Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 17


Both yesterday and today were beautiful days with highs in the 70’s.  Since these types of days will soon be scarce, I spent most of both days outdoors.  Yesterday morning, the Porsche club had a “Show ‘n’ Shine” event in south Charlotte.  Very enjoyable as I got to talk Porsche, autocrossing and track days with fellow enthusiasts.

From there I headed directly to Kannapolis for their last cruise-in of the year.  Huge turnout and had a great time checking out the cars with my buddy Reese.

As I mentioned in past threads, my wife is an artist.  She is responsible for choosing sites for their plein air painting.  Plein Air means to paint outside on site.  She needed to check out a couple sites so we had a beautiful drive through the countryside in her Mini-Cooper.  Hard to beat a beautiful autumn day.


However, I did get to spend a couple hours in the garage this morning.  I installed my freshly treated exhaust manifolds and the spark plugs.  I looked up the torque specs for the plugs and manifold at 20 and 25 ft lb respectively.  Had to use my inch pound torque wrench and convert ft lb to inch lb.  I have an app for my Iphone called “Garage Buddy” that I use often.  One of its features is a conversion function.  Worked great.  Check it out as it is very useful in the garage.



Now it was time to re-install the fuel pump.  We had to remove it to put the motor in as it did not clear the upper arm.  If you have not done this before, you have to push the rod back into the block and then line up the arm on the end of the fuel pump.  The rod is under pressure so you cannot simply push it back into the block and have it stay.  Some people mention putting vaseline on it to hold it in place.  Another way to do that is to remove the short bolt on the front of the block and replace it with a longer bolt.  Hold the rod in and tighten the bolt just enough to hold the rod in place.  Install the fuel pump plate and then the fuel pump.  Once you have the pump bolted in place, remove the long bolt and re-install the shorter bolt.



I also had time to bead blast the pulley that mounts on the harmonic balance and then paint it.








Spent a few more hours today.  I had purchased a high flow water pump which presented a small problem as the fitting on top that I had was 1/2″ and the opening was 3/4″.  Not a big problem as I fortunately have an Ace Hardware that is five minutes away with a good selection of hardware and plumbing pieces.  Took just a few minutes to find a 3/4″ to 1/2″ adapter and I was in business.  I also installed the matching high flow thermostat.




Next up was installing the spark plug wire shields.  I had purchased a kit for the wire stays and had two of the kind shown installed in the photo below and two of the type shown in the other photo.  How does the second one install?




I also visited the body shop to check out the progress on the body.  He has a few small items to complete so I should be picking it up later this week.  I brought home all of the small parts that had been painted.



It feels good to be putting things on the car rather than taking them off!!  I worked on the plug wiring and the ignition shielding today.  As mentioned to me, I ran the front plug wires through the motor mount to the bracket I asked about yesterday that I mounted on a oil pan bolt on each side of the engine.



I also installed the mount for the fuel filter and the carburetor return spring bracket.  To finish it off, I installed my freshly chromed air cleaner.  Looking more like a motor now.




Had just a little time in the morning.  I finally found some photos showing the ignition shielding on the side of the motor.  Got the left rear one installed just prior to lunch.  I can see why these disappear over the years.  They will be a pain in the ass when plugs need to be replaced.






After lunch, Reese and I drove to the body shop to pick up the body.  Got it home with no issues.  Another very big step completed.







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