can come to the house to make it right.  I hope!!

One of my other leaks was at the right door vent window.  I had new seals installed and it was leaking where the seal joins together at the bottom.  I opened the window and then could not get it to close correctly. Further investigation showed that the “T” pivot past was broken when it mounts to the regulator.  I talked with Brian about that as well.  He says there is a piece to fix it but that he may also have the frame.  Not sure which is easier to install but either one means the vent window and the door window will have to come out.  Kind of went backwards today.

12-12-12 vent flaps smOne bright spot is that the seals for the fresh air vent flaps came today and I installed those.

I joined NCRS and got their report showing the dealer that originally got my car.  It was shipped to Ammon R. Smith Auto Company in York, PA.  Somehow it ended up on the west coast.  I found an Ebay ad where the guy I bought the car from had purchased the car in Covina, CA.  There was a phone number which I called.  Turns out this guy had sold the car on consignment.  I asked him to give my contact info to the owner which he did.  However, I have not heard from the guy yet.




12-13-12 shifter plate 2 sm12-13-12 shifter plate smI had soaked the screws that hold the shifter boot mount as they were very rusty. Worked as they all came out so I can now install a fresh new boot.  Will probably wait until after the body drop.




12-13-12 firewall sm12-13-12 firewall insulation sm12-13-12 firewall insulation 9 smNow it was time to install the upper insulation on the firewall.  First I taped off all of the firewall holes so I would not have insulation sprayed on my freshly redone engine compartment.  Sprayed the insulation and firewall with adhesive, waited until it was tacky and on it went.  Piece of cake.  I then glued on the foam seal for the steering column.


12-13-12 firewall insulation 3 sm12-13-12 firewall insulation 7 sm 12-13-12 firewall insulation 6 sm 12-13-12 firewall insulation 5 smAnd then came the frustrating job of installing the lower insulation pieces.  These, unfortunately, do not glue on.  They are held in place with diabolical rubber fasteners that must be shoved through a too small hole and locked in place on the firewall side.  I spent most of the afternoon installing  seven fasteners and was really happy when that last one was in.  Actually, I installed nine as I made the mistake of fastening the left piece before I realized the center piece overlaps two holes on the left piece.  Very reluctantly I removed those two which were even more difficult to install through two thicknesses of material.




12-14-15 dolley smDidn’t get much done yesterday as some of my buddies came over to check on my progress.  After an hour or so of car talk, I asked them if they would help me load the body dolly on my trailer.  I called Greg to let him know I was ready to bring the dolly back.  It was such a nice day that I decided to head his way.  I really appreciate his lending me the dolly right after I broke my wrist.  I sure helped facilitate things while I was recovering.



12-15-12 steering column bracket sm 12-15-12 steering column bracket 2 smGreg called me later to let me know that the steering column seal I had installed Thursday should go inside the mount that goes on the firewall.  I was able to remove it and re-install it in the mount.  Thanks, again, Greg.






12-15-12 pulleys 4 sm 12-15-12 pulleys 2 sm 12-15-12 cooling fan 3 smA couple weeks ago I had taken my alternator to have it upgraded to 100amp.  Picked it up Thursday and got it installed today.  Now I was able to finalize the belt sizes.  I ended up with a 57.5″ belt for the AC, a 56″ belt for the alternator and a 36″ belt for the power steering pump.  I also installed the cooling fan.




12-15-12 tranny insulation clip 7 sm 12-15-12 tranny insulation clip 5 sm 12-15-12 tranny insulation clip 4 smWhile the car was in the air I got out the transmission insulation to install.  However three of the four clips were either all the way or partly gone.  I ordered some new clips and ground off the rivets to the existing clips.  Rivets were very popular in 1964!!!



12-15-12 rear wiring 13 sm12-15-12 rear wiring 14 sm12-15-12 rear wiring 2 sm12-15-12 rear wiring 10 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 9 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 8 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 7 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 6 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 5 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 4 sm 12-15-12 rear wiring 3 sm













I wanted to install the rear blower next but needed to run the rear wiring harness first as the hole from the passenger compartment to the rear is partially covered by the blower.  I hooked up the taillight and reverse light wires including the grounds to each light.  I also ran the new antenna cable.  I had purchased a new grommet but it needed to be cut so the cables could be inserted.



12-15-12 rear blower 6 sm12-15-12 rear blower 5 sm12-15-12 rear blower 4 sm 12-15-12 rear blower 3 sm 12-15-12 rear blower smNow I could install the rear blower.  There are rubber grommets for each mount to lessen vibration.  Before you screw it to the body, be sure to install the wire on the rear of the blower before you mount the blower.  Can’t get to it once it is installed.  Guess how I know!!!  There is a ground that goes on the front so I scraped away some paint before I fastened it.  Once the blower is installed, the chute to the exterior air intake can be attached.  The attaching mount needs to have weather-stripping fastened to it before it can be attached.  Once it is all installed, it looks like a very early leaf blower!!!  I have posted before photos as well.

Solid progress today!!






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