Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 9

It’s becoming like the movie “Groundhog Day”.  I get up, take some parts off, bead blast them, paint them, and then go to bed to do it again!!  Although I did not get bonked on the head with the glove box door today!!

Got the steering column and brackets out as well as the parking brake cable.  I had to cut off the bolt on the parking brake cable as the captured  bolt turned while taking the nut off.  I will have to drill it our and use a conventional bolt or replace the bracket.


I also removed the hood release cable and pull.  And the glove box and surround came out.  Released the heater cable.  Also removed the footwell light and the door switch for the overhead light.  There was an amplifier screwed to the side of the radio and the speaker looks to be fairly recent.  All the radio did was pop and crackle so not sure what the issue is there.  Since I have an aftermarket radio to be installed, I will probably never know.



After beadblasting the parts, I painted them.







Next up was to begin the repairs to the glove box door to replace the aliminum panel.  I drilled out the rivets and now have to tap them to accept the very small bolts.  I will be masking off the chrome area and painting the glove box door before I reassemble everything.  I also will be prepping the steering column and painting it.  Lots to do.


Spent the whole day prepping the parts I removed yesterday.  First I drilled and tapped the rear of the glove box door to accept the very small screws that hold the rear parts of the door together.  This is so I can install a new, shiny aluminum center piece.  I also removed the Corvette insignia from the old aluminum piece.


Next I blasted the rear panel of the door and painted it.  Since I cannot blast the front of the door without damaging the chrome, I used lacquer thinner to remove the majority of the old paint.  Now came the laborious task of masking off the chrome.  I began with a very thin tape normally used for pinstriping.  Once it was in place, I used larger masking tape to complete the job.  Patience required here!!



As I mentioned previously, I had to cut one of the bolts holding the parking brake bracket to the firewall.  Today, I cut off that bolt as close to the bracket as I could and them punched the remainder out of the hole.  Upon examination, this was a flat head bolt with splines.  Evidently, rust had diminished the effect of the splines causing the bolt to rotate when I tried to remove the nut.  Knowing this, I decided to cut the other bolt off as well as it would also surely fail.  Now I either have to find the splined bolts or use conventional bolts.  The only issue with conventional bolts is that it will take two people to install the bracket.  I blasted the parts and painted them.



Next up was refurbishing the steering column.  After looking things over, I decided to take the steering column completely apart as it would then fit in my blasting cabinet.  I used a puller to pull the front hub away from the shaft, removed the turn signal collar and the remaining collar.  Once everything was blasted, I painted everything.



I did have time to put the glove box door back together.  The new aluminum face was too large which required some filing around the edges.  I used red loctite on the screws to make sure it all stays together as the screws are really tiny with very few threads engaging.




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