Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 13


Got the stitches out Friday and now have a full cast for four weeks. The doctor  was very pleased with how everthing went and does expect full use of the wrist in the future.   The good news is that everything is much better than two weeks ago. I am typing this with both hands and yesterday I was able to tie my  tennis shoes, the very same ones I tripped over!!!  I washed one of the cars today and cleaned and installed our window screens.

Got a call this  morning from the chrome guy saying my pieces were finished. My buddy Reese and drove there this afternoon to pick them up. Very happy with the results.  Since it will be awhile before I install them, I climbed into my attic while Reese handed the parts up to me. So they are safely stored.  My  engine guy will be running in the engine on his dyno within the next week or so.   Tomorrow, I am taking him my carb and distributor so he can tune everything.

Forum member Greg Hunt is finished with his body dolly. Reese and I are  going to pick it up Saturday. Should have the body to the paint guy within the next two weeks. So things are moving along.


Reese and I picked up the body dolly Saturday from fellow forum member Greg Hunt.  Greg is a full time mechanic at a local Chevy dealer and restores Corvette’s for clients during his off hours.  Good guy to know!!  Thanks, Greg!!  The current project is a 1963 split window with a small block, auto and air.  This will make four 1963 SWC’s with AC and auto for his client.  It looks great and has been quite a project as it had set around for 37 years!!


While looking at the stripped interior of the ’63, I asked Greg what he does to restore the cross brace behind the dash with the VIN and trim tags on them.  He says he cleans them up and that is it.  I asked about the rust area around the VIN tag where it had been spot welded.  He says he never touches that area as that is proof of the tag’s authenticity.


This morning my son came over to help put the body on the cart.  Pretty simple job.  Greg mentioned that he strapped the body to the car and then tied down the cart on the trailer for hauling to the body shop.  In addition, my son ran a screw in through the holes for the hood hinges and installed blocks on the side under the sills to prevent the car from slipping forward or rearward during transit.  Once we had it safely mounted, I put the frame on the lift so I could park my car beneath it.  We plan on taking the body to the shop this week.  Supposed to rain the first couple days of the week so it will probably be mid-week before we get it delivered.


We took the body to my painter last Wednesday.  He is already working on it as he had some questions yesterday.  I will be taking some parts there Monday for fitting purposes.

On Thursday evening, I was checking out a ’66 Corvette roadster at our local cruise-in.  For some reason, I was looking at the left rear trailing arm and noticed one of the shims sticking out further than the others.  When I touched it, it, as well as the others, were all loose.  I immediately pointed this out to the owner who was very thankful.  I also drove home to get him some of my old shims as he may need them when he gets it repaired and aligned.  Earlier in this post, people had recommended drilling a hole and inserting a cotter pin or wire to hold the shims in place.  I was going to do that anyway, but it is now on the top of my list.



Took the grill and related parts to the bodyshop so we could check the fit.  Tim had already done repairs to the collision damage.  He had taken measurements from side to side to make sure everything was good.  And it was as the grill and trim parts fit well.


I also took the hood and the dash there as well.  On the dash, he will paint the ends blue to match the body.  Tim has been attacking the various cracks on the body.  As he sands them he is finding that the previous body man had used filler to repair the cracks rather than fiberglass.  Tim is making a v shaped cut at each crack and then filling that with fiberglass.  Much stronger than using filler he says and less likely to crack again.

His goal is to get all of the bodywork done this week and apply a coat of primer.  He is also working on a ’56 Chevy and is having the body soda blasted tomorrow.  Once that is done, he will set my body aside as he will need to get a coat of primer on the ’56 ASAP to prevent it from rusting.  As I am in no hurry, that is fine with me. He should be finished in three weeks.


The ’56 is interesting as it is a one owner car from Texas.  A couple of small rust areas on the fenders and doors.  The floorpans and trunk pans are in unbelievably good condition.  The car has never been wrecked yet it has had a left rear quarter put on it.  That quarter is in good shape but will have to be replaced as the rear tailight cocks out at the top and Tim can tell that it has been replaced.  Evidently, either GM needed to replace the quarter at the factory or it was done at the dealer prior to the sale to the original owner.  The guy is restoring it to give to his 3 year old grandson!!!  Lucky kid!!!


Drove over to the body shop to check on the car.  It is coming along well.  Has some primer on it and should be completely primered by the end of the week.  Tim will spend next week on the ’56 Chevy as they nearly have it completely stripped and he needs to get some primer on it to prevent rust.  Should be putting paint on my car the week after next.





My cast comes off this Thursday.  That will be a good day!!!


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