Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 7

The guy who owns the company that sandblasted and powdercoated my frame and other parts, Jinx Jordan,  is an eight time national autocross champion.  And his wife has also won eight national titles driving Honda’s.  When I picked up the frame he mentioned they were having a SCCA autocross on the 11th at Z-Max Dragway next to Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Since I was ready for a break from the car, I drove over there Saturday morning to check it out.  My wife and I both used to do a lot of autocrossing back in the eighties when we lived in northern Indiana.  Turns out Jinx knew some of the people from that area as he ran against them at the national’s.  About 140 cars showed up to run at a huge parking lot on the north side of the drag strip.  Since Jinx didn’t run until the second last session, I ended up spending about three hours there.  Probably should not have done that as I might get the bug again.  It sure looked like it was a fun course to run.  An interesting car there was this Cobra Daytona replica.  A couple of the Detroit Speed cars were there as well.  Jinx’s car is the red and white Honda.  His car ran very well and you could tell how smooth Jinx was in the way he handled the car.


After mowing the lawn and washing a couple cars yesterday, I was back in the garage this afternoon.  Got the gas tank mounted and fuel lines run.





The chassis is complete…at least until the motor comes back.  I finished up running the brake lines.  I also hooked up the parking brake lines at the rear.






Now that the paint had dried sufficiently on the brackets, I installed the front sway bar.  To make sure I did not forget, I filled the rear end with gear lube and the positraction additive.  I also used the bead blaster again to prepare a parking brake problem and the close off panels for the interior of the doors.



Worked on the channel under the sill today.  I had previously sanded this area.  Today I wanted to treat it to prevent rust from forming by using POR 15.  First I had to treat this area with Metal Ready.  This preps the metal to accept POR 15.  I applied it with a brush and had to keep it wet for 10-15 minutes.  After the time is up, it has to be rinsed with water.  Besides the channel area, I also treated the other support metal under the body.  Once I had masked everything, I generously applied the POR 15.



I had to wait for the Metal Ready to dry so I used the bead blaster to prepare some parts for finishing.  My compressor struggles to keep up so I have to let it rest occasionly.  Since I always have something else to do, this works out fine.  I am looking for a bigger compressor on Craigslist.  Got the fan blade blasted and painted.  I also blasted the expansion tank and then polished it with Mother’s to give it a better look.



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  1. POR 15 does a real nice job. Have used it in the past.

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