Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 16


Picked up the engine today and it looked great.  The engine builder is Darryl Diamond.  Darryl works for Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the R & D force behind Toyota’s NASCAR effort.  Darryl is assigned to Joe Gibbs Racing and he runs the dyno to make sure Gibb’s TRD engines are up to snuff.   He also has a separate engine building business with two good sized buildings containing everything needed to machine and build engines including his own dyno.  He builds for some race teams as well as for people off the street like me.  My son also works for TRD now but met Darryl while he was assigned to the Red Bull NASCAR team where my son previously worked.  He built a low compression 406 for my son who was planning on installing twin turbos at some point.  That motor, even with the low compression, made a ton of power.

So my engine was in good hands.  The dyno sheet which shows max flywheel HP of 369 at 5900 RPM with max torque of 392.5 at 4100 RPM.  And that was with a 600CFM two barrel carb as he did not have the fittings to hook up my four barrel.  He did not think there would be a lot of difference with the four barrel as the two barrel is nearly as large and is a very good carb.  Nevertheless, I am pleased with those numbers for a 327.




Thanks to my son Matt, the engine and tranny are in the chassis.  First thing this morning, I rented a pilot bearing puller from the local AutoZone.  Soon the old one was out and the needle bearing pilot bearing recommended by American Powertrain was in.  Now we could install the flywheel.





Before we installed the clutch, Matt got out his dial indicator and we checked the alignment of the bellhousing.  I forgot to snap a shot of this procedure this morning so the pic below was taken when we did this on my Camaro.  We have performed this procedure many times over the years and this was the first time that no shims were required nor any change to the dowel pins.  There is something to be said for factory part.  Now we could install the clutch and mate up the TKO 500 5 speed transmission for the first time.




Before we could install everything, we had to install the rear transmission mount provided by American Powertrain.  Now we ready to do the install.  Everything fit well and soon it was installed.  The driveshaft was also soon installed and fit perfectly.





At this point Matt left to go mow his lawn.  After he was gone, I installed the carb and applied the decal to the oil filter.





Next was sandblasting the exhaust manifolds and using Hot Stuff dressing on them.  Hot Stuff recommends letting the dressing sit for two hours and then either run the engine or put the manifolds in a pre heated 275 degree oven for one hour.  Since my wife is out of town, guess what happened??  I set up a fan and opened the windows but there were no fumes.  An hour later, they were done!!



Below is the picture of the bent rod the engine guy found in my motor.  He thinks that sometime in the past there was a head gasket failure resulting in coolant in that cylinder.  Now that the engine is in the chassis, I can begin installing the accessories, hook up the fuel lines and get it ready for the eventual mating with the body.  Speaking of which, I will be out of town until Wednesday and the body should be ready to pick up when I get back.  A big step today with an even bigger step happening next week.






Arrived back home today from taking the in-laws to Florida for the winter.  I went over to check on the car shortly afterwords.  He is in the process of buffing it out and still has to mount and adjust the doors.  He thinks it will be ready to pick up on Monday.




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