Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 20


Took the alternator to the repair place this morning.  They will rebuild it in the existing case and upgrade it to 100 amp.  They will also check out my starter.  Because of this and travelling with my buddy Reese to the plating place, I had only this afternoon to work.  I installed the throttle linkage with new bushings, the vacuum line to the vacuum advance and the line from the exhaust manifold to the carburetor.



11-26-12 compressor 2 sm11-26-12 compressor sm11-26-12 compressor 5 smI had repainted the compressor and its mounts and I re-installed it today.  I also applied the stock compressor decals to the compressor.  Do you think I will fool anyone?







I have to go out of town to help my 91 year old mother sort out her Medicare insurance.  So, Indiana, here I come.


11-27-12 taillights 3 sm11-27-12 taillights 2 sm11-27-12 rear end sm11-27-12 rear badge sm11-27-12 nose badge sm11-27-12 gas cap sm11-27-12 front turn signal 2 sm11-27-12 front turn signal sm11-27-12 fender badge smThat being the case, I wasn’t prepared to make the big mess that will result from cleaning up the rest of the interior.  So I chose some low hanging fruit for today’s projects.  I installed all of the badges, the taillights, the gas cap and the front turn signals.  It is nice to have some jewelry back on the car.




11-27-12 mirror 2 sm11-27-12 mirror smThe mirror glass on my exterior mirror was pitted and had a gouge around the perimeter.  I bought a new glass and replaced it.  To do that, you must remove the metal retainer around the perimeter of the mirror.  I looked up some instructions today and, unbeknownst to me, the mirror glass is spring loaded.  One must press in on the glass enough to be able to get a needle nose behind the retainer in order to remove it.  Once that is done, it is a simple task of replacing the defective mirror with the new one and re-installing the retaining ring.




11-27-12 exhaust hanger 5 sm11-27-12 exhaust hanger 3 sm11-27-12 reverse light switch 2 smEarlier someone had mentioned that I needed to install the exhaust hanger before the body was installed.  I dug it out today and deduced that I should have installed it on the transmission prior to installing it.  Wasn’t too big a deal at this point as I put a jack under the tranny, removed the two bolts, jacked up the tranny enough to slide in the hanger and then bolted everything back together.  I am sure glad someone mentioned this as this would have been nearly impossible once the body was on the car.  While in that area, I also plugged in the back up light harness.  Once I install the factory harness, I will have to splice the factory back up light circuit into this harness that was supplied with the TKO500.




11-27-12 lower dust shields 5 sm11-27-12 lower dust shields 4 sm11-27-12 staple 2 sm11-27-12 lower dust shields 3 sm11-27-12 lower dust shields sm11-27-12 staple smStapling was the next project.  I installed the lower dust seals.  The instructions say to use a 1/6″ bit but I think they meant to say 1/16″ bit.  The old holes are visible so I taped the dust seal on and drilled the holes from the wheel well side through the rubber.  I only drilled one set of holes at a time to make sure I had it fitting as tightly as possible.  Once I had the holes drilled, I put the staple in a needle nose vise grip and then inserted the staple through the rubber on the engine bay side.  You then must bend the staple over on the wheel well side to fasten it in place.  I have a long needle nose that did the trick.




11-27-12 staple 5 smSince I was on a stapling roll, I decided to do the uppers.  My original uppers were not in good shape and I had bought these well before I began this project.  I taped one in place and went to get the staples.  I don’t remember the supplier but instead of stainless steel staples, they sent a short strip of conventional staples.  Needless to say, this was not going to suffice so I was done stapling for the day.  I have some stainless staples on the way.




11-27-12 hood latch 5 sm11-27-12 hood latch 3 sm11-27-12 hood hinge 2 sm11-27-12 hood latch 2 smI also installed the hood hinges and the hood latch receptacles.  By the way, the radiator core support you see in some of the photos below will be replaced with a new one.  This one had some serious rust at the bottom but was fine for stabilizing the front end while the car was at the body shop.


Actually got quite a bit accomplished as all of these things had to be completed at some point before the body drop.  When I get back from my trip next week, I will be attacking that interior.



12-3-12 fuel lines 4 sm12-3-12 fuel lines 5 sm12-3-12 fuel lines 3 sm12-3-12 fuel lines smGot some parts today.  I finished up the fuel lines from the fuel pump to the carb.







12-3-12 add on pulley sm12-3-12 add on pulley 2 smI also received the add-on pulley for the harmonic balancer pulley.  However, I ran into a problem.  When I laid the add-on pulley on top of the standard pulley, there was about a 1/4″ gap between the flat surface where it bolts on to the balancer.  I called Paragon and they said that the add-on pulley was not designed to work with the stock pulley since AC was not an option for that motor.  He recommended trying to find the correct stock pulley or making a spacer to fill the gap so you would not draw down the center of the add-on pulley.  We have a machine shop nearby and I took it there.  I will have the spacer in a couple days.




12-3-12 ps pulleys sm12-3-12 ps pulleys 2 smThe correct power steering pulley also arrived.  It will line up with the add-on pulley instead of the second pulley on the balancer.  I will be able to run a separate belt for the power steering, AC and alternator.  The cast iron pulley that came on the car is for ’65 on cars but was probably used so the add-on pulley was not needed as it has an offset allowing it to fit closer to the pump.





12-4-12 pulley spacer 4 sm12-4-12 pulley spacer 5  sm12-4-12 pulley spacer 2 smGot a call today from the machine shop.  They had my spacer made.  It appears to work well.  They machined two holes in the bottom to fit over the raised area on the balancer pulley.  After cleaning it with brake fluid to get the oil off and then hitting it lightly in the bead blaster, I painted it.




12-4-12 headlight right 7 smThe accident that started all of this madness was to the right front.  It had knocked the headlight opening out of adjustment.  I was curious to see how well my body man did in getting it back to normal.  I taped off the headlight opening and the headlight bucket.  It fit very well.




12-4-12 headlight right 2 sm12-4-12 headlight right sm12-4-12 headlight right 912-4-12 headlight right 19 sm12-4-12 headlight right 13 sm12-4-12 headlight left sm12-4-12 headlight right 12 smWhile I had the headlight bucket out, I decided to clean up the mounts.  As you can see in the pics below, it was pretty disgusting.  Some cleaning agents and a bit of bead blasting later, it looked much better.  Everything seemed to be in good shape so I put it all back together.  Then I did the left one.



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