Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 15


Didn’t do much today as my wrist was talking to me last night!!  I did paint the letters on the hood release handle.







The guage cluster came back from Iverson Automotive and the repairs looked great.  Besides fixing the gouge on the ring around the wiper switch opening, they repaired the pits around the perimeter and the re-chromed the cluster.










Spent the day at the Goodguys show at Charlotte Motor Speedway today.  There were a number of Corvettes there and here are some that caught my attention.  This first group were all lined up to run the autocross.  There were some interesting mods done to the interiors in the yellow and red car.



This green ’67 coupe caught our eye with its stunning paint and the unique wheels.






There was a variety of vehicles running the autocross.






My buddy Reese’s beautiful ’38 Chevy and our local gang of cars.  Reese is looking to move his ’38 and get a mid-year Vette.






Some other cars that caught my attention.






The really big screen at CMS.








Had to do some running around this morning but I did get to spend a little time in the garage this afternoon.  I re-assembled the rear blower motor.  Tomorrow my buddy Reese and I are traveling to Charleston, SC to look at a C2 coupe he is interested in.  It is an automatic with air.  The dealer is considering trading with Reese for his ’38 Chevy.





Wasted a day yesterday.  The Corvette Reese and I went to see was supposed to be an 8 of 10 but was closer to a 4.  Oh well, it was only 3 1/2 hours to get there!!!!


Today was better.  I HAVE PAINT ON THE CAR!!!!  The body is ready to be buffed out while the doors, the hood and the various small parts were painted today after I shot these photos.  It looks great and that is before buffing.






My paint guy had painted the blue area at each end of the dash so I took it home with me.  I spent the rest of the day spraying dye on the dash and other interior trim pieces.  The dark blue dye from Long Island Corvette matched perfectly.  I had previously painted the console and, after seeing the color of the dash pads, I decided to re-do the console.


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