Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 14


I am officially back at it as of Saturday.  I spent a couple hours Saturday laying out all the small parts on a table in the garage to make it easier to find what I need.




Today I painted the new spare tire carrier base.  I also wanted to see if my broken wrist was strong enough to hold parts in the bead blaster.  Happily it was and I blasted some small parts.  I have a number of small projects that need to be completed which I will now attempt.  I don’t want to rush it and make the recovery longer so I will listen to my body and stop when it says it has had enough.



I also took my seats to the interior guy who did my buddy’s ’38 Chevy.  This guy does great work.  The covers on my seat are in very good to excellent condition.  The problem is the foam has broken down beneath the covers.  After checking out the seats, the interior guy agreed that replacing the foam and the other materials will make the seats look like new. And they should be more comfortable as well.  I should have them back in three weeks…maybe.  Since the seats will be one of the last things to go back in the car, I think the interior guy will have plenty of time to get them done.


Big day today!!  The temps are supposed to be in the high 70’s to low 80’s all week which makes me want to concentrate on painting parts.  Since I paint outside, the soon to arrive cold temps will be a hindrance.



I began the day painting the parts that I had bead blasted yesterday.








Next up was painting the black areas on my newly refreshed rocker panels.  Took me about an hour to mask each one.  Our local auto parts/paint store supplied the 1/4″ masking tape.  Great stuff.  They turned out well.


While at the parts store, I picked up some SEM Color Coat shadow blue paint for vinyl and plastics.  I had previously purchased the SEM surface prep from Corvette America.  Scubbed the dash panels thoroughly, applied the surface prep until I had all the contaminants off, and sprayed them with the SEM color coat.  I was very please with the results.  The coverage was excellent and the sheen was just right.




I had taken the center part of my dash to the body shop so he could paint the Silver blue around the area where the pop rivets go.  After painting the dash pads yesterday, I decided to get the center dash and paint it while the temperatures are mild.


However, after cleaning it up, I find that it is a much darker blue than the SEM Shadow Blue.  I had some dark blue dye that I got from Corvette America but both of the cans I used on one of the dash pads malfunctioned and sprayed out globs of stuff.  Not a happy camper with that product as I now had to strip everything and start over.




I really liked how the SEM paint went on but am torn about what to do next. I talked with fellow forum member Greg Hunt as he is doing a dark blue interior in the ’63 he is restoring.  He is just beginning to work on the interior and used a dark blue dye from Long Island Corvette on the speaker grill.  However, he has had to replace both dash pads and the new dash pads are a different color from the center stack and from the grill.  He is going to get a can of the SEM product so he can give me a comparison on the darkness compared to the Long Island dye.

What have some of you used that matched well?


On the plus side, the body work is progressing nicely.  He has the doors off and is prepping everything.  His plan is to have paint on the car Monday.  He also has the paint, a PPG Global Finish System that is formulated to match the paint colors on old cars.  It looked good on the paint stick.



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