Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 19



11-21-12 motor mount bolt sm11-21-12 fuel line smPulled the fuel pump to install the inlet fitting and reversed the motor mount bolt so it could be removed to the rear.  I then installed the inlet fuel line.  I ran into some trouble when the feed fitting was defective on my old fuel pump.  Made a couple trips to try to find one but was unsuccessful.  I will be ordering one this evening.




11-21-12 PS Pump 4 sm 11-21-12 PS Pump 7 sm11-21-12 PS Pump 2 sm11-21-12 PS Pump smSince I could go no further with the fuel lines, I installed the power steering pump.  I was glad I had taken some photos of it on the motor as I had completely forgotten how it attached.  I had to remove one of the motor mount bolts to attach the base bracket.   Only had this afternoon to work so not a lot accomplished.  While running around this morning, I did get another quart of GM Synchromesh transmission oil.  The TKO500 instructions said it would take two quarts but it was not to the fill line.  Topped it up today.


On another thread I read that you should not torque the four bolts that hold the rear spring on to the rear end until you have the car fully loaded with it’s final weight.  According to this thread, if you torque them and then lower the car with all of the weight, you can break off the ears on the rear end.  That would not be good.  I backed them off and put a reminder on my computer to torque them when everything is ready.



11-22-12 speedo cable 4 sm11-22-12 speedo cable 2 sm11-22-12 speedo cable smI used the time waiting for the turkey dinner to be ready to work on the car.  American Powertrain had sent a speedometer cable adapter to hook up to my existing speedo cable.  They sent the proper gear matched to my rear end ratio to cablibrate the signal.  Hopefully, the speedometer is close.   I then hooked up the lines to the power steering pump.


11-22-12 alternator 2 sm11-22-12 alternator smNext up was installing the alternator.  Since I am installing Vintage Air, I had to relocate the alternator to the driver’s side.  I installed the conversion brackets and the alternator.  I had put the alternator aside when I took the engine apart some months ago and had kind of forgotten it.  It looks pretty shabby.  I also noticed that there is a wobble in the pulley.  We have an electrical place here in Rockwell so I will be taking it there for a rebuild.  I will also pull the starter and have them check it out as well.



11-22-12 compressor sm11-22-12 compressor 6 sm11-22-12 compressor 4 sm11-22-12 compressor 3 sm11-22-12 compressor 2 smI then installed the compressor using the Vintage Air brackets.  The base bracket uses two of the manifold bolts with a 1/4″ spacer on the rear bolt and a 1″ spacer on the front bolt.  Another bracket bolts to the top water pump bolt while the main bracket bolts to the compressor itself.  I had painted these brackets quite a while ago and used a flat black paint.  I will be re-painting them satin black to better match the other brackets.  I had also painted the compressor flat black as well to make it look more stock.  It will get a satin black finish as well.




11-23-12 body on lift 3 sm11-23-12 body on lift 2 sm11-23-12 compressor sm11-23-12 downpipes 311-23-12 downpipes 2 smGot the body back on the lift today.  We tied one cross strap across the rear arms and tied down the front end from the body mounts to the front arm of the lift.   Now I can begin attacking the interior and the engine bay.  Yesterday I repainted the compressor and its mounts.  Earlier in the week, my son welded in a bung on each front exhaust pipe.  Today I sanded and painted them.


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